Healing The Broken Heart


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Healing The Broken Heart

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“Change” is one of the most comforting words to say and one of the hardest words to do. We typically think people do not change because a lack of willpower, and we go straight to the will to validate our perspective on why this is the case. The will is a powerful thing, but there are two other dynamics that are associated with the will that make up our soul. Does change happen because of our will, or do our thoughts and our emotions play a role?

Change can be difficult because, just like the children of Israel, there were things from their past that were holding them back to the land they wanted to leave. Their souls started to talk to them through their legitimate needs—their hunger. Change can be difficult for us as well. Every time that we attempt to change, there is something that pulls us backward. I believe God wants to bring awareness of past hurts and traumas so that we can process them and bring them to the light so that change can happen and the past cannot attempt to pull us back any longer.

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