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Twisted Ghosts MC



This is book 3 and the finale of the Twisted Ghosts MC trilogy!

I just kidnapped the mob boss's daughter.

The plan was simple:

Steal the girl. Get the money. Hit the road.

But then something unexpected happened…

I fell for her.

Her mafia daddy f**ked up when he double-crossed me.

So now she's gonna pay the price.

The boss's daughter is the finest piece of a$$ I've had in a long time.

And as long as she's tied up in my basement, waiting for her pops to pay the ransom…

I plan on having her again and again.

But calling Brittney a handful is an understatement.

The chick is feisty as hell.

She isn't gonna make this easy for me.

That's no problem, though.

Breaking her will be half the fun.

But then came the worst possible twist for a loner like me and a spitfire like her…

We fell for each other.

So now, I'm forced to choose:

Do I let her go to keep her safe?

Or do I start a war to keep her mine?

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