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VeloNews 2019 Tour de France Guide: The Contenders, Geraint Thomas, The Tour's Breakout Years, and Detailed Analysis of 21 Stages and 22 Teams

VeloNews 2019 Tour de France Guide: The Contenders, Geraint Thomas, The Tour's Breakout Years, and Detailed Analysis of 21 Stages and 22 Teams

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VeloNews 2019 Tour de France Guide: The Contenders, Geraint Thomas, The Tour's Breakout Years, and Detailed Analysis of 21 Stages and 22 Teams

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Jun 18, 2019


The VeloNews Tour de France Guide is your best companion to enjoying the 2019 Tour de France!

Offering the deepest preview coverage of the Tour, the VeloNews Tour de France Guide will help you enjoy every stage of bike racing action even more. The editors and sports journalists of VeloNews draw from nearly 50 years of cycling journalism and Tour de France race coverage to offer the most complete analysis of this year’s Tour de France.

The 2019 VeloNews Tour de France Guide includes:

· Geraint Thomas: VeloNews exclusive interview with the 2018 Tour winner.

· Anniversaries of the Tour: VeloNews looks back at the races that transcended cycling and brought the sport into the mainstream—1989, 1999, and 2009—with perspectives from the sports journalists who were there: Sam Abt, Rupert Guinness, and Andrew Hood.

· VeloNews Television Viewing Guide: Few people have time to watch all 100 hours of televised Tour de France racing action. Our editors tell you which stages not to miss and which ones you can probably skip. Plus, our guide for viewers who have 20 hours, 10 hours, and just 5 hours of available TV time.

· The Stages and Favorites: We analyze every stage and provide our expert analysis and opinion on the role each stage will play in the overall race. Look for in-depth info on key stages, climbs, and roads that will decide the race.

· Special Tech for Special Stages: We take you inside the cutting-edge specialty bicycles, wheels, clothing, gear, and tires to see how tech will affect specific stages.

The race runs July 6-28, 2019. Once the racing action begins, your VeloNews Tour de France Guide will become your essential daily guide for all 23 days of the race, from stage profiles to sprints, climbs, descents, and grueling mountaintop finishes.

Want more VeloNews? Get the print edition of the VeloNews Tour de France Guide at half price with a one-year subscription through VeloPress.

Jun 18, 2019

Über den Autor

VeloNews is America’s leading bike racing media brand. VeloNews grew up alongside American bike racing. Beginning 45 years ago with our first race reports filed from a payphone on the streets of France to an answering machine in our founder’s garage, we have offered incisive, authoritative journalism on the riders, races, gear and tech that shape our sport. We founded one of the world’s first sports websites in 1999. As the journal of competitive cycling, we published 21 print issues a year. Today, VeloNews is the world’s most innovative cycling media brand. We meet cycling enthusiasts wherever they are through our category-leading magazine, streaming video, podcasts, and social media.

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VeloNews 2019 Tour de France Guide - Editors of VeloNews



This year’s VeloNews Tour de France Guide is wholly produced by the editorial team at VeloNews, and is not an officially licensed product from L’Equipe or Tour de France owner Amaury Sport Organisation.


Geraint Thomas, Romain Bardet, Mikel Landa


Looking Back

2009 Contador battles teammate Armstrong to take a second Tour title.

1999 Armstrong returns after battling cancer to shock the peloton.

1989 In the closest Tour finish in history, LeMond stuns Fignon.

Thomas Talks

Our exclusive interview with defending Tour champion Geraint Thomas, who discusses his superstar teammate Chris Froome, celebrating in style, and much more

The Contenders

The field of would-be winners is deep, but all roads pass through Chris Froome. We take a close look at the top-10 contenders for the Tour title.

The Stages

Our in-depth analysis of all 21 stages of the Tour, as well as our Watch Guide for casual, avid, and hardcore fans

We want more

The Teams

We analyze the focus of each team—GC, sprints, or breakaways—and how devoted they are to their task.

How to beat Team Ineos

How to beat Peter Sagan

On the attack

How to spice up the Tour

Special teams

A rider’s equipment changes, sometimes drastically, depending on the day’s stage. We take a closer look at the gear riders will use for every day of the Tour.

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Coincidence? I think not.

It’s no secret that this summer marks an important anniversary for three of the best Tours de France ever.

It’s been 30 years since Greg LeMond eked out the closest Tour win in history on the final stage; 20 years since Lance Armstrong took the first of his now-redacted seven Tour wins; and 10 years since Alberto Contador overcame an Armstrong-led mutiny. In this year’s VeloNews Tour de France guide, we take you inside each of these races, with feature stories from journalists who were at each race: Rupert Guinness of the Sydney Morning Herald, Samuel Abt of The New York Times, and our very own Andrew Hood.

Why did we choose reporters to recount these three Tours? Buried within the history of each race are important anecdotes about how the media shaped our understanding of the action and outcome. The technology at the time—newsprint, wireless radio, and even Twitter—had an outsized impact on how each Tour’s storyline unfolded.

Are we destined for another great Tour in 2019? Perhaps. We have an exclusive interview with defending champion Geraint Thomas that sheds some light on the brewing battle for the maillot jaune.

As always, we have detailed analysis of the 21 stages, 22 teams, and a long list of GC contenders at this year’s race. New for 2019 is our Watch Guide, which offers handy viewing advice for hardcore, avid, and casual fans of pro cycling. We tell you which stages you should watch, and which stages you can probably skip, depending on your affinity for the sport.

Every year the Tour delivers action and drama. We hope this year delivers just as much intrigue as it did in 1989, 1999, and 2009. Come along for the ride.



This means war

The 2009 Tour de France was thrilling for many reasons, not least of which was the palpable tension between Astana teammates Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador. On several occasions, the Spaniard defied his teammates wishes to eventually snatch overall victory from the Boss. Looking back, it becomes clear that each man’s career significantly changed after their battle for the ages.

In the following pages, we take a closer look at the 2009, 1999, and 1989 Tours, three of the most exciting and significant Tours in the modern era. Each featured thrilling race action, and a whole lot more. From intra-team rivalry as in 2009, to icy tension between media and man as in 1999, to a nail-biting finish on the Champs-Élysées in 1989, each of the three races oozed drama. At the same time, hidden beneath the surface of each race were compelling stories about how media played a role in shaping our perception of the action and result. Not only did the technology drastically change over the decades—from newsprint, to wireless radio, to the internet and social media—it had a broad and lasting impact on how each Tour’s story was told. The following three recollections from journalists who were on the ground—Rupert Guinness of the Sydney Morning

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