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Ali Sam: Barbaralba part 3

Ali Sam: Barbaralba part 3

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Ali Sam: Barbaralba part 3

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Jul 27, 2019


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Barbaralba closed the book in Namor’s hands and kissed him.
“King Namor, we must start our crossing.”
The tide was going down again. They were on their way back to Castle City to explain about a space ship. A neighboring island. A larger nation not far over the ocean. On a planet that no one knew.
At Namor’s request, Karnalana had brought engineers and city planners.
Namor had made it clear that war had been the pivot point of their visit and new city planning. He attempted to prepare his visitors for Castle City. There was no satisfactory way to explain the mountain. Even in it, it was a mystery.
He was bringing people from an island that entertained one another with music and stage performance. From the streets to great halls. They were being taken to a city that used their great halls to watch Draves slaughter one another.
“King Namor, tell me of your castle.”
“It is splendid beyond belief. Grander than any structure I could imagine. And it is a brutal disgrace. It reaches to the sky with polished stone and gleaming metal and glass. It reaches into the pits of darkness of slavery, rape and murder for entertainment.”
“I am curious to see it.”
“Now is the time for it is soon coming down. The age of the castle has come to an end.”
They walked and they ran under the light of two full moons. Talking little and watching the shadows that reached out at them.
Near the end of their first run, the sky turned black with clouds and brought with it wind and rain. Lightning and thunder. The lightning showed through the darkness that the tower was not far from them.
“Namor, let them go ahead. I feel lucky.”
“Barbaralba, it will be too dangerous here to make love.”
She kissed him, took her fish knife and cut into her leg just enough to draw blood.
“Lover King, I also have my stomach and the stomachs of our company to think about. And I think we are being followed by my favorite competitor.”
In the next lightning flash, Namor looked to the tower to see all had arrived to the stairs. They saw Namor looking at them and Barbaralba looking at the water.
In the next flash, Namor, and everyone watching, saw Barbaralba jab her sword down with two hands. Namor and Barbaralba saw it go through a shark’s head.
“You baited it with your blood. Are you mad.”
“Have you met someone who isn’t. Drave King. Now we have a shark for our feast in the tower. Hospitality is a big part of protocol.”
Namor laughed.

Jul 27, 2019

Über den Autor

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1960. Moved to London, Ontario, Canada in 1967. Started playing hockey and piano. Went to Sir Wilfred Laurier High School and played the trumpet. Studied Architectural Technology at Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Sciences. Started playing guitar and writing a little. On a trip to the mountains in 1982 with a friend I decided, or was awakened to the knowledge that I was going to pursue writing. Graduated 1984 and moved to Toronto. Moved to Saarbrücken, Germany in 1993. Have traveled many places in North, Middle and South America and Europe. Besides reading and writing also work on photography and music.

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Ali Sam - Steve Howard

Ali Sam


Part 3 of 6

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Ali Sam


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All rights reserved. This publication of Ali Sam – Barbaralba may be quoted from in relevant articles and used for amateur productions. Please make reference to the source.

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Table of Content

Ali Sam - Barbaralba _ part 3 of 6

13 _ Namor Sees the Ocean

14 _ Build a Bridge

15 _ Anamata Alliance

16 _ Home Protocol

17 _ First Invasion

18 _ Salt Lake 36


Ali Sam _ Barbaralba _ part 03

Stop whatever you are thinking and change your mind.

13 namor sees the ocean

local settlement date 35,990

When the time comes that you do not know who you are killing for what, your real enemy will be near.

King Namor Zujahrah

We will go ahead to tell the people that the 108 animal caravan has not come to collect taxes.

Barbaralba and Namor left the others to walk ahead to Barbaralba’s village. Russam was the first to see them approach. He dropped his fishing net and walked out to meet Barbaralba. To embrace her.

You have come back Barbaralba. And you are a woman.

King Namor, my Drave father, Russam.

Barbaralba answered all the questions Russam had on the way back to the village. At the village, news was spread that a feast was to be had that evening for all who could come. That the caravan approaching the village was a Drave caravan of many animals and wagons.

There was no need to tell of a Drave King. Those words had come before them. The effect of cutting off the tax collectors was a sudden wealth of free time and produce.

It was not difficult, with King Namor as her company, to find Draves willing and eager to take down Castle City. Starting with their tax collectors.

People of the villages all knew how to shoot fish under water with a bow. Making bows and arrows to shoot tax collectors was the first business to be taken care of before sending Draves to all thirty-six tax routes.

Barbaralba worked together with the Draves of the ocean villages, designing new ancient patented weapons. A triple bow to shoot three arrows at a time. Cross bows of various sizes. From something a small fighter could carry in one hand to cross bows mounted on wagons. Requiring two operators. Bows made with boiled down animal ligaments, wood, plant fiber, metal and fire.

Small armies were trained and equipped, one by one, and sent out to ambush tax collectors after their crossing of the dessert. Within three far moon cycles, a boarder was made by the Drave’s army to isolate Castle City.

Barbaralba. It is soon time for an attempt at protocol. Before I return to Castle City, there is a nearby island I want to visit.

I have heard of the island. Beyond the cliffs down the coast.

They had paddled out to the small wooden floating island to have their own place with no eyes other than fish and birds to watch them.

If you look along the shore to the horizon, you can see the island.

I would not have known it was not part of the coast. Have you ever been there.

No one goes there. The currents will take you out to the ocean, never to return.

Zauqir says there is a bridge. He goes over it every few double moons.

I knew he went many places. He never talked about his island visits. What is of interest there.

People to trade with. And he likes it there. He spends a full moon cycle there when he goes.

What kind of people live there.

People neither Royal family nor Drave.

What other kind of people are there.

I do not know, Barbaralba. I did not know there was another island. Till recently I did not really know there was this island. That is why I want to go.

I will come with you. Do we need to take an army.

No army. Just you and Zauqir.

It sounds like a good adventure, Drave King. But let us not miss today with making plans. Come to my under water world.

Barbaralba dove off the floating island into the warm water. After a visit that seemed so short, it was again the last day for as long as it took to get back to her home again.

When she resurfaced, she looked up at Namor to see that he was standing naked on the floating island watching her move.

He dove in and swam to

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