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The Ultimate Deception: The Ultimate Series, #1


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The Ultimate Deception: The Ultimate Series, #1

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Can a sitting President of the United States be impeached?  The answer is YES!!!  The first President to be impeached was Andrew Johnson and the second was Bill Clinton.  Both men were impeached by the House of Representatives and later acquitted by the Senate.  Richard Nixon resigned before he could be impeached because he knew he would be removed from office. 

The world is a very wicked place to live in and it just became more wicked when an assassin accepted a new contract.  This assassin is the best the world has ever seen.  The new contract is for a hit on the five most important men in the government of the United States of America.  There is only one person who can stop this mad man.  That person is an agent from the NIB (National Intelligence Bureau) by the name of Joe Smith.  Joe Smith is not his real name; that is an alias.  If certain people knew his real name, he probably would not live to see another day. 

Is Joe Smith smart enough to stop this assassin or will all five men, the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, President Pro-Tem of the Senate, and the Secretary of State, be killed?  What if the assassin's plot is more diabolical than anyone thinks?  What if a voice known only to the assassin by the name of an "Angel of Light" is directing him in every step?  Can this assassin be stopped before he commits all of these murders?  Can good overcome evil or will evil ultimately win? 

If you like a mystery that keeps you on pins and needles, this book is for you.  You may be wondering if something like this could really happen.  Jump on board the mystery bus, in order to find out what happens. 

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