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Balance, Not Lower, Cholesterol: Why Cholesterol is Just One Part of a Bigger Picture for Health & Overall Health

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Newsflash: Cholesterol is not the best predictor of heart disease! In this podcast, I'll tell you what does matter for men and women to maintain cardiovascular (and overall) health. I'll tell you the 3 vitamins that lower homocysteine levels. Did you know it's not "bad" or "good" cholesterol, but the particle size, that best predicts heart disease? I'll share what raises triglyceride levels (hint: it's not dietary fat). I'll talk about the "biggie" vitamin for heart disease that your doc can test for. Oh, and eggs usually do not raise cholesterol, but I will share with you what do. I'll tell you what to increase in your diet to lower cholesterol. (Some of these will shock you.) And you'll learn about natural strategies that lower cholesterol as powerfully as statin drugs without their side effects. You know I'm going to mention exercise, and I'll give you the best way to lower cholesterol in just minutes a day. Just don't stress out about it, since stress can increase inflammation and other problems! Armed with this information, you'll have everything you need to balance cholesterol and promote overall heart health.

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