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Episode 307 IronRadio - Speical Episode Experimental Biology Conference in Boston

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In this Iron Radio Special, the meat head versus geek pendulum swings toward the academic side. Drs. Nelson and Cotter come to you on-site from the Experimental Biology conference in Boston. There is a TON of new research that can inform your training and eating! Topics include using science as evidence from a lifter's point of view, the difficulties of publishing research, intermittent fasting, protein targeting for fat loss, weight maintenance after a diet, using the widely-accepted 3500 kcal per pound of fat rule, whey protein for dieters, the five percent weight loss standard used in pharmaceutical research, leucine dose and fat loss, unrealistic linear expectations of progress, biological clocks and health, artificial sweeteners and gut bacteria, and plenty more. Much of this information won't see full publication for months. Come along to Boston and feed your inner geek!

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