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036: Your Mid-Semester Law School Reality Check: Law school finals are coming up soon! Are you ready?

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Time for a mid-semester reality check! Second semester is interesting in law school because you're in a different position than you were last semester. You have a set of final exams under your belt and you may feel a little more prepared than last semester. Conversely, you may also have more obligations outside of the classroom, like job hunting, extracurricular activities, and moot court -- which can lead to misconceptions about where you should be academically mid-semester.
It's time to get real. But don't stress! Here is your (helpful) mid-semester reality check. 
In this episode we discuss:

How often should you be outlining?
The importance of practice
Steps to writing legal analysis
Making the most of your professors' office hours
Handling all the extra things you may face in your second semester (job hunting, moot court, etc.)
Time management tips for the rest of the semester
Why self-care is so important
Free resources in law school that are available to you and why you should use them!

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