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THE COSMIC LEGENDS OF THE EAST: The Mysteries of Ancient Manuscripts

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‘The Cosmic Legends of the East’ is the best collection of Ancient Cosmic Manuscripts, translated on the modern language from Ancient Egyptian Papyruses, Greek, Latin and Sanskrit Sacred Scriptures, connecting us with the history of ancient civilizations. They provide us 'extra' links with the Original Source of 'Cosmic Philosophy', encrypted with sacred occult knowledge of 'Universal Principles' ( The Fundamental Laws of MAAT), standing behind of every 'physical manifestation' : It is a Deep Inner Synthesis of Sacramental Philosophy, Quantum Physics and Universal Spiritual Alchemy, created as an 'Elixir of Divine Immortality' - in the Most Sophisticated Formulas of Cosmic Humanism and Living Ethics.

Wish You the Best surfing ever to study this Ancient Cosmic Manuscripts, in our Modern Time-lines...)))

Blessings of Light, Ana-Stasi Fennell, MA in Ed.
( Ancient Theosophical Cosmic Overviews)

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