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Venus-Jupiter, Mars-Pluto and Setting Good Intentions!: On tonight's podcast Leslie will be discussing transits of importance this week and Rosie in the second hour will discuss how important your Intentions really a

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On the first hour of tonight's podcast Leslie will be discussing some important transits this week.  Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 13th, and she remains close, or within orb for the rest of the week. This is positive, as Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and some may consider this a positive day for love or money. Women will be the focus, good or bad, and Scorpio is the most intense of signs.

Mars has entered its square to Pluto and this transit is exact November 19, at 7:11 AM, est.  Mars-Pluto transits are typically angry, and can reveal new information.

In the second hour of the Podcast, Rosie is going to discuss Intentions.  In simple form, your intentions are your thoughts directed toward a desired outcome. To be more complex, it’s the realization that our consciousness has the ability to create our reality.  Often defined as unimportant however scientific research on how the mind affects reality is growing.

Leslie will be accepting calls the last half of the first hour and Rosie will take callers in the last half hour of the show. The call-in number is 1(714)888-7516.

The show is hosted by Rosie, Leslie and Numa in chat.  All Psychic Viewpoint podcast's are sponsored by Blended Herbal Treasures at

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