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Anunnaki to AI: The Hidden History of Mankind

Anunnaki to AI: The Hidden History of Mankind

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Anunnaki to AI: The Hidden History of Mankind

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Aug 5, 2019


Earth's history is ancient; civilizations came and went. But one has always remained. And it's not the one you think.

Aug 5, 2019

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Anunnaki to AI - Rick Giernoth


Chapter One


Honey, what’s this? Nathan yelled, throwing up both his arms and holding a piece of paper with nearly illegible writing.

Gina walked into his home office. You got a phone call today from some nut job saying he has a story for your magazine. Something about aliens or the government. I’m not sure; I could barely understand him. He said he only wanted to talk to you about it.

Well, what exactly did he say? I don’t want to call this guy back not knowing what he wants to talk about.

I’m not your secretary. He said he has an article for your magazine that will change the world. You know the people that write in with this conspiracy stuff. They’re all the same. He’s just another one of your whack jobs.

Those whack jobs are the ones who keep this magazine afloat and barely afloat at that. We need all the stories we can find. He picked up the phone and dialed. The phone rang only once before being answered.

"Umm, hello, my name’s Nathan. I’m the editor of Bloid News, and I was told you have a story that’s a real game changer."

Hello. It’s nice to finally talk with you. I’ve been reading your work for some time now. The gruff-voiced man on the other end of the line didn’t give his name.

Well, thanks. What exactly is it I can do for you?

Everything you know, everything you’ve been taught in your schools, is a lie.

Nathan smiled, picked up a pad of paper placing it in front of him then grabbed a pen. Okay, that’s kind of a broad statement. What exactly have we been lied to about?

You don’t even know your history. Your true history. I want to share it with you. The man’s voice slowed as he finished.

That sounds like a lengthy conversation. Nathan laughed. Would you like to set up an interview? Maybe we can meet for lunch or you could come to my home office.

Gina mumbled under her breath.  Nathan waved his hands dismissing his wife’s apprehension.

I don’t think Gina would like that much, the man replied.

Nathan glared over at her, wrinkling his brow. He covered the phone. Did you tell him your name?

She shook her head.

Turning back to the conversation with the stranger, he asked, How do you know my wife?

It’s an important story. I needed to know the man I was going to tell it to very thoroughly.

I’m sorry. I don’t think you told me your name.

Through time I’ve been called a lot of things, but my original name is Enki.

Enki? That’s original. I’d like to set up a meeting with you.

Gina positioned herself in front of Nathan trying to snatch the phone from his grasp.

Enki said, I don’t get out much these days. Why don’t you meet me at my home? I’ll email you the details. You won’t be sorry you made the trip, trust me. The phone went silent.

He hung up. Nathan turned to Gina.

Did I hear you ask him how he knew me? Did he say my name?

Hey, the guy does his homework. You can’t fault him for that. He claims to have the story of the century.

Story or not, that’s creepy. You’re not going to see him. She left the room and shut the door behind her.

Sure, I’ll let that go. He clicked into his email account. He wrote down the address and tucked it away in his pocket.

~ * ~

The night went on with no further conversation about the mysterious phone call. It was not the first time someone called Nathan’s home with a hot tip. He started a conspiracy website five years previously and often dealt with people a bit off the beaten path. But, for one reason or another, this phone call felt different.

The next morning Gina left for work as usual, but this day he left the driveway shortly after her car was out of sight. The two-hour uneventful drive brought him to the middle of nowhere pulling up to a magnificent home. The five-story behemoth boasted ten-foot arching doors, massive tinted windows and luxuries often reserved for the ultra-elite.

If this guy isn’t connected, I don’t know who would be. He left his car and approached the entrance.

The door to the mansion opened. The man before him took on all the appearance of an English butler, long coattails and all. Mr. Alton, I presume, said the butler.

Yes, I’m here to see a Mr. Enki.

Right this way.

The inside of the home gave the feel of luxury and elegance as the outside. Statues, artwork and tapestries added to the cliché appearance. Darker than most homes, it took Nathan’s eyes several moments to adjust. He blinked, turning his head from side-to-side taking in all he could. This house is amazing. It must take a man a lifetime to accumulate all this.

He’s a powerful...person. The butler stopped at the entrance of a massive ornate double-door standing easily nine feet tall. Six feet up was a rather uniquely designed doorknob with straight lined wings extending to each door’s frame. A sandstone bearded man was sculpted into the center of each door.

Nathan touched the brass knob. This is from Egypt, isn’t it?

The butler removed Nathan’s hand. I’m sure you have seen it there, but that’s not the origin.

Really? So where is it from?

That is not for me to discuss. Right this way, Mr. Alton. The butler stopped and stared straight into Nathan’s eyes. As I understand it, you explore many paranormal topics, conspiracies and such.

Yes, I do.

Well, I am not sure that will prepare you for what you are about to see. Enki...Enki is different. He is, of course, used to people being taken aback by his appearance, but I find it best to inform others before they meet him.

Nathan’s brow furrowed as a shallow swallow graced his throat.

The butler opened the door. Nathan entered and turned to his right then he saw a giant of a man unlike he’d ever seen before standing at the window. Eclipsing nine feet tall, and his broad shoulders illustrated unparalleled power.

Nathan stumbled back two steps as the butler helped him gain some composure and enter the room fully.

Mr. Alton is here to meet with you, sir, the butler said.

Enki turned around. Nathan slumped into a nearby chair. The giant’s skin radiated with an almost silvery-blue hue, not to the point of shining but with a subtle brightness. His head elongated to a sloping forehead leading down to a somewhat overgrown chin fully covered with a massive beard; a near human appearance but not quite and much larger.

He smiled and put out his hand. It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Alton.

Nathan’s mouth parted as he barely breathed. He placed his small hand into the hand of the giant. Hello.

I know what you must be thinking. Who am I? What am I? Why exactly are you here?

Uh-umm, Nathan stammered.

With all the articles you’ve written on aliens, I figured for sure you’d be a bit less flustered.

You are a...

Well, I am certainly not human. Now let’s talk. I have a story I want to share with you. He gestured to two chairs facing each other.

The two sat opposite of one another. Nathan’s gaze locked onto the giant.

Enki smiled. Do you have any questions you’d like to get out of the way before we get started?

You’re an alien. Nathan paused. You’re an alien. He gaped at the butler. He’s an alien?

The butler nodded.

I need to set the story straight for mankind. We’ve held this secret from you for far too long, and I feel this will free you and me. Enki shrank, bobbing his head.

If you want the people to know that aliens exist, why don’t you just land a saucer on the front lawn of the White House?

That’s not the secret here. Like I said, everything you’ve been taught is a lie. But way before the lie is our truth. Enki waved his hand over a part of the floor and a translucent dome rose.

What is that? Nathan asked.

A hologram.

The hologram swirled and flickered revealing a living picture. Fire rained from the skies on an unfamiliar planet. Giants, like Enki, fell to the scorched ground dying and grasping for air. Comets grazed the atmosphere, ripping the very ozone from the land. Gamma radiation scorched everything in sight. The giant humanoids rushed to the caves and protected buildings embracing their young. Many collapsed, and many died.

Others ran into awaiting ships when, once filled, shot off into orbit. As nature destroyed much of the planet, thousands of ships sat silently in space.

Chapter Two


Enki motioned to the butler who brought in a pitcher of water and a couple of glasses. Nathan chugged down a full glass and took out his digital recorder. He prepared his notepad as he stared at the giant as he spoke.

My people are called the Anunnaki. We come from a planet right here in your very solar system we call Nibiru. Nibiru circles a brown dwarf sun that gives off just enough heat to sustain our rather long elliptical orbit. But with that orbit comes some very harsh realities. Not in the least being an ozone that does not always stand up to what the universe wishes to throw at it.

Nathan stopped taking notes. Your planet was dying, and you came here?

"Our planet has been dying for millennia, but it is our home. And it’s a home we wished to remain on. You see, every so often, be it from our own ignorance, our planet shifts and needs help. But if you visit it during any other period you would understand our desire to keep it. It holds the most beautiful pink hue in the sky. One that almost makes you feel as if the air were trying to embrace your every moment. On any given night you can see three of the most beautiful moons in the universe. And the people—the people are so worth living for.

That was our real purpose for coming here. You see, four hundred and fifty thousand years ago I came here in search of one thing with two very unique traits...

Nathan tilted his head. Wait, you’re telling me you’re almost a half million years old.

No, I told you that is how long ago I first came to this world. In fact, my son, I am much older than that. The Anunnaki have perfected the methods of immortality long, long ago.

Why exactly did you come to Earth?

When my planet was to make the great passing through the center of this galaxy, my brother and I led an expedition in search of the one thing that can repair a depleted ozone and our very DNA: gold, both the mineral and the monatomic kind.

You came to Earth to mine it?

Enki nodded. "We tried. When our ships landed on what you call Earth, the first thing I noticed was its beauty. You have more variations of plants and animals here on this planet than any other known to the Anunnaki. Unfortunately, you also have much stronger gravity and much thinner air.

We landed in a place we called the Edin. It was our first home here, but we soon branched out.

Nathan’s head popped up. Edin, as in Eden. As in the Garden of Eden?

Enki smirked and put his arm around his guest Lore, myth, history and your tall tales are all interwoven in the true story of this planet. This is the story I want to tell you today. It is your right to know what others of my kind and those in exalted positions of your race have hidden from you.

I want to know.

I know. He lumbered to the window, peering out. As we branched out from the Edin and searched for the gold, we found your current continent of Africa to be quite abundant. We set up many mining operations and as ship after ship of the Anunnaki landed, we were able to send back more and more gold. The problem started when we began aging for an unknown reason. You see, our home has a massive orbit, one lasting thousands of years. This extends the common life extraordinarily even without the monatomic gold we create. But on this planet, and with the conditions so harsh on our people, the workforce started to age, and even the monatomic elements barely helped.

Your people were dying, Nathan added.

That would be putting it mildly. We were headed more toward a revolution. My brother Enlil was in charge of the mission. He ruled with an iron fist, but the Anunnaki were going to revolt if conditions did not change.

Enki motioned toward the hologram. The surface shimmered as a scene played.

Nathan watched as a man, must be Enlil, emerged from the loader. The massive cargo ship held nearly ten tons of unrefined gold. Crate after crate lined up outside the barge waiting to be stacked. Although much larger than Enki, it was obvious that the two were brothers, spitting images of one another. Enlil took charge, displaying his rank of fifty for all to see in the form of bars across his chest. He was the warrior. His brother Enki the scientist.

The winds whipped heavy across the deserts that day making the labor especially intense for the working Anunnaki. Many got into fights during their shifts while others lied down exhausted.

Enlil used brute strength and intimidation to force more work. He picked up a fallen worker putting him directly onto his cart and pushing it across the ground.

You will take a break when I tell you to, Enlil snarled.

Enki approached. Enlil, I don’t think you should push the men this hard.

They came to Earth for work, not for play. If they didn’t want to be here, they did not have to volunteer for the mission.

You and I both know this was not voluntary, Brother. Anu forced these men here, and they are approaching their breaking point.

I will decide when and if these men break. Remember who Father put in charge.

Of course. All I am saying is we don’t need to push them too far. There is already talk of rebellion.

Enlil spun to face Enki. You’ve heard this talk for yourself?

They’re dying, Brother, and we don’t have enough of the elixir to keep them from aging on this planet under these conditions.

Enlil scanned his brother up and down. You don’t seem to be aging.

I’m not working the mines as they are.

Either that or you’re hoarding more white powder gold than the rest of them.

Do not detract from what is brewing here. If you keep pushing these men, you will have a full rebellion on your hands.

What would you have me do? Enlil grabbed a large gold nugget. If we fail to send this to Nibiru, our shields will fall, our atmosphere will evaporate and everything we know will fry. Would you prefer that or these workers complaining?

I believe we can have both.

How is that?

Pulling a computer tablet from his coat, Enki typed away. I have been studying the indigenous species here on this planet, and we do believe there is one cast with the Prime’s code.

You’re telling me one of the creatures on this forsaken planet is to advance?

Enki showed Enlil a picture of primitive man. It has all the traits. It is set for evolution.

Is it capable of mining for us?

Not currently.

How long until it moves forward?

It’s currently a life form two.

Enlil peered over at the Anunnaki workers. What exactly can a life form in stage two do for us: hunt a squirrel or bang a rock? Why bring such useless information to me?

If you allow me to use some of my methods, I can move them forward at a much faster pace.

Out of the question! Enlil leapt forward aggressively.

Enki bowed slightly, avoiding eye contact. But the workers will continue die.

No. that is my final decision. It is against the directive to intervene with a species set for evolution.

Enlil stomped away, pushing workers out of his path.

He almost didn’t hear Enki as he said, Father disagrees with you.

Enlil stopped immediately. His silver tinted face took on a redness. He stalked toward Enki. What do you mean Father disagrees with me? How would he know of this plan before me? I don’t believe you would break rank and jump over my head without coming to me first.

I knew you’d say no, and the workers...

Enlil grabbed Enki by the throat and tossed him several yards to the ground. Enki, on his back, slid away from Enlil who knew he was the bigger, more aggressive, Anunnaki. Enlil charged his brother.

What were you thinking? You made me appear weak in front of our father. You made me seem like I have no control over this operation.

No, no, I did not. I told Father that your virtues would not allow us to tamper with an entity set to evolve. I told him you would think it against the code. I simply said we needed these workers.

Relaxing his shoulders Enlil asked. And what exactly did he say?

He told me this is still your operation but wanted me to inform you that he would want to see the indigenous species advanced to help. But he warned me that it would have to be done under your direction.

You do understand that what you are proposing is taking a species set to advance and making them a slave.

Brother, I am just hurrying them along on the path of what they would become anyway.

How long will it take?

Ninmah and I will start working immediately.

You have three months. Enlil scuffed past his brother avoiding eye contact, yet Nathan saw the swing of the giant’s foot into his brother.

He crossed over to a small personalized ship barely any larger than the giant Anunnaki himself. The shiny metal on the front of the craft bore his and his brother’s insignia: two intermingling snakes wrapped around a staff with a set of wings on the top. Enlil got into his craft and flew off high into the sky.

Chapter Three


The hologram froze.

Nathan rose from his seat and leaned against the wall with his mouth wide. He gazed at Enki whose brow lifted. You created us?

The giant nodded. Well, yes and no. You were already a species set upon this plane, but you were young, too young and too new. Did you really think a species could evolve so quickly? You had been moving forward slowly for millions of years and, in the blink of an eye, you were erecting buildings. Do you not find that odd?

You didn’t do it to help us. You did it for your men. Nathan pointed at Enki’s chest. Your people. He turned from Enki.

That was true, in the beginning. At least I think it was.

What do you mean you think it was?

Enki tapped on the headrest of his chair. I have had many, many years to think about why exactly I decided to create you. The easy answer is that I wanted to spare my people, but the longer I thought about it, I believe I created you out of ego.

You mean you wanted to play God.

"No, nothing so grand. I wanted my father to see that I was just as useful as my younger brother. You see, on my planet, being born out of wedlock is seen as a blemish on your family. By most accounts I should have been higher ranked since Enlil is my younger brother, but I was born to a mistress when my father was first married so I could never take the highest rank. That fell to Enlil, and for as long as I could remember I played the role of playful deviant. But, one

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