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Ultimate Wife of Prince: Volume 3

Ultimate Wife of Prince: Volume 3

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Ultimate Wife of Prince: Volume 3

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Nov 5, 2019


The prince's engagements have ended in failure for 17 times. Until this time, he had a crush on the young master from a rich family.

They got the cheap family gift and wolverine Ritual, as well as dispute for mang times. All of that seems like symbolizing their marriage is about to be a failure. However, their relationship is getting stronger along with dealing with these conflicts.

☆About the Author☆

Ye Yiluo is a famous online novelist. She has written plenty of novels. As a writer in the top 5 rankings, she gets a lot of fans. Her works have been well-received for their delicate description and interesting storylines.

Nov 5, 2019

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Ultimate Wife of Prince - Ye Yiluo



Lou Yu and Yin San fought intensely, while Qian Ye and Zheng Xuan fought with their eyes shut.

Mo Fei hid at the side and used the Soul Shocking Star Incantation on the other level 7 star masters. Star masters who had been struck by the Soul Shocking Star Incantation would see the most terrifying scene in their lives.

A Level 7 Star Scholar suddenly screamed, Miss, I didn't intentionally steal your underwear, I accidentally picked it up, I really picked it up accidentally.

Hearing the words of a level seven star master, Mo Fei was momentarily stunned. Yin San, who was currently fighting with him, instantly became furious, Bastard.

Lou Yu sneered, the lightning chain instantly wrapped around Yin San's hand and exploded.

Yin San retracted his bloodied hand and looked at Lou Yu with hatred.

Lou Yu unrelenting launched an intense attack, causing Yin San to retreat slowly from the attack.

Please spare me, please spare me. The other seven star master saw something and turned pale.

Mo Fei blinked his eyes, thinking: These Level 7 Star Masters, being scared by a little girl to such an extent, are truly useless! Mo Fei thought again, that this young miss, was definitely an ugly and cruel person, and that's why she was so scared.

Mo Yi decisively made a move and cut off the throats of those Star Masters whose faces were filled with fear.

The more Yin San fought with Lou Yu, the more shocked they became, and in the end, they couldn't help but think of escaping.

Mo Fei saw that Lou Yu's side was in a deadlock, and used all of his strength to launch a mental attack.

AHH! Yin San, who already had the intention to escape, felt a splitting headache from the powerful attacks of the spiritual force.

The Level 8 had an extremely strong ability to defend against the attacks of the spiritual force, but after fighting for a long time with Lou Yu, his physical strength and the spiritual force had all been greatly reduced.

How could Lou Yu let go of such a good opportunity, and quickly smashed Yin San's neck.

With Yin San's death, the few surviving Yin Clan members realized that something was wrong, but it was already too late.

Not long later, all the Yin family members were wiped clean.

With the death of their opponent, the next step was to check their spoils of war.

The precious stellar crystal, level seven and eight Star Grass, strange stones, rare and precious metals, they all had it on them.

A few of them checked their spoils of war and couldn't help but feel yearning towards Chen Guo who was on the other side of the sea.

AHH! Mo Fei suddenly shouted excitedly.

Thousandleaf excitedly walked to Mo Fei's side and asked: What's wrong? What did you find?

Mo Fei placed the portrait in front of Qian Ye and said: This must be that Miss Yin. The one that you have ill intentions towards me, sure enough, is a great beauty!

Zheng Xuan swept his gaze across the portrait, gloating, You look not bad, no wonder you want to force your way through me, Thousandleaf.

Qian Ye rolled her eyes, and said sinisterly: Zheng Xuan, are you praising the beauty of a person's parent, or have you not taken a fancy to her?

Zheng Xuan was immediately angered, Don't speak nonsense.

Qian Ye laughed coldly, looked at the portrait and said: Are you complimenting me for being beautiful! In my opinion, this girl doesn't look that good! It's not even ten percent as beautiful as me, but this woman is incredible with just one look! Whoever marries her would be in trouble.

Lou Yu released a electrosphere and burned the portrait to ashes, "Quickly check the spoils of war and see if there's anything that can be used.

Mo Fei flipped through Yin Si's space ring, and asked somewhat depressingly: What's with all these Level 8 s! They only have a dozen or so stellar crystal on them, so it would be better than that damn fatty!

Mo Fei clenched his teeth, that damn fatty had more than 60 stellar crystal s, all these Level 8 only had around 10 or 20, what a shame.

Thousandleaf scratched his chin and said, No rush, no rush. There will be more fat sheep later on. Take your time, let's build up more!

Lou Yu nodded, and said: You're right, there should be more people sending themselves to our doorstep.

Su Rong scratched his head, feeling a little speechless. Chen Guo's experts, were they all fat sheep s in the eyes of the Third Prince and Thousandleaf?

Under the stimulation of the stellar crystal and the medicine, Mo Yi, Su Rong and Qian Ye all levelled up to Level 7. Qian Ye and Zheng Xuan also levelled up to Level 8.

After tasting the sweetness, Mo Fei and the others became more and more enthusiastic about blocking the road to rob people.

Chen Guo's Yin family.

Yin San, is there any news about Yin Si? Yin Rouxin rubbed his forehead and asked.

Miss, not yet. The maid frowned.

Yin Rouxin's face immediately became gloomy, Looking at the date, they should have arrived at Rong Kingdom already, how come there hasn't been any news for so long?

The maid hesitated for a moment: Maybe there was an accident at sea that delayed it.

Yin Rouxin frowned, and said: It can't be that he is dead.

Yin Rouxin couldn't help but feel annoyed. Yin San, Yin Si, was an expert sent by the clan to protect her.

The Level 8 didn't have much to say to Chen Guo, nor did it have much to say, and it wasn't easy to nurture him either. If something were to happen to Yin San and Yin Si, it would be a big trouble for him.

The maid's expression changed, No matter what, Yin San and Yin Si are Level 8, they shouldn't die so easily.

Yin Rouxin tapped her fingers, and said lightly: Just because you don't die that easily doesn't mean you won't die. Didn't I hear that the fatty from Qi Family is already dead?

The maid nodded her head and said: "I heard that the people from Qi Family were able to move before us. Their flying boat also moved quickly and there was no news of them for a long time.

Yin Rouxin sneered, and said: It's good that he's dead, but that fatty's appetite is immediately turned down. He actually dares to propose to me, and he doesn't even dare to look at what he is. Tang Qianye might not be able to use it, but at least his face can be seen, not only is that damn fatty crippled, he even looks like a pig head, and actually dares to say that he'll marry me.

The maidservant said lightly, Miss, don't be angry. That damn fatty is indeed a tough nut to crack. What are you arguing with him about? When you heard that Madam Qi knew that the fatty might be dead, you started crying.

Yin Rouxin rolled her eyes and said: "Qi Family Lord did not want to let that fatty create trouble in the first place. Madam Qi insisted on letting that fatty follow her to build a new career.

The maid nodded, Yes! Those who have done so cannot live."

Yin Rouxin rested her forehead and said: Are there any news on the people from the other families who are going to the Rong Kingdom?

Not at the moment. The maid replied respectfully.

Yin Rouxin frowned, and said: That shouldn't be the case! It's fine if there's no news from one family, but why is there no news from another.

The maid shook her head and said, I don't know, but could it be that someone powerful has appeared in Rong Kingdom?

Yin Rouxin did not mind: "The peak experts of the Rong Kingdom are just a few Level 8. A group of people, sitting in the well watching the sky, think that Level 8 is already one or two of the best.

The maid frowned and asked, If that's not the case, then what is it?

Yin Rouxin squinted, and said: Maybe something happened in the Boundless River, maybe some sea beast was going to level up to Level 10, so it's not peaceful on the sea.

The maid nodded, That should be the case.

Yin Rouxin squinted her eyes and said: I heard that Tang Family also sent people over.

The servant nodded her head, and said: Yes, although that pharmacist has some talent, Tang Family should not be able to see him as such. He was sent by young master Tang Qianming, I'm afraid that he had other intentions.

Yin Rouxin squinted her eyes, and thought: Since Tang Qianming had made his move, then it should be a matter of certainty, How many experts did Tang Qianming send out?

Five of them are of the eighth rank. The maid said.

was startled for a moment. Five Level 8 s, so many Level 8 was nothing to Tang Family, but personally, Tang Qianming should have spent a lot.

On the river bank.

I've been feeling rather bored recently! Mo Fei sprawled on the ground and said somewhat helplessly.

Mo Yi nodded, Yes! No one has come for more than ten days.

Mo Fei pouted and said regretfully: "If there is no one here, then there is no stellar crystal. If there is no stellar crystal, then the cultivation speed will be extremely slow.

Mo Yi laughed helplessly, and said: There should be more people behind.

Mo Fei said lazily: I guess there will be more, I just don't know when it will come.

Yes, no, yes, yes! Business is coming! Business is coming! Big business! Stop playing around." Thousandleaf waved his hand excitedly.

When Su Rong heard Thousandleaf's excited words, he couldn't help but feel a little weird. He had thought that he would be annihilated, but things had turned out like this.

Mo Fei slowly got up from the ground, Really? Big business. That's great. I like big business the most. Watch me finish them all off.

Mo Fei and the rest rushed to the front of the screen.

A luxurious ship was floating above the water. The flag on the ship was fluttering in the air. On the flag, there was a huge Tang character written on it.

Seeing the flag on the ship, everyone's attention was on Thousandleaf.

Qian Ye looked at the crowd's gaze, and her eyes flickered innocently as she said, Why are you guys looking at me like that for?

Thousandleaf, it seems to be your own clan! Are you sure you want it or not! Zheng Xuan asked.

Of course we're going to rob them. We have to treat the Outsider equally, how can we treat them differently just because they have the word 'Tang' on their ship? Thousandleaf said disapprovingly.

Zheng Xuan, ...

A cyan-clothed man walked out, Young Master is too careful, it's just killing a Thousand Meddling Hands, he actually sent five of us out.

Don't let your guard down. I heard that the people sent by the Qi Family and Yin Clan have no news of them. The Rong Kingdom is rather strange now. Another man said.

Actually, Young Master Qian Ye has already been chased to Rong Kingdom, why must Young Master go all out to kill him?

Young Master is now engaged to Miss Yin Rouxin. If Tang Qianye doesn't die, he will always be a thorn in the hearts of Young Master and Miss Yin.

Zheng Xuan looked at Qian Ye with sympathy as he said, "It wasn't easy for you either! That girl wanted to kill you, and her f * cking lover also wants to kill you. Why do you think you are so hateful to others?

Thousandleaf smiled. How would I know? Perhaps it's because my charm is too great. You know, people easily hate people who have great charisma.

Thousand Leaf lowered her head, and thought to herself: The original owner's talent was originally extremely good, so there must be someone in Tang Family who knew of this. Whether Tang Qianming did this because he wanted to stand up for Yin Rouxin, or because he knew of the original owner's talent, it was really a little hard to say.

Mo Fei scratched his chin and said: Five level eight, that's a little too many!

Lou Yu considered for a moment, Although there are a lot of them, I think I can still take them down with difficulty. These days, they had killed more than ten Level 8 players. Although there were a lot of them, they should be able to deal with them.

Thousandleaf smiled, and said, If I don't use any strength, I will use my wits. I have a killing technique.

Lou Yu looked towards Qian Ye and said, Absolute Killing technique, what is it?

Thousandleaf gave a reserved smile and said, Nothing much, just aphrodisiac! If it wasn't for the fact that they have so many experts, I would really hate to take them out. "

Everyone: ...


Zheng Xuan frowned, and asked disapprovingly: Spring medicine? Is it reliable to use aphrodisiac against Level 8?

Qian Ye hurriedly nodded, Of course.

Qian Ye winked at Zheng Xuan and said: An expert also has seven emotions and six desires! I know, you've always had a treacherous heart, as long as you use this medicine! I can guarantee you that you'll have the guts right away. How about it? Do you want me to save some for you? "

Zheng Xuan glared at Thousandleaf, and said righteously: I'm not like you, I don't want to.

Qian Ye curled her lips and said, No need, no need. Why are you so fierce? If you ever want it, don't ask me."

Zheng Xuan lightly snorted, and said: I don't need that thing.

Thousandleaf disdainfully curled his lips and said, You're being serious.

Where did you get this aphrodisiac? Lou Yu asked curiously.

Thousandleaf shrugged his shoulders and said, The quality of that fatty's space ring is not bad.

Lou Yu squinted his eyes, and spoke with some disdain: That damn fatty can tell at a glance that this isn't some good stuff.

Mo Fei scratched his chin, and said: Let's try it, no, there's no loss.

Lou Yu nodded and said, That's true.

The few of them hid the medicine on the road that the Tang Family people had to take to land.

Mo Fei looked at the flying boat on the screen, his eyes lit up, This boat is really beautiful!

Lou Yu laughed, and said full of confidence: Don't worry, after we take care of this group, the flying boat will be ours.

Mo Fei nodded seriously, and said: That's true.

Five men in green stepped down from the boat, followed by fifteen men in gray.

Five of them are Level Eight and fifteen of them are Level Seven. With so many people here, they have already destroyed the Rong Kingdom two or three times. Zheng Xuan frowned, and asked uncomfortably.

Lou Yu squinted his eyes, secretly feeling lucky, luckily they had come late, if they had come two months ago, they would not have been able to handle it.

Mo Fei stared at the screen and said: Detonate.

Hearing Mo Fei's words, Lou Yu quickly activated the explosive device installed on the aphrodisiac.

With an explosion, a red mist spread out.

Brother Eleven, what's this? Tang Shiqi covered his nose and mouth as he asked cautiously.

Tang Eleven's face darkened and he gnashed his teeth. Dammit, it's aphrodisiac, the one that Fatty Qi Family likes to use the most. This thing is a Forbidden Medicine. Tang Eleven's expression was ferocious. If it was poison, then they had antidote s on them, but it was aphrodisiac.

Tang Shiqi was stunned, he asked in confusion: Why is there such an aphrodisiac here?

I don't know! Tang Eleven gnashed his teeth.

Fatty's aphrodisiac was of excellent quality. Not long later, the people from Tang Family all blushed with green light in their eyes.

Everyone, be careful. There's an ambush. Tang Eleven said.

Recalling the disappearance of the Qi Family, Yin Clan and other clans, Tang Eleven suddenly realized something. For the other party to be able to take care of so many people, they must be powerful.

A buzzing sound could be heard.

What is that sound? Tang Shiqi frowned and said coldly.

A large swarm of bees flew towards the few of them.

AHH! AHH! Ahhh! The two Level 7 s who were resisting the aphrodisiacs with all their might were surrounded by bees and died after a short while.

Bees, how can there be so many bees? Lou Yu was a little doubtful.

Mo Fei shrugged his shoulders and said, "I was worried that the aphrodisiac would not work, so I added some potion to attract the bees.

Lou Yu nodded, and said: That's right.

Zheng Xuan carefully took a glance at Mo Yi. When he had first met Mo Yi, he was ambushed by Mo Fei using a similar medicine.

Thinking about the past, Zheng Xuan couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed.

Young Master, this potion seems to be of a higher grade than the one you used in the academy! Mo Yi asked suspiciously.

Mo Fei nodded his head, and said: "Of course, the medicine I used this time was two levels higher than the medicine I used last time. If I had used this time, Zheng Xuan would have already gone to see God.

Mo Yi, ...

Zheng Xuan, ...

Thousandleaf blinked and said with lingering fear, Being stung by a bee at the right time is a tragedy in the human world. You're the bad one.

Mo Fei helplessly shook his head, and said: I also had no choice! Sin, sin."

Tang Eleven looked at the swarms of bees and said with a darkened face, Everyone disperse.

When Lou Yu saw the Tang Family people scattering in all directions, his eyes lit up, That's great, they have separated. It's just the right time to attack them one by one.

Hurry, we have to finish them all before the aphrodisiac evaporates. Mo Fei said with determination.

Lou Yu and the rest quickly left the place, looking for the lone Tang Family.

In this area, Lou Yu's group had installed countless of monitors and traces of everyone in the Tang Family.

Not long after they left, they met Tang Shiqi.

Tang Shiqi's face was completely red, there were several large stings on his face due to the bee sting.

In just a single exchange, Lou Yu had heavily injured Tang Shiqi. After this period of real battle where Lou Yu's strength had improved by leaps and bounds, ordinary Level 8 were no longer Lou Yu's match.

When Tang Shiqi saw the three Level 8 s in front of him, his heart tightened.

After clearly seeing Qian Ye's face, Tang Shiqi did not care to understand why Qian Ye had such a strong battle power, and immediately said: Young Master Qian Ye, I was sent by the Family Head to bring you back.

Thousandleaf smiled at Tang Shiqi like a flower and said, Is that so? Family Head sent them to pick me up?

Tang Shiqi hurriedly nodded, and said: That's right! When you arrived at Rong Kingdom, Family Head was really worried, so he sent us to fetch you.

Tsk tsk, so Family Head is still thinking about me! Following Thousandleaf's words, a golden awl pierced Tang Shiqi's heart.

Tang Shiqi's eyes widened, Young Master Thousandleaf, you …

Thousandleaf helplessly shook his head and said, The level of your lies are just too terrible. You should keep your emotions a little louder. You want to lie to me? In your next life, right?

Quickly search for anything good. Once we're done, we'll go find the next batch. Mo Fei immediately replied.

Who is it? When Tang Shisan saw that his underwear was all ripped off, he looked at Lou Yu and the others with widened eyes.

When Mo Fei saw Tang Shisan, he was instantly overjoyed. This is great, another one has come knocking, there's no need for us to bother looking for it.

When Tang Shisan heard this, he was instantly enraged. You are courting death.

A Level 7 Star Master behind Tang Shisan looked at the few of them with fear in his eyes. A firework flew into the sky and exploded with a bang sound.

Mo Fei's face changed, Quickly do it, he is calling for our comrades, we cannot wait for them to reunite.

The moment Mo Fei finished speaking, Lou Yu, Zheng Xuan and Thousandleaf simultaneously launched their attacks.

Third Prince, give this to me. I didn't even find a chance to help you earlier. Zheng Xuan argued.

I'll give it to you. Why should I give it to you? The one just now was Thousand Meddling Hands. Lou Yu said disapprovingly.

Thousandleaf said in a dissatisfied tone, When I took over, I was already half dead. It couldn't count as mine. Let me handle this.

Tang Shisan felt that it was ridiculous when he heard that the three of them were trying to kill him.

However, at the same time that Tang Shisan felt that it was absurd, a strong sense of crisis welled up in his heart.

What are you arguing about? Hurry up, hurry up! Mo Yi waved his fist and said.

Three incomparably sharp attacks simultaneously landed on Tang Shisan's body, causing him to violently vomit a large mouthful of blood.

Young Master Thousandleaf, please show mercy. A gray clothed man behind Tang Shisan recognized Qian Ye and shouted.

Thousandleaf smiled coldly and cut the throat of the grey-clothed man.

Young Master Thousandleaf, you … The other man in gray watched this with disbelief written all over his face.

This is so noisy. Please show mercy. I have shown mercy. Are you planning to kill me if I let you all stay? Thousandleaf sneered coldly.

Tang Shisan had died under the joint attack of Lou Yu and the rest, so Tang Eleven, Tang Shisi and the others had arrived.

When Thousandleaf saw Tang Eleven and Tang Shisi, his face was filled with joy. Another one, another one, oh, two big fish.

When Tang Eleven saw the smiling Thousandleaf, he was immediately stunned. Before he came here, he had never expected to meet his target so quickly.

Tang Eleven looked at the dead Tang Shisan and Tang Shiqi and looked at Qian Ye in disbelief, Young Master Qian Ye, you did this.

Thousandleaf nodded and smiled, Yeah! That's right! Not just me, but them too. Thousandleaf pointed at Lou Yu and Zheng Xuan.

Tang Eleven looked at Thousandleaf's smile and felt weird.

Young master Thousandleaf, you actually joined an outsider in killing a member of the same race. According to the clan's rules, you will be chopped into pieces. Tang Shisi said coldly.

Qian Ye held her hair and laughed, "Ah! The clan rules are so cruel! I'm most afraid of death, and most afraid of pain. Looks like I'll have to kill all of you.

Tang Eleven looked at Thousandleaf in disbelief. Was this still the meek and patient young master Thousandleaf from before? It was the same face as before, but the words that came out were …

A grey-clothed man walked out from behind Tang Eleven and said: Young Master Thousandleaf, don't be so stubborn. You are already a Level 8 and will be greatly valued once you return to the clan. As long as you kill the two people beside you and reduce the debt you owe, the clan will definitely let you go.

Before that person could finish speaking, the five golden awls had already pierced into his vital parts, instantly killing him.

Young Master Thousandleaf, why are you doing this? Seeing his subordinate die, Tang Eleven looked at Thousand Falling Leaves in confusion.

Thousandleaf smiled coldly and said, This idiot thinks I'm a fool. He deserves to die. Tang Qianming and Tang Qianye were mortal enemies, would they believe Tang Qianming's words?

Leave this to me. Zheng Xuan looked at Tang Eleven and eagerly asked.

Thousandleaf nodded, and said, "Sure! This old man is so ugly, I can't bring myself to be interested in him. However, he seems to be very powerful, if you can't beat him, just scream for help.

Tang Eleven's face twisted when he heard Thousandleaf's words.

No need for you to worry. Zheng Xuan clenched his fist and threw a punch towards Tang Eleven.

Lou Yu raised his sword and slashed towards Tang Shisi.

This is mine! Lou Yu, why are you snatching people from me?

Since you've chosen not to do anything, you should naturally leave it to me. Lou Yu said disapprovingly.

Mine, mine. Thousandleaf bared his fangs and brandished his claws.

Another one. This is for you. Lou Yu said straightforwardly.

Qian Ye looked at Tang Shisi with disgust, and said indignantly: You're really going overboard to give me the leftovers.

Mo Fei hid to the side and said unhappily: Quick, blast! Hurry up and blast! So I killed them to check how many good stuff they have on them. I hope that the Wealth of this group will be more generous. "

When Tang Eleven heard Mo Fei's words, he was so angry that steam was coming out of his head. What did these people think they were?


One, two, three... Twenty, an entire twenty space ring s, all here. Mo Fei looked at the neatly placed twenty space ring in front of him and said.

Very good, very good. There are so many of these. It would be great if there were more of these fat sheep. Thousandleaf said with a look of anticipation.

Lou Yu said with a face full of smiles: According to what those people said, out of all the families that came this time, Tang Family has the most power. I wonder if the strongest family would be a little generous to their servants.

We'll know after checking the items in the ring. Let's take a look together. Mo Fei rubbed his hands together, and said excitedly.

Thousandleaf picked up a ring, looked, and said, Thirty-five stellar crystal.

There are thirty-eight stellar crystal in this one. Lou Yu said.

There are five of them. They are probably space ring s from a Level 7 Star Master. Zheng Xuan said.

Mo Fei and the others checked and found that the stellar crystal s in the Level 8 were mostly around thirty or so, and their Level 7 were more than ten.

Mo Fei shook his head helplessly, and said: Looks like that damn fatty is the best!

Mo Yi nodded his head, and said in deep thought: Yes!

Zheng Xuan frowned, and said: That damn fatty, he seems to have a deep background. If he dies here, will the Qi Family send someone to take revenge for him?

Thousandleaf smiled brightly and said coldly: I'm just afraid that no one will come!

Chen Guo's Yin family.

Miss, it's bad. The maid hurriedly entered the room.

Yin Rouxin raised her head, coldly swept a glance at the person who came over, and said snappily: What are you panicking for? Not good? What's wrong?

The servant quickly said, The five Level 8 s that Young Master Tang Qianming sent to Rong Kingdom have all received no news.

Yin Rouxin opened her eyes wide and said: I don't think so.

Yin Rouxin frowned. According to her knowledge, Tang Qianming was afraid that they would encounter an accident with a high levelled sea beast, so she specially prepared a ship with Gold-rank.

Chen Guo's boat was divided into four ranks, bronze, silver, gold and purple gold. The Gold-rank ship was priceless, and there were only around twenty of them in the entire Chen Guo. Tang Qianming's ship was also not his own, but it was borrowed from the elders in his clan.

The ships prepared by the Yin Clan, Qi Family and other clans were mostly Silver rank.

Even if they met a level ten sea beast, they could easily escape. How could something happen to the ship of Gold-rank?

I heard that young master Tang Qianming went into a rage at home, the elder who borrowed his ship knew that the five people were dead, and that the ship could not return, so he had a huge prejudice against Tang Qianming. The maid quickly replied.

Yin Rouxin frowned, every year, the Gold-rank Ship would generate a lot of profit, and it was no wonder that Elder would dislike Tang Qianming.

Miss, I heard that Young Master Tang is very angry, do you want to go take a look? The maid asked.

Yin Rouxin nodded her head, and said thoughtfully: Let's go take a look. By the way.

Chen Guo, Tang Family.

Tang Qianming hid in his room with a darkened face. Every member of the direct line of descent of the Tang Family would be assigned a few Level 8 s to protect them. This time, in order to settle Qian Ye once and for all, Tang Qianming assigned his family to the five Level 8 s and sent them all out at once.

Tang Qianming's face became extremely ugly. If Tang Eleven and the rest died, the clan would not send more people to protect him, and the clan elders' evaluation of him would also drop by a lot.

Tang Qianming clenched his fists tightly, why did he disappear, what if he disappeared, what about that Gold-rank ship? Elder Tang Dong had already said that if the ship did not return, then he would have to compensate her with one hundred thousand stellar crystal s and one hundred thousand stellar crystal s! He himself didn't have that many stellar crystal to compensate.

Thinking about how others had mocked and ridiculed him these past few days, Tang Qianming's heart was instantly thrown into disorder.

There was a knock on the door, and Tang Qianming immediately became restless. Get out.

Without waiting for Yin Rouxin to enter, a stern voice came out from inside the door.

Yin Rouxin opened the door, walked in, and laughed helplessly: Qieming, you're really angry!

When Tang Qianming saw Yin Rouxin, the flames in his heart immediately flared up by a bit. Xin Er, it's you!

Is the Qieming angry because of Tang Eleven and the rest? Yin Rouxin asked gently.

Tang Qianming nodded, and said: Yes, a bunch of useless trash. They are truly not worthy of being called Level 8.

Did they encounter any powerful sea beasts on the sea? Yin Rouxin tilted her head and asked.

Tang Qianming shook his head, and said: No, definitely not.

Upon hearing Tang Qianming's resolute and decisive words, Yin Rouxin asked in puzzlement, Isn't that so?

Tang Qianming nodded, and said: Definitely not, I am afraid of encountering such a situation. I want them to give me information everyday, and when they went ashore, they sent me a letter, but one day after they went ashore, there were no more letters.

Yin Rouxin frowned, and said: This means that the problem is not in the sea, but in the Rong Kingdom.

Tang Qianming nodded and replied solemnly: Yes.

Yin Rouxin squinted her eyes, went silent for a while, and said: Our Yin Family's people in the Rong Kingdom say that the Rong Kingdom is calm and peaceful, and that nothing has happened.

Yin Rouxin did not know that at the Boundless River, Sea Beasts would come ashore to look for food from time to time. The forest by the river was densely packed with Star Beast and no one was willing to stay at that place.

Tang Qianming sighed deeply and said: The last person I sent out was Tang Qianye.

Yin Rouxin frowned, she was confused and asked: Tang Qianye? What does that mean?"

Tang Qianming shook his head, and said: I don't know either.

Yin Rouxin walked out of the Tang Family in a daze, the maid saw the expression on Yin Rouxin's face and quickly followed him.

Miss, what's wrong? the maid asked cautiously.

Yin Rouxin closed her eyes deeply, shook her head, and said: Nothing, I'll go back first.

The maid nodded and replied, Yes.

Yin Rouxin frowned, her mind filled with endless thoughts.

Yin Rouxin rested her forehead and thought to herself: If the disappearance of Tang Eleven and the rest is related to Tang Qianye, then maybe the disappearance of the Yin Family members is also related to Tang Qianye?

Yin Rouxin looked at the maid beside him, and asked: A few days ago you said that the wife of Family Head, was making a huge fuss over Fatty Qi's matter.

The maid nodded, and said: Yes, Miss, Qi Family said that Young Master Qi met a high level sea beast and died. There are so many sea beasts, it's impossible to tell which sea beast it was, and there's no way to take revenge, so Madam Qi stopped.

Yin Rouxin hesitated for a moment, then said: Send someone to inform Madam Qi that Young Master Qi did not die in the hands of a sea beast, but rather in the hands of someone from the Rong Kingdom. Tell her, the death of her son is related to Tang Qianye who was in the Rong Kingdom.

The maid frowned and asked hesitantly, Madam Qi, will she believe it?

Yin Rouxin laughed and then said with victory in his hands: She has lost all sense of reason now, even if it's not, she will still believe it.

The maid nodded and said, I will arrange it immediately.

Yin Rouxin lowered her head and touched the handkerchief in her hand, tightly pursing her lips, Tang Qianye, Tang Qianye, aren't you dead yet? Why is this guy so tenacious!

Mo Fei stood in the middle of the ship, his face full of excitement, This ship is really amazing!

Qian Ye laughed and said: This is a Gold-rank ship, it is worth at least tens of thousands of stellar crystal. Such a precious thing, I don't even know where Tang Qianming got it from.

Who cares how he came here, why does it matter? It's mine now anyway. Mo Fei stood on the deck proudly.

Young master, there are crystal gun on this ship as well. Mo Yi said excitedly.

Mo Fei nodded his head, and said: Tang Eleven's storage ring has a lot of stellar nucleus, probably prepared for this crystal gun to activate, just that many crystals are now mine.

Everyone, stop playing. There's a situation. Lou Yu said as he walked out.

Hearing Lou Yu's words, Mo Fei and the rest immediately walked into the ship's control room.

A ship appeared in front of them. The design of the ship was very similar to the one that Fatty Qi was on.

Elder Zhao, do you think that young master died in the hands of the Rong Kingdom? A chubby man respectfully said to a gray-clothed man.

gray-clothed man shook his head, and said: Young Master has two Level 8 s by his side, I feel that no one in Rong Kingdom has the ability to kill Young Master.

If that's the case, then why bother going over there, Elder Zhao?

gray-clothed man helplessly said: Madame is too noisy, what can Family Head do?

The gray-clothed man lowered his head. The power of her mother's family was so great that even she had to be wary of them. If not for that, he would not have allowed her mother to do whatever she wanted.

Elder Zhao, I heard that the reason so many of Chen Guo's people disappeared is related to the Tang Family being assigned to this Tang Qianye a year ago.

Tang Qianye's talent is dull, if not for that, the Tang Family would not have given up on him. Tang Qianye was only at the second level when he was sent here, and not even two years have passed. He's probably only at the third or fourth level.

The gray-clothed man squinted his eyes. His purpose in coming this time was not to seek revenge for Young Master Qi, because his talent is average, and he does not care about his mistress.

The main reason he came this time was to find Tang Family's Gold Class Warship. When Family Head received the news, it was very possible that Tang Family's Gold Class Warship would fall into the hands of the people from Rong Kingdom. How could he give such a precious thing to the barbarians of Rong Kingdom?

Thousandleaf stared at the screen, his face pale. This guy is level nine, level nine.

Lou Yu and Zheng Xuan looked at the person on the screen and their faces turned ugly.

Ninth level, can you handle it? Mo Fei tilted his head and asked the three of them.

Lou Yu considered for a moment, then said: Probably fifty.

Mo Fei squinted his eyes, then laughed: It's alright, my strength is not enough, I'll use my equipment to test the strength of this ship.

Lou Yu's eyes lit up, Mo Fei, what do you mean?

Mo Fei laughed coldly and said: "We have cannons! BANG, BANG. KILL THEM!


Mo Fei laughed coldly and said: "We have cannons! BANG, BANG. KILL THEM!

Thousandleaf's eyes lit up, and he smiled: Right, right, the attack power of Gold Class Warship is first-rate, the crystal gun on this ship are all first-rate goods, I'll go and fire two cannons right now.

Zheng Xuan quickly said: Thousandleaf, your accuracy is too poor, it's impossible to hit even a hundred times out of a hundred. Don't waste your stellar nucleus, just stay by the side and watch.


What nonsense are you talking about? You idiot, do you want to fight me to the death? Thousandleaf said with a savage look on his face.

Mo Fei said impatiently: One man for one cannon, whoever hits the most, 40% of the stellar crystal will go to that person.

Thousandleaf nodded and hurriedly said, This is good, this is good.

Zheng Xuan rolled his eyes and said: Why are you so happy? The one in first place won't be you anyway.

Qian Ye glared at Zheng Xuan and asked curiously: Where did Lou Yu go?

Boom! A violent explosion sounded.

Mo Fei shrugged and said: Lou Yu went to fire.

Qian Ye said angrily: Lou Yu, this guy, cheated! He made the first move without calling me.

Mo Fei glared at Qian Ye, Cheating, snatching the opportunity is nothing, but what can you guys do if you dawdle? Attacking first to gain the upper hand, if you later end up suffering, don't you understand?

Qian Ye looked at Mo Fei with a wronged expression, and muttered unhappily: "Fei Fei, right now you are helping outsiders.

Mo Fei rolled his eyes, and said: Zheng Xuan has already left, how long are you going to stay here and grind with me?

Thousandleaf looked around and confirmed that there was no one there. Explosions could be heard from outside the cave.

Thousandleaf ground his teeth and said indignantly, These bastards! Each and every one of them is a monkey spirit. They're not going to let you watch me come and go.

Mo Fei disapproved and said: Quickly get out, don't be last! If we're at the bottom, how shameful!

Qian Ye glared at Mo Fei and quickly ran out.

Lou Yu and the others guarded a cannon emplacement, while the enemy's ship was on the verge of collapse from the continuous barrages.

On the ships of Qi Family, it was a scene of chaos.

Elder Zhao, the control room's console is malfunctioning.

Elder Zhao, the propeller is broken.

Elder Zhao, the cabin is leaking.

Elder Zhao, what should we do now! Qi San looked at Zhao Defeng in panic.

Zhao Defeng stared deadly at the warship in the distance, his eyes filled with hatred. The target of his journey was right in front of him, but he was too far away to reach.

Zhao Defeng's heart was in turmoil, he thought to himself: Who is the person on the boat, is he from Tang Family, or is he from Rong Kingdom?

What should we do? Just let them attack you, and blast them back! Zhao Defeng said snappily.

Elder, the opposing crystal gun s' levels are higher than ours, our crystal gun's range is not high enough, they can attack us, but we can't hit them. A crew member said helplessly.

Zhao Defeng said angrily: The range is not enough, catch up and attack!

The accelerator is broken. We can't catch up to them. The crew member explained with a flushed face.

Boom! One of the crew members on the boat turned into dust under the attacks of the crystal gun, he did not even have the time to scream.

Seeing this scene, the other crew members became even more flustered.

Zhao Defeng gritted his teeth as he stared at the people beside him, he thought to himself: A bunch of useless trash.

The boat is going to sink, the boat is going to sink.

Qi San and the rest panicked when they felt the ship fall.

Quickly release the lifeboat, quickly release the lifeboat. Qi San said anxiously.

As Zhao Defeng looked at the flustered people, a nameless fire rose in his heart. All of you, calm down.

The ship lurched to one side, and the crew could no longer suppress their fear as they rushed to the lifeboat.

It's going to sink, it's going to sink. Mo Fei looked at the boat opposite him and said.

Thousandleaf sighed regretfully, Seriously, a Silver-ranked ship is worth a lot of stellar crystal. It's so heavy, what a pity.

Be careful, someone is coming. Lou Yu said loudly.

It's that level nine old fogey. Hurry up and fire the cannons. Hurry and shoot that old fogey down. Thousandleaf quickly said.

Zhao Defeng flew towards the direction of the Gold Battleship, causing all of the crystal gun on the Gold Battleship to fly towards him.

Mo Fei looked at Zhao Defeng who was dodging left and right in the air, and said to Lou Yu: This old fart doesn't look too amazing. Do you guys want to try it out?!

Mo Yi said hesitantly: Isn't that too risky?

Mo Fei shrugged his shoulders, and said: If we don't take the risk, how can we make a fortune? It's not going to be easy to get rich.

Zheng Xuan's eyes ignited with raging flames, I'll go.

Zheng Xuan. Mo Yi called out in panic, Zheng Xuan had long disappeared without a trace.

Qian Ye and Lou Yu followed him out.

Mo Yi looked at the three figures that flew out of the warship and furrowed his brows. Young Master, is this alright? "

Mo Fei patted Mo Yi's shoulders, and said indifferently: "Don't worry, it's fine.

Mo Yi did not deny, He's a Level 9 Expert.

It's only level nine. We have three level eight ones on our side, which adds up to level twenty-four. Mo Fei replied lazily.

Mo Yi's face was filled with helplessness as he said, Young Master, how can you calculate that?

Mo Fei shrugged his shoulders, and said: I was just joking, but don't worry, with Lou Yu and the rest's fighting strength, they should be fine.

Zhao Defeng was surrounded by the three people, and seeing the three people surrounding him, endless fury surged in his heart.

To think that three level 8 players would dare to attack him. They were not putting him in their eyes at all!

Young Master Qianye? Zhao Defeng looked at Qian Ye in surprise.

Previously, there were rumors saying that Young Master Qi's disappearance was related to Tang Family's Tang Qianye, so he didn't pay them any heed at all. However, at this moment, Zhao Defeng felt that the rumors were most likely true.

Seeing that Zhao Defeng's gaze was focused on Thousandleaf, Zheng Xuan took the opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

Zhao Defeng was after all, a Level 9 Ranker, so the moment Zheng Xuan moved, he discovered it. It was just that he managed to dodge Zheng Xuan's attack, not dodging Lou Yu and Thousandleaf's attack.

Lightning flickered on the surface of the sea. Flames flew everywhere as golden light radiated in all directions.

Lou Yu clasped both his hands together and a bolt of lightning shot into the sky, forcing Zhao Defeng to retreat several steps.

Zheng Xuan roared, holding onto a flame fist, he threw it towards Zhao Defeng without fear of death.

The endless golden awls continuously attacked Zhao Defeng's vitals, and after dodging one wave, the second wave followed closely behind.

As Zhao Defeng prepared to defend against both Lou Yu and Zheng Xuan's attacks, he also needed to defend against Thousand Meddling Hands' sneak attacks. After a while, he was already a little overwhelmed.

Zhao Defeng held onto the wound on his chest, looked at Qian Ye, and said: "Young Master Qian Ye, is the death of Tang Eleven related to you? You actually helped an outsider to kill your own clansmen.

Thousandleaf pouted, and said with grief: So that's how it is! I really don't know what to do now.

Zheng Xuan laughed brightly, his eyes shining as he said: Good job, kill this talkative old fellow, silence him, and remove all traces of his corpse.

Thousandleaf nodded. That's right. That's what I think too.

When Zhao Defeng heard the two's words, he almost vomited blood.

Lou Yu took advantage of the three's conversation to launch an attack.

Third Prince, it's not like you're ambushing us, are you?! Thousandleaf rebuked.

Lou Yu laughed coldly, and said: I learned sneak attacks from you.

Qian Ye disapprovingly said: Third Prince, what nonsense are you spouting? I am a heaven warping, divine martial artist, how can I do such an unorthodox thing! As Thousandleaf spoke, he secretly made a move.

Zhao Defeng looked at Thousandleaf, and couldn't help but think in his heart: Thousandleaf, this thing that only knows how to secretly attack, actually dares to say that he is a heaven warping, honorable and honorable person. "

Mo Yi stood beside Mo Fei and asked nervously: Young Master, how is the situation?

Mo Fei squinted, and said: It should be fine.

Boom! A violent explosion sounded out in the sea.

Mo Yi looked at the sea in the distance and asked with unease, Young Master, what's wrong?

That old fart blew himself up. Mo Fei said with a face at a loss.

Self-destruct? Mo Yi frowned, his face revealing a look of worry, a level 9 expert self-destructing was not a small matter.

Mo Fei quickly drove the boat over.

Lou Yu carried Qian Ye and Zheng Xuan with a pale face. Qian Ye and Zheng Xuan looked to be half dead.

Lou Yu was also exhausted, the moment he landed on the deck while carrying the two of them, he fell down.

Mo Fei took out three recovery potions and fed them to the three of them.

What's going on? That old fogey, how did he suddenly self-destruct? Mo Fei saw that the three of them were not in danger and asked.

Lou Yu laid on the deck and said weakly: It's all done by Thousandleaf.

Mo Fei looked at Qian Ye in confusion. Qian Ye, what did you do?

Thousandleaf laughed. I didn't do anything, either. He can't beat us, and we can't kill him either. I see that if this deadlock continues, we won't be able to eat dinner! I just gave that guy some aphrodisiac.

Zheng Xuan laughed coldly and said: Is what you said a little bit? It was obviously a lot! A lot! Didn't you say last time that you used up all that medicine? I knew you were bullshitting, you liar.


Mo Fei rubbed his nose and said: Thousandleaf, what happened after you drugged that old man?

That damned old man was burning with lust so he self-destructed. Could it be that this fellow's endurance is too poor? Isn't it just some aphrodisiac? Thousandleaf shook his head.

He self-destructed, did you see his space ring. Mo Fei's eyes flickered as he asked his.

No, I didn't even manage to escape in time, where can I see the ring! Thousandleaf said disapprovingly.

Mo Fei rolled his eyes, and said unhappily: I didn't get anything, and only got a whole body full of wounds. This business is too big!

Lou Yu raised his hand, and said weakly: The storage ring is here.

Qian Ye couldn't help but look at Lou Yu in admiration, Third Prince, how did you come here?!

I picked it up. Lou Yu said weakly.

At that time, Third Prince, you still have the time to pick up rings! You really want money more than your life! Zheng Xuan said in adoration.

Lou Yu laughed bitterly and said: I want to support my family!

Mo Fei, ...


Zheng Xuan composed himself, and said with admiration: Third Prince, for the sake of supporting the family, you are really risking everything!

Lou Yu smiled lightly, and said helplessly: I have no choice, it's not easy to get a wife.

Zheng Xuan grinned, laughed brilliantly, and said: Third Prince, I admire you.

Mo Fei was not in a good mood: What are you submitting to, there is nothing to submit to anymore? In such a situation, escaping is of course more important, as long as we have money. Of course, money is also very important …"

"But! However, how can we earn money in the future if we lose our lives? We are greedy for the small gains in front of us. Mo Fei glared at Lou Yu and said.

Seeing Mo Fei's ugly expression, Lou Yu squeezed out a smile and said: Fei Fei, don't worry, I only acted because I saw that there was no danger.

Mo Fei curled his lips and said snappily: Don't worry, I'm not worried about you at all. I know you have thick skin, and you won't die that easily.

Lou Yu, ...

Thousandleaf hurriedly replied, No no, the Third Prince's skin is very thick. There is a thick layer of cuticle on his body, you have to scrape it off for him.

Lou Yu, ...

Speaking of which, it's really strange. The three of you suffered from the explosion of a level 9 expert, why did Lou Yu snatch a storage ring from you? Your situation is even better than the two of you! Mo Fei was confused.

Zheng Xuan's face flushed red, he stammered: Third Prince is stronger than me.

Qian Ye smiled with a conflicted look on her face. No, no, actually, Lou Yu is not that much stronger than me. It's just that his skin is thin, so he's still relatively injured.

Mo Yi looked at the three of them who were half dead, and said to Mo Fei: Young Master, why don't we take a look at what's inside the storage ring?

Mo Fei was immediately excited when he heard it, That's right, that's right, let's see what's in the storage ring.

Level 9 was Level 9. Zhao Defeng had a total of five hundred and sixty-five stellar crystal in his storage ring.

I finally found someone thicker than that damn fatty's Wealth. Mo Fei nodded his head in satisfaction.

No matter what, he is a ninth rank expert! Of course he's a bit stronger than the eighth rank. Mo Yi replied matter-of-factly.

What do we do next? Stay here and be a pirate? Zheng Xuan asked.

Of course I can't. I'm such a beautiful person, it would be such a waste for me to always stay here as a pirate! Besides, I am an honest man. I always do highway robberies. I feel really uneasy! Chiba sighed.

Are you upset? I think you're enjoying yourself! Every robbery, you get the most active. Zheng Xuan looked at Qian Ye disapprovingly.

Qian Ye glared at Zheng Xuan and sighed, You won't understand my feelings.

Zheng Xuan nodded, and said: I don't understand.


Mo Fei thought for a while: Recently, the number of businesses are getting smaller and smaller. If this goes on, we won't be able to continue doing business, we have to change locations, how about we go to Chen Guo instead?

Zheng Xuan nodded, and said: Alright, I agree.

The things that they had witnessed these past few days had broadened their horizons, and they looked forward to see Chen Guo again.

Lou Yu laughed and said: I also want to take a look.

Su Rong looked at Qian Ye and asked worriedly: Qian Ye, are you going?

Of course I'm going. Thousandleaf said matter-of-factly.

Su Rong frowned, and said: You were exiled here, and won't you be hunted down and killed by the Tang Family when you go back? It seems like you have quite a few enemies!

Qian Ye's face darkened. With his current strength, he didn't have the ability to challenge the Tang Family.

Mo Fei did not mind: It's alright, in a while, give Thousand Leaves a disguise, make her look more ugly, so that the people of Tang Family will not be able to recognize her, and the girl won't be able to.

When Qian Ye heard Mo Fei's words, she said with a troubled face: I'm so pretty, so a bit uglier, it's so wasteful!

Lou Yu disapproved and said: What's the use of being pretty, he's so pretty that he can be used as a meal. You're so beautiful, why didn't you trick that girl into going into exile?

Qian Ye glared at Lou Yu and said: Change your appearance then. Fine, you can change your appearance for Third Prince too.

Mo Fei rolled his eyes and asked puzzledly: Why?

Look at his face. It's a standard peachy face! It would be easiest to attract those grudges and grudges. It would be too eye-catching to just let them out like that! " Thousandleaf said in all seriousness.

Lou Yu smiled calmly and said: Qian Ye, if you want to praise me for being handsome, don't beat around the bush.

Qian Ye rolled

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