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The Art of Supervision in Social Care


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The Art of Supervision in Social Care

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Cultured people skills in all walks of life are essential, being in possession of such qualities can deliver wondrous benefits, none more so in the helping professions. Whether in war torn environments, dealing with aggressive individuals or just caring for those who need, quite simply, CARE. People who care I am attracted to, their empathy, and emotional intelligence, combined with knowledge, experience and acquired skills, when combined, can be a positive force to be reckoned with. This book covers many of the inherent and learned qualities required to be an effective and influential human being across life's spectrum. Decision Making, Being Proactive, Communication Excellence, Adapting, Listening, Positive Mindset, Spatial Awareness etc., are all components of being an effective Supervisor and Leader both in and outside of the workplace. I hope you will enjoy this book, use it like a daily reference guide when executing your activities
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