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Chat Groups of the Three Realms: Volume 4


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Chat Groups of the Three Realms: Volume 4

Länge: 756 Seiten12 Stunden


Graduating is coming, finding a job has become a major issue for every graduate. Those students with excellent grades are naturally not worried about finding good jobs, but for students with average grades and average expression skills like Zhang Le, it's difficult to find good jobs.Anxious for work, he accidentally entered a chat group.He found that the nicknames used by the people were actually the names of the fairy in the myth. After many confirmations, he finally believed that this was really heaven group!With the help of these gods, Zhang Le soon made a lot of money, but opportunities often coexisted with challenges. Besides these benefits, there will be more difficulties waiting for him in the future.☆About the Author☆Xian Dan Chao Ren, a well-known online novelist, is good at writing urban novels. His novel language is funny and humorous. The plots are twisted and exciting.
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