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Alexia – Dr. Goe's Patient: Alexia

Alexia – Dr. Goe's Patient: Alexia

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Alexia – Dr. Goe's Patient: Alexia

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Jul 19, 2019


Alexia is now Nergal's hostess and is free to take revenge on her evildoers, and Nergal will do so with great hatred and violence that the mind cannot imagine.
But, first of all, who are the characters who helped the beautiful Alexia? Above all, why did they do this to a stranger? At what price?
Everyone has an ambition. Alexia was a victim of the human being, but would it only be in physical violence?
In "Dr. Goe's Patient," the reader will learn more about each character and know in detail what happened to Alexia during her recovery, as well as meeting a new character who will stay in your mind just like Alexia has been since her first book: Alexia - Nergal's hostess.

Jul 19, 2019

Über den Autor

Nascido na cidade de Santo André – São Paulo, Donnefar Skedar ou Jay Olce publica na internet desde 2009, criador do selo Elemental Editoração pelo qual realiza suas publicações.Atualmente o autor possui 11 livros publicados, dos quais 4 são coletâneas, o mesmo ainda possui diversos contos publicados em formato digital dos quais não fazem parte das coletâneas.Seus livros estão disponíveis de forma internacional, alguns títulos receberam traduções para os idiomas, Inglês, Espanhol, Francês e Italiano, como o livro Dirty Vampires – Revelações, que foi lançado em quatro idiomas.


Alexia – Dr. Goe's Patient - Donnefar Skedar



Donnefar Skedar,

Alexia — Dr. Goe's Patient — 1nd edition — 2019

Original Title: Alexia — A Paciente do Dr. Goe © 2015

Translator: Ana M. Do Santos

Cover: Fernando Lima

Photo: Victoria Borodinova

Final layout and editing: Elemental Editoração

Distributed by Babelcube, Inc.

1. Tale 2. Fiction 3. Horror 4. English 5. Adult

1. Title 2. Digital book

All the rights on this written work is reserved to the author only, any kind of reproduction without written permission of the author will be considered a crime per the copyrights law.



















The creation of a story or a book is simply unique for each person. The difference between who writes with passion and who writes as a hobby is clear. That is why I always highlight in my works that the comments, likes, shares and reader’s evaluations are as important, for the author, as seeing the work being concluded. It’s not about audience or something like that, it’s about a strong will power to keep going with my work and Always look for improvement. I hope you will enjoy this e-Book and you will check out the other titles presented at the end of this Book including free editions. And again, keep liking, commenting, sharing, tweeting or at least let people know that you are reading this e-Book.

Happy reading!

Don Skedar.


When the taxi reached a considerable enough distance to feel that the hospital was finally left behind, Alexia began to feel the same strange sensation of when the voice would take control, and looking through the window, she sought out the reason for that.

As soon as the taxi went past the next locale where she’d suffered the abuse, she saw a group of boys passing by and requested that the driver leave her there and drive away. 

She waited until the taxi was gone, then grasped the suitcase of clothes donated to her by the doctors, and went towards the five guys.

Still asking herself why she was doing this, the interior voice smiled wide and spoke in her mind:

— You shall not fear any harm, for the strongest now inhabits you!

— But who are you?


After the incident occurred in the room of a comatose patient, all of the rooms were now under maximum protection against gas leakage, as suggested by the local authorities.

On the same day of the event, the young woman registered as Alexia Melles was transferred to the room of recuperation observation from the special experiments of the hospital.

Doctor Goe, responsible for the experiment, has left her under the care of a nurse named Lucy, to tend to the young woman’s body and to the management of her cure.

Lucy had already been qualified for this sort of program in that hospital, but never with as many recommendations as with Dr. Goe had given her.

The patient was so perfect, that her appearance caused an intimate discomfort in Lucy. It was no jealousy, once she herself had the beauty worthy of theaters, but something in that asleep young woman caused her an absurd discomfort.

In one of the customary nights in Lucy’s routine, a newly arrived nurse to that same sector entered the room of the patient Alexia. Lucy was

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