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Classical Classroom, Episode 13: RERUN - A lesson from a real live professor – Timothy Hester on Brahms: The pianist and Moores School Piano Professor talks (and plays) Brahms.

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Brahms’ Opus 118 – plus the first two Intermezzos played live! In this episode, Associate Professor Timothy Hester from the University of Houston Moores School of Music, teaches Dacia a bonafide lesson. Don’t miss Prof. Hester waxing nostalgic about his childhood love of Steppenwolf. Audio production by Todd “the Todd” Hulslander with post-hypnotic suggestions from Dacia Clay and editing by Mark DiClaudio. Music used in this episode includes: – Brahms Six Pieces for Piano, Opus 118, Intermezzos No.’s 1 & 2 For more about Timothy Hester, go here. For more about the Texas Music Festival, go here. Timothy Hester. Courtesy of the UH websit

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