Save Yourself: Overcoming Complex Trauma


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Save Yourself: Overcoming Complex Trauma

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This book is for everyone who feels traumatized and lost in a maze of chaotic existence. It is for people who give their all every day but still feel like they aren’t measuring up. For those who can't sleep at night and aren't able to face the demands of waking hours. For the bearers of those disjointed, uncomfortable feelings that seem forever stuck in their bodies and hearts. For those whose minds that are under siege of the viscous inner hater that undermines their every step. For those who want to do their best for the world, but are too self-conscious to try.

I have been where you are and I am very familiar with the way that it makes you feel about yourself. I also know at least one good way out of the trouble. I have lived it, worked through the trauma, abuse, neglect and depression and got to a much happier place. I now feel like I must let other people know there is a solution. It may take lots of courage, but it is also worth every step.

Come on this journey with me. We can look at the scary places where our demons originated and we can also find the way through to the Light that we all represent. If we were made to feel like no one else in the world cares to save us, maybe it is because we were meant to bring our own power out and Save Our Selves.

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