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Defining and Discussing Free Speech


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Defining and Discussing Free Speech

Länge: 42 Seiten18 Minuten


“It’s a free country—I can say whatever I want!” Most Americans agree about the importance of free speech. But many don’t understand the scope and limitations of this treasured liberty. Learn about the history, complexities, and conflicts related to free speech rights, from flag-burning to the treatment of hate speech. Then, decide where YOU stand on this important issue.

The Shaping the Debate series is designed to help readers in grades 5-9 understand social issues from multiple viewpoints and to articulate their own opinions. Each book in this series explains the title issue and how it affects people and policy; introduces people and movements involved in bringing awareness to the issue; highlights applicable major U.S. laws, judicial decisions, and progressive to moderate to conservative viewpoints; and touches on global implications of activism, awareness, and policy change

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