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94-Norse Legends: A Very Viking Christmas: Grettir's worse/best Christmas ever

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The story of a few violent, zombie-filled Christmases from Norse legend. There are two creatures this week! The first is the gloso! A friendly little piggy who will stop by to say hi. Except if you forget her Christmas gift. Then she turns into a demon of the night with glowing red eyes. The other is the nisse, a gnome will merely beat you senseless for forgetting his gift. Basically just remember to get gifts for all the mythological creatures on your list. Music: "Anxiety" by Kai Engel "Floret" by Kai Engel "Delicant" by Podington Bear "Morels" by Podington Bear "Sorrento" by Podington Bear "Steps" by Podington Bear "Storm Passing" by Podington Bear

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