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SJP #68 M.J. Thomas: Bringing Bible Adventures to Children's Books: Bringing Bible Adventures to Children's Books

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Mike didn't set out to be an author. It wasn't until his nine-year-old son encouraged him to "write a book" for him to use for a book report that Mike toyed with the idea of writing. That was the inspiration that set everything in motion and The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls was brought to life. If you have not discovered The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls yet, you are missing out! This is one of our family's favorite series of books. What is so fun is that Mike weaves adventure and Bible teaching together—think Magic Tree House books but from a Biblical perspective. It's often hard to find books for our kids to read—especially our young readers. There are so many great books that do incorporate Biblical teaching or have it hidden within the story, but what I love is this book series takes you through the Bible. Get the links and show notes HERE:  **And learn more about how to join my next guest interview LIVE!!

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