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Heal Your Self with Journaling Power


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Heal Your Self with Journaling Power

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“I believe that the self-knowledge, solace, and emotional clarity you’ll gain through Heal Yourself with Journaling Power will be immense. Whether you’ve never journaled before, or else have a well-established journaling routine, the insights you’ll derive from this thought-provoking book will help you through the challenging and introspective journey we call life.”

Dennis Palumbo, M.A., MFT, Author and Psychotherapist

Heal Yourself with Journaling Power goes beyond Mari’s first book, Journaling Power, by sharing amazing stories that are told by just a few of the thousands of people who have joined this revolution.

You’ll discover the life-changing magic of journaling through their moving personal stories. They’re all people just like you and me. As you’ll soon discover, their challenges are the same ones you and I have.

Through them, you’ll come to realize that your life is not “out there” somewhere, but that, rather, it’s inside you. And you’ll discover the unstoppable power of living your life from the inside out.

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