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The UK financial system: Theory and practice, fifth edition


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The UK financial system: Theory and practice, fifth edition

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The UK financial system, now in its fifth edition, provides an up-to-date discussion of the UK financial system and the changes affecting it. Throughout the world the nature and regulation of financial systems have changed dramatically following the global financial crisis. In this text the necessary underlying theory is introduced and a range of relevant statistics provided in each chapter to supplement the narrative. Coverage includes a critique of the UK financial institutions and markets, as well as regulation emanating both from within the UK and also from supranational bodies such as the Bank for International Settlements and the European Union. The discussion is based on both the underlying theory as well as the operating practices of the institutions and markets.

Each supplemented by a comprehensive glossary, the book is subdivided into three main sections: financial institutions; financial markets; and the regulation of banks and other financial institutions.

The book will be essential reading to lecturers and undergraduate students enrolled on courses in financial economics and banking.
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