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A Detective for Abnormal Events: Volume 1

A Detective for Abnormal Events: Volume 1

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A Detective for Abnormal Events: Volume 1

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Dec 9, 2019


Because a female corpse, get a strange phone, from then on, I often fell asleep, dream I entered a different space, not only in life has a tremendous change, since became a spy!A bizarre case, a ruthless murderer, a vicious Taoist and so on, all of this requires me to personally unravel the mystery!
Dec 9, 2019

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A Detective for Abnormal Events - Kai Shuiyanghuoyu



Before becoming a driver, I was an anatomy lecturer in medical school. The reason why I changed my career wasn't because I wasn't doing well in this business. In fact, my classes were quite outstanding. If I hadn't given up, I think I would have been promoted to the position of associate professor by now.

It was the psychology that forced me to leave the university podium, because I hated the dead and feared the dead. It was an unfathomable fear, like a cold needle that could flow through the bottom of one's foot. It would travel through one's blood to circulate through the body, and one did not know when it would reach the heart. It might be half a year, it might be a month, or it might even be a minute.

Similarly, I didn't know when it would come back, but I could feel it not far from me. It was watching me somewhere, waiting for me to do something wrong.

For the students, this class was perhaps the most memorable lesson of their lives, because the first autopsy was always an extremely strong impression. I have stressed that every student should be mentally prepared, but someone still vomited.

In the next four days, very few people went to the cafeteria to buy meat, especially meat dishes like fried pork liver.

This time, the corpse was a female, and the cause of the death was said to be emotional, but the deceased had decided to donate his corpse and organs. This was an anomaly in the medical academy, because the shortage of corpses had become a common problem in the various medical academies, and the majority of the corpses had died due to old age, and the organs were already exhausted.

Even so, the entire autopsy class was often pushed and pushed back, because according to local custom, even if the patient had volunteered for medicine, the children of the deceased were often not allowed to believe that it was a blasphemy.

Therefore, every corpse was a rare opportunity for a internship. The younger and fresher corpses were even more precious.

The dead woman lay still on the autopsy table. Before the class began, covered with a white cloth, I told the students about the usual precautions and the importance of dismemberment in medicine. Finally, I asked them to view the corpse with a noble attitude.

The students' eyes were filled with curiosity and fear, but no one made a sound. It was as if they were waiting for an extremely serious moment!

It was a very young female corpse, about twenty-five or twenty-six years old. It was said that she had been the secretary of a company, and she had committed suicide because of emotional problems. Her friend had found two things in the memento, a cell phone and a suicide note that had been filled out during her student days.

When I got both, I wondered why young people rarely thought about such things. Maybe it was a mystery why she was willing, and my life had changed because of her body and the cell phone.

Looking over, I let out a few light sighs. She wasn't a very beautiful woman, and her eyes were sunken. She must have been under a lot of pressure while she was still alive. Her eyes were closed, and her expression was serene. It was as if she was sleeping, as if she didn't have the stiff look of a dead body. Perhaps, death was a form of release for her.

As I thought of this, I used a handkerchief to cover her face. Her pale body suddenly appeared out of the corner of my eye.

Now, let's begin! I said, gesturing for the students to focus on the anatomy platform.

The surroundings were completely silent. This kind of silence made me feel suffocated. Even though this isn't the first time something like this has happened, I don't know why this time. I just feel very uncomfortable inside. Although I am not a Psyker, but before the formal autopsy, I said a few words of respect to the female corpse in my heart.

Then I took the scalpel from my plate and pressed it against her throat. The white plastic gloves matched the woman's skin. Her body was a little soft, her skin a little elastic, which was very different from the corpses I had come in contact with before. What was the matter with my nose, the fact that my scalpel hadn't been cut yet, even a terrible thought came to my mind: Maybe she wasn't dead yet!

But very quickly, I felt that my thoughts were laughable. It could be that the death of this girl was too much of a pity, which is why I had such an illusion.

The students all stared at the scalpel with wide eyes. I focused and finally slashed the blade downwards. The sharp scalpel barely touched any resistance as it reached her small abdomen. It was like pulling on a chain. We could clearly hear the slight sizzling sound when the scalpel cut through her flesh.

Due to the pressure in the body cavity, the cut skin and purplish-red muscles immediately opened up. Her originally firm breasts hung to the two sides of her body, and along with her skin, they became very loose. After pulling apart her skin and muscles with a fixator, her internal organs were completely revealed before us.

I took a deep breath and raised my head to look at the students. At this moment, their throats were rolling, and I had seen this scene with my own eyes, and it was hard to describe the visual and psychological impact they had on their bodies. I took a deep breath and raised my head to look at the students, and at this moment, their throats were rolling, and I had seen this scene with my own eyes.

The internal organs were removed one by one, explaining in detail to the students. After cutting them open, they explained the structure. The class went without a hitch. Although a few students' faces turned blue due to the discomfort, as well as the fact that almost everyone felt nauseous, they still survived the test and did not make this trip in vain.

After the students left, I was the only one left in the dissecting room. The white light shone brightly on the dissecting table, reflecting a piercing light. I began to reassemble the organs I had taken out one by one and sew them back into place.

After the school clock had rung five times, I took off the veil covering the female corpse's face. At this moment, something horrifying happened. The female corpse abruptly opened her eyes and stared at me viciously. I was so shocked that I almost fell to the ground.


Who? Who's talking? " The voice of a woman sounded in my ears. I stood up, trembling, and looked around. I was the only one there. No, other than me, there was also this female corpse!

I looked at her and saw that it wasn't an illusion. She was staring at the ceiling with her big, round eyes. Her expression wasn't as serene as before.

But she was indeed dead. I gathered my courage and examined her carefully, finally coming up with a reasonable explanation. Perhaps it was the biological static electricity that triggered the neural reflex of some kind of bioelectricity.

I closed her eyes and covered her with the white cloth. Just as I was about to leave the autopsy room, a strange scene unfolded. On her right hand, two bloody words appeared: Mobile phone!


My face turned pale. When I saw the female corpse, I could have sworn that the word phone was written in blood. However, when I looked carefully, there was nothing there. I was so scared that I almost lost my wits and crawled out of the dissecting room.

For the next few days, the woman's eyes and those two words kept moving in my mind. I didn't believe that there was a ghost in this world, but for some reason, those eyes seemed to be wrapped around me like a ghost. I kept thinking about why she would open her eyes at this moment, along with those two words.

And, whenever I thought of that look, it always seemed to me that she was conveying some kind of message, not quite like the empty eyes of a dead man.

A few days later, the woman's body was cremated. That night, I was half asleep when I heard a blurry voice: Mobile phone!

I immediately got up and turned on the light. The windows swayed left and right, and the curtains rustled.

Phone! The voice sounded in my ear again, and the person who spoke seemed to be right in front of me. It also seemed to be far away, but I suddenly thought of that female corpse, those pair of eyes, those two bloody words!

I rubbed my slightly stiff cheeks a few times and hastily searched for information about this woman. I finally found a phone number and remembered that the corpse was the medical school where her friends had contacted. I didn't know anything about her parents or relatives.

Hey, I'm Ye Tian. Do you remember me? I asked.

You are?

Do you remember the female corpse from a few days ago? I explained some of the simple facts.

It's you. What's the matter? she asked.

I want to see you. Now, immediately! I can't wait, my instincts tell me, there's something wrong with this woman's death.

It rained heavily, and there was no one on the road. I had no idea how long I walked for, but I felt like there was someone behind me. I was a little nervous, because it would be troublesome if I met any robbers tonight.

Turning back, not to mention people, there wasn't even a car!

Inexplicable fear or something following me?

I quickened my pace. I didn't know how long I walked, but I finally saw a taxi. I opened the window and sat on it.

The taxi driver lazily opened his eyes and asked without turning his head, Lad, where are you going?

I brushed off the rain on my clothes. Master, I'll have to trouble you to build that old Sichuan hotpot on the main street. Thank you. The roads are slippery. Slow down. I'm not in a hurry.

Before I could steady myself, the car whizzed out, and he seemed even more anxious than I was.

After about 20 minutes, the taxi stopped at Old Sichuan Hot Pot. I paid the driver and got off the taxi.

He got into the pot and shook the rain off his body, looking for the location that the woman mentioned. She was there, holding her cheeks as she looked out the window at the pouring rain.

I walked over and coughed. You're Zhong Huilan, right?

Ah, you're the one who called me, Ye Tian, right? Please take a seat. Zhong Hui Lan said.

As I was about to take my seat, I saw a plastic bag with a cell phone inside.

Her name is Li Qian, and she's 24 years old. She's the secretary of the Real Estate's HR department. Zhong Hui Lan pushed the plastic bag in front of me: This is her phone from before she died. I'll give it to you now.

Why should I be the one to handle it?

Zhong Huilan opened her purse and took out a few other things. In addition to the organ donation certificate, Li Qian also said that if she disappeared from the real world one day, she must hand over the things she had with her to the person who dissected her body.

I'm a little scared, cell phone!

It was right in front of my eyes. I didn't know if it was my imagination or my fear, but as my fingers lightly touched the plastic bag, I heard a voice in my ear. Yes, that's it. It's my phone!

Li Qian is a worker girl who came to this city alone. Before Li Qian's accident, Li Qian told Zhong Hui Lan to help her keep a few things. Maybe at that time, Li Qian realized something.

I looked at the cell phone on the bedside table for a long time, my curiosity finally surpassing my logic. I opened it and took out the phone, but it was dead and I couldn't turn it on. I found a charger to charge it with and fell asleep.

In my dream, I saw a blurry room. A woman whose face could not be seen was lying on the floor. Her wrists were bleeding and her eyes were staring at the ceiling. I woke up instantly!

What's going on, why does that woman's body look like … Li Qian? "

The two worlds between us … A sudden ring on the phone scared me out of my wits and I quickly turned on the light. The phone by the bedside table was ringing, but it wasn't my phone, so why did Li Qian's phone ring?

Leaning against the cold wall, for the first time, I felt the fear that came from my soul!

Around 4 in the morning, the rain outside the window hadn't stopped. The phone by the bedside was still ringing. I clenched my teeth and picked up the phone to answer it. Hello …

Golden Mountain Temple! A woman's voice.

Who are you? I asked in a low voice.

Du du du...

Hello, hello? The other party hung up. I held the phone in a daze for three seconds and checked the number: the other party's call could not be identified!

Where did the call come from? Who was the woman on the phone?

I opened Li Qian's phone book. There was no contact inside! I sat on the bed in a daze. There were no ghosts in this world, only our hearts. However, my instincts told me that I seemed to have gotten into some sort of trouble. This kind of invisible and untouchable feeling made me upset.

The next day, I was in no mood to lecture at school. I called the principal and asked for a leave of absence. No matter who called me last night, I had to solve this mystery, so I drove to the Golden Mountain Temple.

I fell to my knees in worship of Buddha. The incense before my eyes was burning, and the special solemnity of sandalwood made me feel a sense of awe.

But at this moment, I felt an incomparably strange feeling. This is the first time I've come to the Golden Mountain Temple, but why does it feel so familiar?

I touched my pants pocket. There were two phones in total, one was my phone and the other was Li Qian's. When I touched Li Qian's phone, I felt a bone-chilling cold. When I took it out, I shook my hair. The panicking feeling made me feel as if my throat was being squeezed by someone's hands. I was unable to breathe!

All of a sudden, I was on the verge of collapse, my eyelids were beating, and then I lost consciousness …


What is this place?

I looked around, ah, this is a mausoleum garden, why are we here?

Up ahead!

A voice called out to me. Somehow, I managed to follow the small path in the cemetery and struggled a few times. Finally, I valiantly became a lost person.

Looking at the monotonous gravestones and greenery in the cemetery, I stomp my feet in anger at the twisted and perverted path beneath me.

Damned place, it's like a maze. Even an inch of land can't be so expensive. No matter how valuable a dead person's land is, he has to let a living person walk around. I was filled with resentment. When the day comes when the living people can't come in, I'll see how you guys collect the money. Go and court your deaths to collect the paper money.

Front, left turn!

It was the voice calling me again, as if something were waiting for me!

A cold wind blew in the cemetery, and the short shrubs rustled. I couldn't help but regret the way I had addressed this place: Ghost place!

If you look closely, this is indeed a hell of a place: the ground is littered with tombstones, with moss and grass covered in granite, marble, kalestone, and some unknown stone arches.

The incense candles and paper money ingots that were not completely extinguished emitted waves of faint blue smoke. The air was filled with the faint scent of sandalwood. If this were in Baosha's solemn temple, the scent of sandalwood would have made me feel great respect, but in this almost eerie mausoleum, the smell of sandalwood only made me feel stranger.

Front. Let's go down!

I didn't know why, but I actually walked down. As I walked, I couldn't even lift my feet. The ground was as heavy as lead and in front of me was a lonely tombstone that didn't fit in with my surroundings.

There was a photograph and a name on the tombstone.

Li Qian, 24 years old!

There was no other information, and strangely enough, in front of the tombstone there was a burning candle and the ashes of paper money and ingots.

Why am I here?

At this moment, I clearly saw the image of the undead on the tombstone move its mouth. Then, I saw blood flowing out of the eyes as it said, Help me take revenge!

What enmity? Who's talking? I was so scared that my scalp went numb, and I ran out of the mausoleum garden as if I was escaping.

Sir, are you alright? Suddenly, a voice made me shudder.

When I opened my eyes, I was still at Golden Mountain Temple. Beside me was a woman. She looked at me curiously. Are you alright?

Thank you! I'm fine!"

By the time I left the temple, I had a question on my mind: Was it a dream? Or was it Li Qian's summon? Why did you let me come to Jinshan Temple?

I can't figure it out, but I have to deal with it, or I won't be able to sleep or eat.

When I got home, I lay on my bed, tossing and turning. The face under Li Qian's corpse cloth was deeply imprinted in my heart. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it out of my mind.

How did Li Qian die? I said to myself.

After calming down, I immediately opened the web page and typed in the words Li Qian, secretary of the personnel department of Ocean Real Estate. Then, I saw a blank space.

That's not right. Li Qian is the secretary here. Why is there no information? Anxious, I called Zhong Huilan: It's me. In a few days, Li Qian will be in trouble. As her anatomist, I want to do something.

In the blink of an eye, Li Qian was ranked number seven.

That day, Zhong Hui Lan and I bought a lot of things like ingots and came to the mausoleum garden early in the morning. This is my first time coming here, but I found Li Qian's tombstone very easily. In that instant, I knew that what I was dreaming about was not Li Qian's death.

Li Qian, if you are unlucky or have any grievances, tell me and I, Ye Tian will definitely help you.

Huu, a cold breeze blew. I held Li Qian's hillside and slowly closed my eyes. An unfamiliar scene appeared in my mind. It was a small villa. Faintly, I saw the address: 38 Zhongshan Road.

Ye Tian, what happened to you? Zhong Hui Lan asked.

I'm fine. I quietly let go of Li Qian's beer machine and closed my eyes again, but this time I didn't see anything. Beads of sweat rolled down my forehead. At that moment, I knew there was something wrong with Li Qian's phone. It was like a hot potato, I couldn't get rid of it now. Or rather, due to my curiosity, I wanted to investigate this matter.

Da Da Da, heavy footsteps sounded from behind me. Turning around, I saw a man around 30 years old holding a flower in his hand as he came to my side.

I was very curious about who this person was, but at this moment, I saw Zhong Hui Lan's eyes brighten up with anger, and she disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Qianqian, you suffered when you were alive, that was your life.

That man only said that one sentence from the beginning to the end before he ignited his ingot and left. Looking at his back as he left, my mood suddenly became agitated. An inexplicable hatred filled my body and mind.

Who is he? I asked.

Yang Dawei, the manager of the personnel department of Yuanhang Real Estate! Zhong Hui Lan replied.

Yang Dawei? This person has a problem!

I went to the newsstand. I remembered Li Qian's death very clearly. I searched for a long time before finally finding a few newspapers from a few days ago. I took them and went home.

Sitting on the bed, I hold onto the newspaper and flip through it. Finally, I open my eyes wide in shock on a newspaper. In the social scene, there is a piece of news: A white-collar beauty committed suicide out of love.

The date of the newspaper was the day I dissected the body!

I felt as if I had fallen into an icehouse, and I felt a chill that made me feel an unspeakable dread.

Oh right, a cellphone!

I hastily took out Li Qian's cell phone and sat on the bed while talking to myself. Li Qian, what exactly is the cause of your death?

I drove to the police station and found a policeman in charge of Li Qian's case. Officer, I'm Li Qian's brother. Can you tell me about my sister's death, or can you tell me about the murder scene?

Mr. Ye, please accept my condolences. Sigh, why did Miss Li Qian commit suicide at such a young age?

The police officer's name is Li Zhicheng. I've heard a bit about him, so I've solved some difficult cases. The news often reports about it.

Li Zhicheng roughly told me about Li Qian's situation. I kept frowning as I looked at the worried Li Zhicheng, Officer Li, do you believe that she committed suicide because of her feelings?

What do you mean?

This case... There's a problem! I suddenly realized that I was a little too anxious, so I said in a euphemistic tone, Let me be honest with you, I'm not Li Qian's big brother, but the teacher at my Municipal Medical University, Li Qian, donated the autopsy body to me. The person who was lecturing at that time was me!"

What do you mean?

If possible, can we take a look at the scene of Li Qian's incident? Maybe I can help you a little! No," I said.

Li Zhicheng smacked his lips and thought for a while. I also think there's a problem with Li Qian's suicide. This case has never progressed at all. Since that's the case, let's go and take a look!


Water Source Road, second unit of the ninth floor of the neighborhood. Li Zhicheng stopped his police car.

Mr. Ye, Li Qian committed suicide here on the day of her death. Li Zhicheng pointed upstairs: 401 is her home.

Before I got off the car, I looked around. The reason why this place was called the neighbor's home was because it was close to the mountain and close to the water. The environment of the whole district was like a small bridge that flowed through the water. However, I found a problem. Water Source Road and Zhongshan Road are only separated by two streets. It's not impossible for the corpses to be moved. If the building in front of them wasn't the scene of the murder, then how did Li Qian appear here?

On the way here, Li Zhicheng told me very clearly that when he saw Li Qian's corpse, from a forensic perspective, the time of death was not more than three hours. From the temperature of the corpse, the place where the wrist was cut, the time of reporting the case, to the time the police arrived at the scene, all of these could be theoretically confirmed.

Of course, because Li Qian had filled out an organ donation while she was still alive, because she couldn't contact her family, and because Zhong Huilan insisted, the corpse arrived at the medical academy without a medical examiner's autopsy.

Is there a problem? Li Zhi Cheng saw me looking around and asked.

No! I felt in my pants pocket for Li Qian's cell phone. I knew that this phone was a bit evil. Maybe I would be given something from another space later.

In front of the 401 door, Li Zhicheng and I stopped. When Li Zhicheng opened the door, I smelled something special. Maybe it was because I was busy dissecting corpses, but I was extremely sensitive to the smell.

I couldn't say what it smelled like, but it was awful to smell it.

Officer Li, do you smell anything? I asked.

Li Zhicheng pinched his nose and said, Stinky!

That's right, that's the smell. I didn't reply, but reached into my pocket with my right hand to hold Li Qian's phone. My body swayed as a voice resounded in my head. Main bedroom.

I shivered as I came to my senses and headed straight for the master bedroom.

The master bedroom window was open and there was a gust of wind in the room. Even so, I could still smell the rotten smell!

The whole layout of the bedroom was very simple. There was a bed and a wardrobe. Other than that, there was nothing else.

Is there a problem?

I shuddered and turned around. He handed me a pair of gloves and said, Mr. Ye, although you are a doctor, you are not a police officer. Everything here is evidence. I hope you can cooperate.

I nodded and put on my gloves. I casually looked around the bedroom. I didn't see much, but there was a strange smell coming from the bedroom.

When I asked Li Zhicheng about the situation, he pointed to the living room.

Although the floor was wiped clean, one could still see the faint traces of blood through the gaps between the floorboards. Li Zhicheng said that when he entered through the door, the first thing he saw was a woman lying on the floor. Her right hand was bleeding, and beside her was a sharp fruit knife.

There was only half a bottle of red wine left on the tea table. The room was very clean and tidy, and the person reporting the crime was a neighbor next door. At that time, the woman shouted a few times, and then there was no sound. Around 2pm, Li Qian's house still had the sound of the TV in place, and the neighbor next door's TV was still ringing.

After Li Zhicheng finished speaking, I started to look around the living room. The pillows on the sofa were arranged neatly, and the tea table wasn't moved in the slightest. However, the tea table was unexpectedly spotless.

I went to another bedroom. The bed sheets were neatly arranged, but when Li Zhicheng saw them, he said, No, that's not right. At that time, Li Qian's personal clothes were on the bed. These were all taken away. The bed sheets won't be so neat.

This confirmed my suspicions: In the days after Li Qian's death, someone had come here and cleaned the room!

I went back into the bathroom, and in that instant my body swayed again, and I had an image of Li Qian coming home, changing into her pajamas, letting out water to take a bath in the bathtub, and then she took a phone call and was gone.

After coming back to my senses, I shook off my hair and called Li Zhicheng to the bathroom's door. What was the situation here?

There's water in the bathtub, and the washing machine is washing clothes. There's nothing else.

Have you examined everything thoroughly? I asked.

Mr. Ye, I don't know why you're so curious about Li Qian's death, but I can tell you very sincerely that I've examined everything here and the suicide case has been decided.

I frowned as I went to the master bedroom once again. Li Zhicheng followed me to the master bedroom.

Strange, this smell is very pungent. I forcefully suppressed my nose. Officer Li, can I check the things here?

Mr. Ye, this … Li Zhicheng was clearly in a difficult position.

I won't take anything away from you. As for why I'm curious about Li Qian, I'll explain it to you.

Okay, but take care to protect the physical evidence.

I took a few deep breaths and walked a few steps into the kitchen. After searching for a long time, I finally found a bone axe and carried it back to the bedroom.

Mr. Ye, what are you doing? Li Zhicheng asked, looking at me with a little bit of alarm.

I didn't reply. I went to the bed and threw all the blankets onto the floor. I raised my axe and hacked at the bed. Again and again, I found that the bed was made of two layers of wood.

When I was about to lose my strength, I cut open a gap in the bed. In that instant, a strong stench assaulted my nostrils. I covered my nose. What exactly is inside?

Mr. Ye, what are you doing? Li Zhicheng stepped forward to stop me.

Did you smell that smell? I kept my eyes on the bed, chopping and chopping without looking back.

When a big hole was formed on the bed by the axe in my hand, I looked at the scene in front of me in shock. My clothes were drenched in sweat and stuck tightly to my body, causing me to feel even more nauseous …

With a clang, the axe in my hand was thrown onto the floor. I staggered a few steps back and fell onto the floor, my eyes staring at the big hole in front of me. Officer Li, Officer Li, you … Take a look at what it is! "

Li Zhicheng stepped forward to take a look and gasped a mouthful of cold air.

It was a lump of rotten flesh under the light. The flesh was already rotten to the point where it looked like liquid matter, but one could see her long hair and clothes, but they couldn't see her body nor her face, which was practically filled with bones …


I stare at the bed plate that was completely ripped apart by Li Zhicheng. The muscles at the corner of my eyes started to turn bloodshot due to excessive expansion, and my head felt like it was going to explode.

Li Zhicheng's expression turned serious. He looked at the stiff neck for a while, Ye Tian, how did you know there was a corpse under the bed?

I felt as though I was about to collapse. I pinched the flesh of my thigh and flung my head away. I bit my lips with all my might to prevent myself from making any sounds. At that instant, all of my senses disappeared.

After a long while, I came back to my senses. Officer Li, if I told you that Li Qian didn't commit suicide because of her feelings, would you believe me? Do you believe me if I say that this rotting female did not commit suicide? If I say that I have a special ability, would you believe me?

Li Zhicheng didn't answer me immediately. Instead, he looked me up and down. Are you sure you really feel that way?

Yes sir! Without any hesitation, I replied, Officer Li, has there been a case of a woman's disappearance recently?

He told me to leave right away. This is the scene, the police case, but we left each other's contact information and exchanged phone numbers.

After a long leave of absence, the medical school had some ideas about me. I resigned my job the other day, and the principal asked me why, and I said I wanted to get married. The principal also said that if you were to get married, you had to have a job. How could you support your wife like this? I didn't care that much. I stubbornly kept away from dissecting this identity that made me feel nauseous. However, this was only the beginning.

Strangely, after the discovery of Li Zhicheng's body, I didn't hallucinate again for over a month. However, Li Qian's cellphone was still on my body. During this time, I became a night chauffeur, and for the past month I have been wandering around the Long Distance and Zhongshan Road.

They arrived at 38 Zhongshan Road again tonight. Not far away from the window was a three-story villa. The door was tightly shut and the tall walls were covered with barbed wire. However, there was a pomegranate tree in the yard that was covered with pomegranate.

Such a scene was very strange.

These days I asked Li Zhicheng if there was anyone missing from the city. I also asked some people, they said pomegranate is actually anti-evil. I also went to the Jin Shan Temple, still wearing the bright buddhist beads, but I vaguely felt that Li Qian's death came from the Jin Shan Temple and the villa in front of me.

At 10: 20 in the morning, a car appeared at the entrance of the villa. Driving in, the door creaked open and I quickly took out my phone to take a picture of the car's license plate.

With a clang, the door was shut tight.

After a while, the lights on the second floor lit up, and under the light, in front of the window, I saw a man and a woman starting to tear each other up!

Who is this man? Who was that woman?

Officer Li, I'm Ye Tian!

What is it?

I don't know if you believe me or not, but I still have to tell you, Li Qian and that female corpse must have something to do with the owner of this villa at 38 Zhongshan Road. If you really are a good cop, I'd like you to check the license plate number.

The license plate was sent over as a text message. Was the owner of this villa Yang Dawei from Ocean Real Estate?

A month had passed, and I felt as if I had caught something, but it was ethereal. While I was waiting for the owner of the car to get out, a woman knocked on my window.

Ah, go. I fastened my seat belt. With the distance of two streets, I still need to take a taxi!

We're here. No, I said.

You were a teacher before?

Oh? How can you tell?" I stopped the car and smiled.

Because you are like a teacher. Teachers rarely have bad people.

Heh, you guessed it right. I was indeed a teacher in the past.

When I looked in the car mirror, she wasn't as curious and surprised as I thought she was. Instead, she revealed a strong curiosity. Does the body feel pain when the scalpel cuts through it? "

she asked, and waited solemnly for my answer!

How could that be? If I die, I won't feel anything anymore.

You … How do you know they don't feel it?

In modern medicine, all deaths are brain deaths, brain nerves are dead, and the stimulation of a person's nerve endings have lost its effect. Therefore, there is no feeling.

This is just what we living people think, but it may not be the case. She smiled until her face was pale. I'm getting off.

When the woman left, I wondered more and more why she had asked me this question.

I called Li Zhicheng and he told me to go over. I drove over to Li Zhicheng's house and knocked on the door. Li Zhicheng looked drowsy. It was me. He yawned and smiled, Come in.

Officer Li, I …

Li Zhicheng waved his hand. He turned around and made a silent gesture towards me before following his steps into the study.

My wife and daughter are asleep. If you don't look for me tonight, I'll look for you tomorrow. Li Zhicheng took out a large stack of documents from his large desk drawer and gently placed it in front of me. I organized it in one month.

Li Qian, 24 years old, a minor employee of Ocean Real Estate, promoted to secretary of the HR manager in just one year...

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Li Qian's three laps, her work and rest habits, as well as her usual preferences, Li Zhicheng had thoroughly investigated. No wonder he didn't have much contact with me during this month.

I looked down again.

There were three cases of family members missing from the police station, but one of them was marked with a red circle: Lin Lin, 26 years old, model car, working company …

It was a detailed personal report again!

Officer Li, this …

Look down.

Alright. I continued to read: Yang Dawei, 33 years old, manager of the personnel department of Ocean Real Estate, had a previous record of indecent women...

It was yet another stream of detailed information.

I looked at it for forty minutes and then put it down. Officer Li, you suspect... Yang Dawei?

Just a suspicion, but no evidence. Li Zhicheng pinched the center of his brows, The rotting female corpse that you and I saw together that day, its identity has been confirmed... Lin Lin."

I don't know why she appeared at Li Qian's apartment, but... This is very strange, the police have already set up a task force, we have to solve this case as soon as possible."

Officer Li! I coughed and said, You're saying that it's also my guess that Lin Lin and Li Qian's death is related to Yang Dawei?

When I finished saying this sentence, I felt a spasm and fainted. This seemed to be a dream, but it was so real that I saw a familiar place: 38 Zhongshan Road …


When I opened my eyes, Li Zhicheng was looking at me with bright and clear eyes. He wasn't as shocked and fearful as I had imagined, but instead, he was displaying a suspicious look. I felt dizzy, and Zhongshan Road once again appeared in my mind.

Ye Tian, did you see something else? Li Zhicheng asked in a serious tone.

I nodded my head and gradually felt an indescribable fear pressing down on me more and more. I was even afraid that I would close my eyes and fall asleep, there must be a reason behind Li Qian's death. She found me and gave me a hint.

Officer Li, I really saw something. I think Li Qian's death is directly related to Yang Dawei. Also, I want to tell you a location, 38 Zhongshan Road, there's a problem there. I took a few deep breaths. I saw Yang Dawei at the cemetery not long ago!

Ye Tian, it doesn't matter if it's what you saw. As a police officer, I also feel that Li Qian's death is strange. I'll give Director Qiu a call. As Li Zhicheng spoke, he dialed a number, Director Qiu, the Ye Tian I mentioned to you last time, right, okay, I got it.

Ye Tian, let's put it this way. If you can really see things that we can't see, then the clues you provide will reward you if they can really help us solve this case. But in order for you to investigate the case with us, Director Qiu made an exception and let you temporarily become a member of the police station.

I know I can't refuse. If I still can't find out what happened to Li Qian and help her clear her grievances, I know that I will slowly enter a world with a mental breakdown. Just at that moment, Li Zhicheng and I packed up a little before we left the police station and drove to 38 Zhongshan Road.

The door was still closed, and since this place had appeared again and again, my intuition told me that this building might have had something to do with Li Qian's death. Li Zhicheng was also puzzled for a few minutes. Then, he got off the car and entered a supermarket not far away, asking the owner some questions.

I sat alone in the car and swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva. I took out Li Qian's phone and held it tightly in my palm. I think the possibility of the latter is very high, but if Li Qian's death is directly related to Yang Dawei, why did Yang Dawei want to murder him?

Who was the woman who appeared on the second floor that day? Could it be that Lin Lin's death was related to Yang Dawei?

Before Li Zhicheng came back, I opened Li Qian's

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