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Ali Sam: Barbaralba part 1

Ali Sam: Barbaralba part 1

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Ali Sam: Barbaralba part 1

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Jul 20, 2019


Ali Sam - Barbaralba part 1 is the telling of Castle City base on Castle City Manifest believed to have been written by King Namor Zujahrah.
Barbaralba is a fishing Drave. She is young when we meet her. At the beginning of every saga, especially when they are based on true stories, there is the one that starts the disruption that had to come. Namor knew it could not be avoided. The castle wasn't working. He was the King of Books. He knew enough. And as unlikely as it would seem, King Namor of the Royal Family and Barbaralba were entangled. As the scientists will tell you.
And yes, this is science fiction so that means there is science in it. And it is fiction. Just as a disclaimer.

Jul 20, 2019

Über den Autor

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1960. Moved to London, Ontario, Canada in 1967. Started playing hockey and piano. Went to Sir Wilfred Laurier High School and played the trumpet. Studied Architectural Technology at Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Sciences. Started playing guitar and writing a little. On a trip to the mountains in 1982 with a friend I decided, or was awakened to the knowledge that I was going to pursue writing. Graduated 1984 and moved to Toronto. Moved to Saarbrücken, Germany in 1993. Have traveled many places in North, Middle and South America and Europe. Besides reading and writing also work on photography and music.

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Ali Sam - Steve Howard

Ali Sam


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Steve Howard


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Ali Sam


Copyright © 2010 by Steve Howard 773U5

All rights reserved. This publication of Ali Sam – Barbaralba may be quoted from in relevant articles and used for amateur productions. Please make reference to the source.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or business establishments, events or locales are the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously. The use or misuse of any trademarks is not authorized, associated with, or sponsored by the trademark owners.

Table of Content

Ali Sam - Barbaralba _ part 1 of 6

01 _ Mortus’ Last Seed

02 _ Kill For Freedom

03 _ Letter To Barbaralba

04 _ Six Fish

05 _ Namor is Made King

06 _ Learning to Fight


Ali Sam _ Barbaralba _ part 01

To be in it and to do it is the essence of it.

01 mortus’ last seed

local settlement date 35,976

The wise things we think to record as a warning for those who follow have already been ignored in the forgotten past.

King Namor Zujahrah

Mortus. It is time to go.

Mortus came out of his contemplation to remember where he was. He saw the loaded caravan. It waited for him. They had finished with the last village in their land-run. Mortus dreaded going back to Castle City. He hated the city. He hated the smells, the sounds and all the tedious methods of business.

Since he was a young man, Mortus had been a tax collector. Everyone born under the tax collectors was a tax collector.

We are given no choice.

We can do as we please.

As tax collectors.

Was there a question in there.

What if I did not want to be a tax collector.

You are free to be a Drave.

Mortus smiled at the irony. He had a Drave girlfriend in Village 36. Mortus lived with her for most of the time that he was waiting for his next land-run. He spent very little time in his home TC 36 B3 sector. His home sector enjoyed many more comforts and was much safer for a tax collector than anywhere else a tax collector might chose to live. It was, however, too much inside. It was like the safety a bird had in a cage. Safe from all the creatures and elements of the world but cut off from all of it.

Mortus preferred the danger and the somewhat more dirty entertainment of the Drave villages.

You know what I like the best.

Tell me, Mortus, my unhappy friend.

I like the ocean, Lanash. I will bring my girlfriend here.

You mean that Drave you see for a few days every few moons.

I want to be by the ocean.

Lanash laughed, though he could see his friend was having a serious personal crisis.

Mortus turned his eyes from the ocean to look at the waiting caravan. They could wait all day for him to make up his mind. They likely would not. Mortus would have to decide to move. Or not move.

Until recently, he had never thought of living differently than he had lived his life. The question of how to live his life never seemed to demand his attention before. He was a good tax collector. He had always loved the land-runs.

Day after day of drinking, feasting, collecting and planting seed. No question. It was a good life.

He smiled at the thought of having so many Drave children.

How many have you seeded this run.

You ask me like you know my thoughts.

I do know some of them. Some are the same as mine. Same as all tax collectors. Because that is what we are and how we are, my friend.

Mortus walked to the caravan with Lanash but did not join him on the wagon. He looked at some of the Draves. They were all quiet with their fear. Fear is what Mortus and his company gave the Draves. The frightened children dared not look him in the eyes.

The men were singing:

‘We like to go a plundering along the island shore

And when we are a drinking, we plunder all the more

Seed a boy, seed a girl, eat some fish, seed some more

Seed a boy, seed a girl, we get rich on all the spoils.

Get on Mortus.

"No, my friend. I am tired. I will wait for the next

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