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HOW TO FEEL GREAT, HAVE MORE ENERGY & SUPERCHARGE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! Dr Terry Wahls ! Ted Talk| Diet | Nutrition | Self-Help: Dr. Terry Wahls Shares How to Get & Stay Healthy or Recover from Auot-Immune Disorders, Disease & Inflammation: MS, Lupus, IBS, Heart-Disease, Diabetes, Krohns, Arthritis. As Seen on Ted Talk! Health | Inspiration | Spirituality | Self-Help | Inspire

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Perhaps you've seen Dr. Terry Wahl's viral Ted Talk with over 2 million views!
If you’ve ever had inflammation, an auto-immune disease, sore joints, heart-disease, asthma, high blood pressure, or if you’re just plain human, then do we have the show for you!
Today we’re interview Dr. Terry Wahls, one of the most extraordinary doctors out there. She’s come back from MS, and from a life in traditional medicine, to develop a functional medicine protocol to help us all live healthier, more energetic lives TODAY, and to come back from autoimmune disorders from MS, to Luppus, Lyme Disease, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, and the list goes on and on and on.
Today we’ll talk about the heart of disease, why at it’s source, it’s all cellular dysfunction, where it comes from, and most importantly, what in the world we can do about it, beginning TODAY.
That’s most important to me, that and kicking butt energetically. Jessica and I don’t have a show to run, but we want a family too, and we’re both coming back from long-term illness, her more than me. But if we admit it to ourselves, aren’t we all struggling in some way health-wise? We were never meant to be tired, achy, and old before our time, or brain-fogged at any age. And we were never meant to live on pharmaceuticals and a lifetime suppy of supplements.
So I am so excited to talk with Dr. Wahls today.
Show Notes and Topics Include:

Ted Talk – Mind Your Mitochondria
From Wheelchair to Walking
Did you believe you could come back – what possessed you to look for an answer?
History – steady decline even with aggressive treatment
Discovered institute of functional medicine

Redesigned life based on
Took functional medicine plus supplement approach

Ted Talk – 2 million views in 2011
Getting “younger”
All autoimmune disease is the same at it’s origin

Immune cells are at heart of how run biology

Asthma, IBS, krohns, ulcerative cloritis, rheumatoid arthritis, schelarderma, psoriasis, MS, lupus, type 1 diabetes, acne, artherosclerosis, schizophrenia
Most chronic diseases that aren’t affected may be found to be auto-immune in nature

Mold-toxicity syndrome

Auto-immune related
Chronic swelling in one extremity

Damaged blood vessels, whether veins or lymph ducts leaving that limb
Also autonomic nerves that regulate flow could be damaged

If exposed to bold, many of us our immune cells can attack, and clear it from system.
Some of us can’t clear them as well, cause damage to organs, rev up inflammation and if have auto-immune process make it more severe

What’s the difference between a diagnosis and a disease?
Difference between conventional and functional medicine approach

Example: uses IBS
Conventional: use immune suppressing drugs

Different “levels” for functional medicine

Create more health for your cells, and healthier cells make helather organs and healthier body
Basis is wahls diet plans

Level 1 – tons of vegetable

e. 9 cups of veggies
3 cups is one plate – so 3 plates of veggies each meal

Organic grass fed meat – though can do it as vegetarian

Moving the body every day
How is this diet different than standard paleo diet

What is ketosis

Can starve health-promoting bacteria in gut
Ketosis 6-12 months will help starve out candida

Make starchy vegetables raw – gut will ferment them into ketones and won’t
Berries and fruits okay

Limit apples, pears bananas

What are good fats vs. bad fats

Which to have, and which to stay away from

No gluten
No dairy – casein bad, but ghee may be okay.
The 1 month test

How do you tell if you have a leaky gut?

Algae and Seaweed
Sea salt vs. commercial salt
Don’t need dairy/calcium need vitamin D and K2
Digestive Enzymes
Zeolite, Clays

Can make you mineral deficient

Important tests to get

Don’t necessarily need tests

Need stress-reduction techniques

Importance of meditation for stress-reduction (mindfulness, yoga, breathing, etc.)

Usually can tell w/in 1 month moving in right direction

But hard to sustain b

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