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Choose Your Own Path: Self-Adventures and Stories for Kids

Choose Your Own Path: Self-Adventures and Stories for Kids

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Choose Your Own Path: Self-Adventures and Stories for Kids

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10. Juli 2019


Choose Your Own Story: Self-Adventure of a Treasure Hunter

Choose your own quest as a treasure hunter through an ancient pyramid!

Adventure 1: This book is a little different from regular story books. In this adventure, YOU are the adventurer. By making choises, you determine your destiny as the treasure hunter who faces all kinds of monsters and very real dangers.

Choose Your Own Story: Self-Adventure of a Warrior Princess

Choose your own quest as a warrior princess! 
You are the heroine, the princess who is searching for her identity. In a quest for meaning, you can choose your own path by going to the lava world, the giant cave, or a lake in the middle of nowhere.

Choose Your Own Story: Self-Adventure of a Brave Warrior

Choose your own story as a courageous fighter!
You are a soldier in the army, a combined army of men from several villages who try to defend their homes and freedom against dangerous creatures, exploding monsters that come after you! But then something happens… your friend gets wounded. Will he die?

Choose Your Own Story: Self-Adventure of a Spy Ninja

Choose your own quest as a ninja!
After a theft at the museum, the grand detective, Mr. Questionairre, calls you over to do some research. With your two big knives and your sneaking and fighting skills, you are perfectly equipped to bring back the three valuable pickaxes that the villain stole. Some adventure, some action, and a sprinkle of romance make this self-adventure an unforgettable interactive book!

Choose Your Own Story: Self-Adventure of a Zombie Slayer

Choose your own quest as a warrior and a zombie!
The adventure starts out with the fact that you are a zombie. You don’t know how or why it happened, but you know you were once human. What happens then, is a long flashback of everything that took place before you transformed into such a filthy creature. 

Choose Your Own Story: Self-Adventure of a Green Monster

Choose your own quest as a man and a monster! 

Choose your own story as you get woken up by a girl whose name you are still to discover. She tells you of a hostile village, where evil witches lurk beneath the shadows. As a skilled warrior, you get hired by the village chief to spy behind the enemy’s gates and figure out a way to defeat them.

Choose Your Own Story: Self-Adventure of a Cave Monster

Choose your own story in this fun book that takes you to a giant cave.
A villager approaches you and tells you that his father, a doctor, has been kidnapped by dark shades. When you keep asking for details, you discover that he has been taken to a giant cave, the den where dark shades and snakes reside.

Choose Your Own Story: Self-Adventure of a Boy and Girl Warrior
Choose your own story in this fun book that allows you to play as Alex or Steve.

In this book, you can either make choices as Roxy or Theo. You fight side by side with your companion, defeating monster armies and zombie hordes. The village is under attack! Choose if you want the female version or the male version of the story.
10. Juli 2019

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Choose Your Own Path - Jeff Child

Choose Your Own Path

Self-Adventures and Stories for Kids


The Treasure Hunter


This is not like an ordinary book. In this self-adventure, you will face monsters and demons that could cost you your life. If you are courageous enough to start reading this adventure, then go ahead. Start at the first chapter, but just know that I warned you. It’s not going to be easy. You will have to make choices that affect your destiny. You decide the outcome.

So this is how it works. Read the first chapter, make a choice, and then go to the number the choice leads to. That way, your adventure will continue and you will choose your own path. If you are reading the E-book version, you can simply click on the links of your choices. If you are reading a physical copy, just flip through the pages to get to the right number.

Good luck!


You are a treasure hunter. You have heard of the valuable items hidden in the large pyramid here in the middle of the desert. You are anxious to get your hands on it; as soon as you heard it mentioned, you acquired more details and went on a long journey to the empty sand lands to make it yours

Now, you are thirsty and stuck with a heavy backpack. You’ve roamed the desert for more than a day, according to the guide’s awful directions, and you’ve just had it. Everywhere around you, you see sand… sand… sand… and more sand. Its vast, rolling hills are driving you nuts. You follow the direction of the sun, since your sense of North and South is at least somewhat above average.

After another hour, you get to the top of another sand hill. You look forward and cannot believe your eyes. The pyramid is in sight!

There it is! The pyramid the guide talked about, the one on your map, the one with the TREASURE in it! You shout for joy and continue walking towards it. Soon you’ll be rich.

When you get closer, you notice that the entrance is a heavy door that can slide right open. And with right open, you discover, is meant an exhausting effort to move it inch by inch, only by using all your strength. You’re not sure if you want to go down that road. That takes a lot of energy. You scratch your head and decide.

To open the door anyway, go to 23

To walk around the pyramid and look for another door, go to 55


You go closer and take a look at your reflection. It looks odd, as if your reflection is being distorted or something. There is something not quite normal about this mirror. Having concluded that, what are you going to do next?

Touch the mirror, go to 13.

Do your hair, go to 39.

Break the mirror into a thousand pieces, go to 59.


You try again. Maybe this time, your fat butt will actually move, so that you can still escape. You realize at that moment you shouldn’t have eaten all that kabob you got from the locals. You wiggle and wiggle, trying to move backwards.


Got it!

You’re out! Come and get me now, explosion monster!


The explosion monster explodes, but since you dive away, you evaded the dire consequences of the explosion.

That was close. Glad you missed that one.

Go to 16.


Could you please leave me alone? you ask.

No reaction. Do these zombie-mummies, whatever they are, speak English, or do they speak at all?

Could you leave me alone? you ask again.

They don’t seem to react.

You can ask them again, go to 98.

You can reach for a giant knife in your backpack, go to 67.

You can scare them away with your torch, go to 53.


Yellow seems like a good choice, since the hieroglyph shows the sun is yellow, isn’t it? So you push the yellow button. Nothing happens. Odd. Okay, let’s try another one. Which one next?

The red one, go to 29.

The orange one, go to 89.

All three at the same time, go to 62.


You are so thirsty, so a little sip couldn’t hurt, could it? You drink it and start coughing. Yuck! It tastes like sulfur or sand or something. Luckily it didn’t kill you. You spit it out and have a disgusting look on your face. Next time, it may be better not to just drink any water and assume it’s potable.

Go to 66.


Sheepishly, you back off a little and tell him that you are okay with leaving the treasure to him. You were just about to go home anyway.

I don’t believe you, he says. So perhaps I should kill you for lying.

O-oh. Now he is really angry.

What are you going to do?

Ask him where the treasure is, go to 95.

Attack him with your dagger, go to 76.

Tell him to come and get you, go to 42.


You move aside and hold up your torch to light up the wall with the writings about the coffins. It clearly has the symbol of death all over it, with skulls, downward spirals, and the Egyptian god of death, Anubis. That doesn’t sound good, but if there is danger near you, you want to know about it.

You read out loud, Who wants enter door, raise dead.


Whoever wants to enter the door, must raise the dead? you ask. That’s ridiculous. I can’t raise the dead. I don’t even want to raise the dead. What if they start attacking me?

You read it again and draw the same conclusion. It truly says you must raise the dead to enter the door. You look to the center of the enormous room, where the tombstone and coffins are. Shivers go through your body, but you decide to go take a look anyway.

Go to 40.


You make another attempt to fend off the fireballs from the ghosts with your pickaxe, but you can only hit so many of them until one of them hits you again.


You’re dead. Start over. Game over.


You kick the explosion monster, as if it is a football game.



The explosion monster shoots through the air and explodes. You cover your face and sigh that it’s over.

Go to 51.


The other door is too far away anyway, so you figure it’s better to go through the door you came from. You turn around and open it. Oh, good. It opens up. You enter the room you came from and close the door. That was definitely the wrong room. Better try the other door.

Go to 90.


You get your dagger and stab the stupid scorpion. One stab isn’t enough, so you stab again and again. The purple blood flows out of its body and it remains dead on the ground. The little bugger has scared you. Glad that is over.

You look up and open the only door in front of you, so go to 25.


You stretch out your hand and touch the mirror, but your hand is going THROUGH the mirror. Whoa! That is strange!

But hey, if your hand goes through it, then so will your body. You decide to just walk through it and are amazed when you find yourself transporting through a portal to another room.

In that room, you see another door, on the side, not straight ahead of you. You walk towards it, but suddenly, an eerie sound echoes through the air as you feel the ground shake.

Out of the ground appear specks of dust, and from that dust, skeletons are formed, four of them. You shiver when you look at the mean look in their eyes. Quickly! You have to think of something!

Reach for your dagger, go to 41.

Ask them for directions, go to 99.

Throw a rock at them, go to 78.


You skip all the nonsense in this room and go straight to the door. You put your hands on the handle and pull.


You pull again.

It just won’t budge. Well, that’s annoying. What are you going to do now?

Try to read the writings on the wall. Go to 87.

Take a closer look at the tombs. Go to 40.


You decide to go through the right door. It opens up and you enter the hallway. But what is this? It’s wet. You can feel the water streaming through your shoes. Weird, something like this in the middle of the desert. Where does all this water come from?

You investigate where it’s coming from, go to 32.

You drink it, since you’re that thirsty, go to 6.

You decide to keep walking, go to 66.


After your encounter with the explosion monsters, you are extra cautious when you go through the crawl space. Luckily, that was the last of them, because before you know it, you’re in another room. It’s a tiny, yellow room with some writings on the walls. But since there are two doors, you don’t want to bother reading them. The way is clear, right? Or should you see what it says anyway?

To go through the left door, go to 27.

To go through the right door, go to 90.

To take a minute to read the writings, go to 34.


You choose the pickaxe. The fireballs keep coming at you. It’s too hard to do anything about it. This is not an effective weapon against those things.

Ouch! one of the fireballs hits you in the stomach, reducing your energy by a lot.

This is it. You have to decide what next. If you get another hit like that, you will die.

To try the sword, go to 64.

To keep using the pickaxe, go to 9.

To use the shield, go to 49.


Okay, there we go, you tell yourself as you touch the complicated patterns on the altar with your fingers. As soon as you touch it, something strange happens. The ground begins to shake, the room becomes unstable, and you fall backwards, looking at the statue that is rising and rising.

The rising statue turns into a real black dog, a huge, monstrous creature with serious muscles and a head with pointing ears and sharp teeth, growling at you as if you are intruding his territory.

What are you doing here? the big dog asks, standing on its two legs and clenching his fists.

Uhm… you stammer. I am seeking the pyramid treasure, just to put it to good use.

The treasure belongs to me!!!! the dog yells while drooling from the side of his mouth.

Interesting; so there IS a treasure. But now what? This dog or ancient god or whatever it is, is standing in your way.

What are you going to do?

Ask him where the treasure is, go to 95.

Attack him with your dagger, go to 76.

Tell him you were just about to leave, go to 7.

Tell him to come and get you, go to 42.


You try to run via the wall, something you’ve seen all those cool guys in video games do. If they can do it, you can do it, right?


It’s not as easy as it looks. The wall is slippery, you don’t have much grip with your shoes, and you awkwardly end up in the pitfall, impaled by the spikes in the floor.

You’re dead. Start over.


The room you end up in looks fairly empty. It surprises you that there are torches burning, and where that gush of wind came from, is a puzzle by itself. You walk around a bit, and you see another opening, a crawl space, just like the other one.

You duck again and are about to go crawl through it when a creature creeps out.

Whaah! you yell, being startled completely.

The creeping creature is a explosion monster. It just crawled through and is coming at you. Its green skin and fiery eyes creep you out.

It’s lit up! Aaaah! It’s going to explode!

What do you do?

Step aside, so that the explosion monster bumps into the wall, go to 92.

Kick the explosion monster away, go to 10.

Try to light up the torch with the explosion monster’s fire, go to 35.


Left sounds good, you think. You open the door and enter a bright room with torches. Again, you wonder why the torches are lit up, seeing that the pyramid should have been deserted. But you brush the thought aside and keep walking. At the end of the hallway, there is a puzzle. A hieroglyph shows on the wall, the image of a sun. There are three buttons: A red one, an orange one, and a yellow one. Which one do you decide to push?

The red one, go to 29.

The orange one, go to 89.

The yellow one, go to 5.

All three at the same time, go to 62.


You have to do better than that! the giant dog with the big muscles says. The wires in your brain are starting to work and you have some new ideas.

You can:

Throw rocks at him, go to 81.

Stab the altar, go to 38.

Hide behind a boulder, go to 73.

Throw your dagger to the corner of the room to play fetch, go to 50.


With all your might, you push aside the entrance door. Umpf! you moan after huffing and puffing and panting. The entrance is clear. Awesome! It’s pitch black. You cannot see anything in front of you. Ah, but you have a solution for that. You figured this would be the case. After all, you cannot expect a bunch of light bulbs in an ancient pyramid, can you?

You reach inside your backpack and take out a torch and some matches. You light it and hold the torch up after placing the matches back into the bag. Wow! Interesting place.

The walls are covered with ancient Egyptian writings and hieroglyphs. The room is filled with tombs, at least 20 of them. It’s a really big room, and you watch in awe as you walk forward and let your hands glide over the dusty tombstones. What do you do?

Try to read the writings on the wall. Go to 87.

Take a closer look at the tombs. Go to 40.

Look for another door to exit the room. Go to 14.


You are in the middle of these fighting skeletons; they are swinging at you with their weapons, but still you yell, Stop! I just want to know where I am going!

The skeletons pause for a moment, but then they start swinging at you again, catching you off guard. The final blow kills you.

You are dead. Start over.


You are in a giant room. Decorations are all over the place. Egyptians characters and drawings are on all the walls, torches are burning, and boulders and rocks are piled up in the corners.

In the middle of the room, there is an altar, something that looks like it would be used to sacrifice items to idols or Egyptian gods. A statue is placed behind it, in the form of a black dog that has some kind of pharaoh clothing.

You approach the statue and the altar. There don’t seem to be any doors in the room, and most importantly, no treasure.

What will you do?

Touch the statue, go to 33.

Touch the altar, go to 18.

Investigate the boulders, go to 69.

Look at the paintings on the wall, go to 54.


Yay! you shout joyfully. You start swimming in the gold, and throwing it up in the air. The zombie horse has a surprised look on its face, watching you go nuts because of all the riches you have just discovered.

Okay, that was fun. What next?

You can leave the horse for what it is and leave with the gold in your bag, go to 82.

You can release the horse, go to 72.

If you want to make sure it won’t hurt you, you can also kill the horse with your dagger; in that case, go to 79.


You decide to take the left door. You look at it. It has the symbol of an eye on it. It easily opens up after you push it in. After entering it, you find yourself in a long, narrow hallway, the kind that can make you feel claustrophobic. You move on, holding up your torch.

Suddenly, the walls on the two sides come closing in. No!!!!

This must be one of those Egyptian booby traps. Now what?

Try to make it to the other end by running forward, go to 48.

Go back through the door, go to 11.

Push the walls back with your powerful strength, go to 68.


You want to get out of this hallway, with all the traps lying in wait to kill you. There! The door is on the other side, but you hold back. Another trap like that could really be the last thing you end up seeing. You carefully look around and tip-toe to the door.

When you open it, you enter a large room with all kinds of objects in the corner. There are golden swords, pickaxes, and shields. There are vases, pearls, and boxes. Nothing spectacular. It all looks pretty plain and inexpensive, but the weapons may come in handy.

Hey, what is that? Something is taking shape in the air in front of you. At first, you can’t put your finger on what it is, but then you see it.

It’s a ghost!

It’s one of those ghosts that spits fireballs. You’ve heard of them. They are extremely dangerous. But before you come to your senses and realize what just happened—a ghost forming out of thin air—you see another ghost appear, and another… and another… more are coming until there are ten ghosts in front of you, hovering about the ground. One by one, they attack you by spitting fireballs.

To pick up the pickaxe, go to 17.

To wield the sword, go to 74.

To use the shield, go to 49.


Sunset… that’s when the sun is red, so it must be that one. That’s what you think, but then it turns out it does nothing. You push it a few times, almost getting a little frustrated, but it was wrong. Which one now?

The orange one, go to 89.

The yellow one, go to 5.

All three at the same time, go to 62.


With a determined look in your eyes, you increase your fighting speed, stabbing another skeleton here and one there. After a few moves, they’re all dead. Good job for hanging in there. You just needed a little persistence.

You look satisfied at the dead skeletons, the dead undead actually, or whatever. Either way, they cannot harm you anymore.

You step over them and walk towards the door. When you go through it, you can hardly believe your eyes.

Go to 52.


You jump, but it becomes your death. A few sharp arrows speed through the air, hitting you in the chest and killing you instantly. If only you would have ducked, you would have been safe. Sad.

Start over. You are dead.


It’s obviously coming from the side. There is a hole in the wall through which the water is lightly streaming. It’s too small to do anything with it though. So just leave it alone.

What will you do next?

You drink it, since you’re that thirsty, go to 6.

You decide to keep walking, go to 66.


You touch the statue. Its surface is slick and smooth. Strange, because everything else around it is rough. It seems to be made out of some marble mixed with cement, but in a sophisticated way.

After touching the statue, you decide to touch the altar.

Go to 18.


You decide to take a minute to read what’s on the wall. Perhaps it will say something about which door to pick. Let’s see… The skull leads to life, but the eye… leads to death. Well, that’s ironic. That doesn’t make any sense.

You look at the doors. One has an eye and the other a skull symbol on it.

You trust the writings on the wall and go through the skull door, go to 90.

You go against it, and choose the door with the eye, go to 27.


You hold the torch about the explosion monster’s head, trying to light it. It worked! But wait, why did you do this in the first place? You should have just lit your torch by using the torches on the wall. Now the explosion monster is really close and is about to explode in your face. What do you do now?

Step away anyway, go to 92.

Kick the explosion monster away, go to 10.

Hit the explosion monster with your lit up torch, go to 43.


You try to shake it off, but it has its claws stuck in you. You shake your leg again, but it isn’t working at all. What do you do now?

Squeal like a little girl, go to 91.

Stab it with your dagger, go to 12.


While holding one hand in front of you and another a little lower, you try to feel your way through the thick darkness. You can feel walls, stones, and a soft breeze. If the wind is coming into the room, there should be opening somewhere.


There it is. The wind is stronger in this corner. You put your hands against the wall and squat. There is a tiny opening, not more than a few feet high, that has wind coming through. This may be your best way out. You duck and crawl through the eerie space.

At the end of the tunnel, you enter a room with a few torches on the walls.

Go to 20.


It sounds crazy and useless to stab an altar, but for some reason, it feels like it could do something, since this pyramid is filled with strange auras and magical powers anyway. With your dagger, you stab the altar and thrust through the cracks of the marble substance.

Aaargh! How did you know? the dog says, burning completely, as if he is controlled by the powers of the altar.

I didn’t, you say proudly. I just guessed, but it was the right guess.

You watch as the dog turns to ashes and shows no signs of life whatsoever. Then the altar moves aside and a winding staircase going down appears. Interesting. It’s a hidden path, probably leading to the treasure somehow.

Go to 60.


You do your hair and smile. You are such a good looking guy. Wow. The female mummies will be impressed.

After some moments of vanity, you put your comb back in your bag and decide what to do next. You can:

Touch the mirror, go to 13.

Break the mirror into a thousand pieces, go to 59.

Take a closer look, go to 2.


You approach the tombs and read the inscriptions on them. Obviously they are just some Pharaohs who were buried here. Nothing special. Hey, but what’s that?

Some evil symbol: A cross with a blade and a bone through it. You have no idea what it means, but whatever it does, it can’t be good. So 20 tombs. Does this mean that 20 mummies will just pop out if you say a certain spell or something?

Crick crack…

You hear a noise. It sounds as if it is coming from one of the other tombs. Holding up your torch, you find your way through the dark and curiously get closer to the sound you heard.


Whaaaah! you scream.

A giant, decaying hand just shoved itself through the thin wooden wall

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  • (5/5)
    Wow! This is an awesome book! You can click on the different options that take you to different chapters. A true "Self-adventure" book. Kind of like those "Choose your own adventure" series. Fun stories. I loved it.