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Awakenings: Interview with Heather Powers: Personal Story and Transformation of going from Religious to Spiritual

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Unleash Your Potential! Erin Fall
Haskell is a New Thought Leader, Author "The Power of
Consciousness", Trans-denominational Minister, Transformational
Speaker, Spiritual Practitioner, Mother and Lover of Life! Teaching
Body, Mind, Spirit Detox & Cleanse to reveal the innate healer,
infinite intelligence and internal physician to reclaim your
vitality, longevity, radiant health and wellness. 
Life is a divine adventure, full of
twists and turns up and downs.  Diving to the truth one finds
not only inspiration, but liberation.  Join us as we journey
into this conversation discovering Universal Truths and how we are
manifesting and co-creating with all of life through the Body, Mind
and Soul.  Interviews and Conversations with Great Minds,
Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Scientists, Conscious Entrepreneurs,
Holistic Practitioners and Natural Healers. This is for the seekers
on a spiritual journey to expand consciousness and discover how to
create a life they love! We talk about such topics as Meditation,
Mindfulness, Visioning, Intuition, Affirmations, Spiritual Mind
Treatment, Yoga, Sauna, Juicing, Diet Modification and the
miraculous capacity to heal. We will also be discussing the best
practices when it comes to: Conscious Commerce, Divine Entrepreneur
topics, environmental solutions, nutrition, empowerment,
inspiration, fitness, community, exercise, authenticity, vegan
& plant based lifestyle, weight loss and mental attitude.
 All this and more based in spiritual
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