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A Candid Discussion on Freedom of Expression


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A Candid Discussion on Freedom of Expression

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The Freedom of Expression is an important set of rights that are currently being questioned in the modern day, and a thorough understanding of just what these rights are and their importance is essential to the discussion. This short political essay explores some of the basic aspects of these rights and their importance, as well as the various concepts that threaten to encroach upon these rights.
Freedom of Expression is under attack. People are being told they should fear, shun, and deny any difference in opinion, going so far as to shut down those opinions by any means necessary. This issue needs to be dealt with quickly and succinctly, before these foundational freedoms are pulled away. We must not censor and remove that which we are told to fear. We should instead embrace it, understand it, and ultimately determine any validity for ourselves, and not because we were told so. We must speak openly and honestly to continue to ensure our Life, our Liberty, and our Pursuit of Happiness.

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