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0441 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—a hodgepodge: Daily Easy English Expressions...E-cubed!! Listen and Learn Every Day!!

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Today’s expression and dialog: a hodgepodge
Mm! Something smells good.
It’s just a hodgepodge of leftovers.
Is it ready? I’m starving.
In about 30 minutes.
If you were to see my music would probably say "What in the world is this?!!"
You would find American rock and roll, country, punk, jazz, soul, rap. You'd find classical music. There would be lots of foreign music, too--Korean, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Mexican (yes, it's different from Spanish music!), Ghanaian, Arabic, Indian. I've even got music from Australia and Ireland! And Indonesia. It's a VERY "messy mixture" of great music from everywhere. And I like it all! It's all MINE!!!
But what is a good word that we could use that would describe my music collection? Well, you'll learn that in today's podcast! 
Have a super week,
Coach Shane
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