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Missing Dog Tags, An American GI in North Korea


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Missing Dog Tags, An American GI in North Korea

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by Kevin Tipple in All News, Book Reviews, History News, Reviews, US News, Veterans Affairs, World Politics

In Missing Dog Tags: An American GI in North Korea author Kenneth Eaton recounts what it was like to be a prisoner of war in North Korea. His story of his capture while surviving as a corporal in the 9th Tank Company of the 2nd division, U.S. Army, begins early in 1951 with a Chinese attack on his unit. After the tank he was in was severely disabled, he was forced to abandon it. In the confusion of battle and troop movement he was unable to get onboard another tank and was soon captured while on foot as were other soldiers. Captured by the Chinese soldiers he expected to be quickly executed along with the other men of his unit. Instead, they began a forced march that ultimately would result in a nightmarish captivity that would last over 30 months under brutal conditions.  Despite three failed escape attempts, starvation, and various horrors he endured, Kenneth Eaton survived and came home to be reunited with friends and loved ones. In a blow by blow detailed fashion this book recounts the experiences of Kenneth Eaton during the Korean War. As such, the book pulls no punches as the story comes out. Those who expect a politically correct read with sanitized language regarding the enemy would be best to look elsewhere for their cleaned up history.  Corporal Kenneth Eaton bluntly tells it like it was for him in Missing Dog Tags: An American GI in North Korea.

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