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Shake Davis series


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Shake Davis series

Länge: Serie


Bronze Medal Winner from the Military Writers Society of America!

He’s unplugged and living the dream at a new Texas Hill Country homestead, but Gunner Shake Davis never really expected that to last. When he gets a phone call asking him to undertake a lazy look-see mission to determine the root of at-sea oil rip offs in the Gulf of Thailand, Shake returns to some old haunts in Southeast Asia. It starts in Bangkok, moves to a sea cruise in a commandeered junk, and winds up on Koh Tang off the Cambodian coast. And that backwater little spit of sand haunts Shake’s memories from the days of the screwed-up Mayaguez rescue mission at the end of the Vietnam War. The bad guys on Koh Tang are oil pirates and just as deadly as the Khmer Rouge that nearly killed him back in 1975. A simple recon mission gets twisted, obscured, and altered—which brings Shake and his crew into a second Battle of Koh Tang Island.

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