CBD & Hemp Oil Alchemy Healing through CBD Oil & Hemp


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CBD & Hemp Oil Alchemy Healing through CBD Oil & Hemp

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CBD & Hemp Oil Alchemy

Healing through CBD Oil & Hemp

Managing Severe Pain to Depression

How To Extract CBD And Hemp Oil, What Illnesses They Can Actually Heal, What The Proper Dosages Are, How To Use Each Oil, Recipes Of Gourmet Desserts To Skin Care Products You Can Make With Each Oil.

As a patient of Osteoarthritis, I have had my fair share of pain for the last 11 years. Out of these 11 long years, last two were especially worse as I could hardly get out of bed. The opioid derived pain medicine worked for a few years, but then it felt like unless I tripled or quadrupled the dosage they didn't do anything for me.

That's when I started to look seriously into Cannabis-derived medicine. My back was against the wall, and I was desperate to find something that would heal my pain. But the legal system in our country is not always helpful when you are trying to experiment with Cannabis healing, so I moved to Golden, Colorado where I knew I would have access to all the things I needed.

I started reading everything I could find about managing pain through CBD, Hemp, and THC. More I read, more curious I got, then I started to try them out one by one and found out not every strain of cannabis is created equal when it came to pain management.

I then met with a group of people who were like me and were looking for pain management through marijuana.

I am happy to say that just five months after I moved to Golden, I now can function like a normal person, walk into a coffee shop and actually can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. How do you ask? Well, I won't give the whole credit to Marijuana, but a big part goes to cannabis-derived CBD and Hemp, rest goes to my willingness to be pain-free without opioid-based medicines, and I did it. I am not 100% pain-free, but like I said, I can finally function like a normal person.

But before you buy this book, let me tell you there is no secret that I shared here, so don't buy it thinking there is a magic recipe I have that will "cure-all" No, there is no such thing.

Read this book to understand what and how these cannabis products can help you not only heal from pain but heal from many other serious illnesses. Best of all, they are all-natural with any harsh side effects.

This book is the result of all my research and self-trials. I also gathered a lot of data from the pain management group I met and part of here in Golden, and with their permission, I have shared some of their dosage for various diseases that they said helped them.

My only hope that you find help through these wonderful natural remedies as many of us have.

Before you buy, I urge you to glance at the Table of Contents, which you should do before buying any book, this way, you will know exactly what is covered in the book.

Good luck, I wish you a very happy pain-free long life.

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