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Alex and the Maze of Stone: Daughter of Deceit Adventures, #1

Alex and the Maze of Stone: Daughter of Deceit Adventures, #1

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Alex and the Maze of Stone: Daughter of Deceit Adventures, #1

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Jul 8, 2019


Alex is contracted to get a group of bounty hunters on a mission to pursue raiders to their home base through a dimensional gate.  Only to find a Maze of stone; they must navigate to deal with the raiders and their Leader.

Jul 8, 2019

Über den Autor

Helga R Paxton is a tech nerd who spent his youth on the playground pacing the perimeter imagining strange worlds. It has taken decades to learn how to write in a manner readable by others, and to finally publish stories for others to enjoy. Rather than tell them to his dog Tessa.


Alex and the Maze of Stone - Helga R Paxton


Alex and the Maze of Stone by Helga R Paxton


Author: Helga R Paxton

Copy Editor: Kim Ross

Assistant editor: Cheese

Alpha readers: N.I.N.E.

Cover Design:

Series Notes:

Daughter of deceit Adventures. Is a series of Snapshots of adventures, as told by The Storyteller. Theas adventures are not in any chronological order, only the wim of The Storyteller. 

The first meeting

In my youth on yet another adventure, I found myself in the unfamiliar Imperial city of NorthPlains. I followed instructions, which led to a medium sized cobblestone court yard over-shadowed by the two tall stone towers of the southeastern gate. I leaned against the gate house wall. The team leader, who I had met just yesterday, had appointed this the place to meet at first light. I took a few moments to assess what I might be dealing with.

My eyes were caught primarily by a glare from the knight’s full plate armour, buffed to a mirror shine. He stood with a few others, milling about. Unsure how many of the throng were my new adventuring companions, I let out a sigh, pushed myself off the wall, and readied myself for verbal melee.

Hey! Swashbuckler, the muscle-bound man in heavy leather, a broad blade on his hip, yelled snidely in my direction, Why in Tetra did you let the armourer convince you to get the skirt?

I took a few swift steps forward and tapped him with the scabbard of my sabre in the groin. His banded light leather pants only masqueraded as armour. With a quick step back, an excellent twirl, and a deep authoritarian voice I exclaimed, Armoured skirt, with reinforced banding; excellent groin protection for both men and women.

He recovered rather swiftly, although the laughter from the knight, and the barely concealed snickering of the squire, were so worth it. You’re a ponce, he gritted out as he put his hand on his broadsword.

I took a step back to defuse the situation.

He eyed me appraisingly, Full long sabre on one hip, black long knife on the opposite side, and two dirks in the boots. Your armour is not decorated but it is damn well made, and the full chest guard looks solid. He snorted, Black from head to neck to toes, and finger tips all armoured. Add on the leather gorget, and the helmet that looks like black metal, but it’s not, is it?  It’s some sort of bone?

His assessment was quite thorough, he saw most of what I expected him to see. It’s from a massive iron rhino, they are not from around here. There are some natives from where they roam that shape their bones into armour pieces.

Hunn!  I take it this is not your first hunt, He sounded annoyed.

I gave a nod in response.

A tall lithe form approached in confident strides. He bore a silver gilt long bow and quiver slung across his back. The deep brown leather patches artfully arranged about his torso exposed as much skin as they protected and stood out starkly against his moon-silver skin. He halted near us and with a flick of his long silver-blond hair, proclaimed I am Arsomriâl Jhouné Samåle Desmølenas, He presented a mighty smile with his pretty pearly whites, I'm your archer.

It took a force of will not to roll my eyes. Really, I could never have sussed that out. I kept my tone dry, trying hard not to make it biting.

All dark and gloomy, all covered in dark leather, and ready for skulking. His lip curled a tiny bit, It will be a pleasure to travel with you; I anticipate our experience will be entertaining.

Arsom and I traded ever so polite barbed words with each other. We lost the gladiator, his attention drawn in the direction of the side alley. It led my eye to a blonde bombshell who walked up the street like she was in a modelling competition.

She wore knee high black leather riding boots that led up to black, skin-tight hardened leather armour which flowed up her legs like it was painted on, and wrapped around her figure only to stop just over the top crest of her way too voluptuous bosom. Along with long forearm-length leather gloves, her ensemble was topped by a leather beret that balanced atop her head, with her pony tail stuck out the back.

The gladiator approached, grabbed her hand, bent over and kissed the back of it, his eyes staring directly at her chest, I’m Tony.

I rolled my eyes -it was ok, no one saw- since all the men were either going to help the woman, or otherwise had their eyes locked on her.

I was impressed the moment she gave Tony a slap, Look, don’t touch. She followed it with an eyelash flutter.

The knight clanked his way over to the young woman and put his hand out to the blonde. I am Sir PeckVail of the Order of the ShiningArmour. Are you coming with us on this expedition? his eyes and demeanour made it clear that he was torn between such a beauty coming with us so he could be around her, and the chance a beautiful young woman would get herself killed.

Oh yes, Sir PeckVail. I'm your thief, you can call me Virginia, She subdued the men with her charms.

I love your armour; it suits you, Tony turned to eye my utilitarian armour. You’re nowhere near as dour looking as the swashbuckler in the bleak black leather.

Oh, Tony, I don't know, I think she looks quite elegant in the heavy leather.  Virginia canted her head to the side and fluttered her eyelashes.

The three guys dragged their eyes kicking and screaming away from Virginia’s magnetic figure, to give me a much more thoroughly appraising look. Tony had given me the ‘can I beat you in a fight’ look before, now all three of the young men gave me the ‘do I want to fuck her?’ look.

I turned full to them and took off my helmet. Showed my sweet-heart face, perfect Nordic complexion, deep blue eyes, and raven black hair bound up in the tight long braid that hung out the back of my helmet, though many male fighters here had long braids.

Arsom was the most appraising; as a long-lived race he would guess I was not nearly as young as I looked. Tony was torn between Virginia and I. However, I could feel that he had settled his sights on Virginia from the shift in emotions as he turned his head to look at one or the other of us. Like many, now he thought his estimate of winning a fight had gone up.

I fear you did not give us your name young miss, Sir PeckVail’s eyes made contact with mine.

Oh, my apologies, the new arrivals hit us all in such rapid succession.  I gave them all my best friendly smile, My name is Alexandra Frederica Kopan. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, sir. I made a proper court bow.

Tony turned himself back to Virginia to impress her with his previous adventures.

<> I sent via a telepathic link to V.

She gave an ever so subtle sheepish grin, and sent back, << I did not realize these humans were unobservant bumpkins.>>

Sir PeckVail turned from me to meet two young men in elemental warlock garb of fire and water, as I sent, << I gave you a full suit of quite practical leather armour. What did you do to it?>>

<> she answered.





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