The Green Room


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The Green Room

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In the glare of the spotlight and the paparazzi cameras—can love really survive the rigors of fame?

Janey Mills has carefully cultivated a life that revolves around her work as a talent scout, with no room for anything personal. But when she stumbles upon Anthony Keenan playing his guitar at a smoky nightclub, the lines between her personal life and her professional obligations begin to blur. She believes in him in a way she has never believed in anyone, and she becomes determined that Anthony will be the Next Big Thing'.

But at what price?

With Janey by his side, Anthony shoots to fame through a whirlwind tour, a record-breaking album release and all the trappings of sudden fortune. As the world of celebrity opens to embrace him, it brings along with it the darker side of fame—a side that might spell the end for their love before it has a real chance to begin.

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