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Oh No! Not Another Learning Experience


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Oh No! Not Another Learning Experience

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It's not easy being green...
Have you ever wondered if you were meant for more? Have you ever felt a deep longing for a home you have never known? Have you ever felt out of place? Have you ever wondered who you were without the stories you tell yourself?
In this era, it is difficult to find anyone who has not had at least a brush with realities seemingly “not of this world.” There are those for whom such experiences are normal and deemed to be an everyday reality. Laurie Wheeler is one of those individuals who has chosen to share her real-life journey into becoming a believer.
From a mysterious tree in New York State that introduces her to her abilities to confronting an alien during a client’s soul regression, Wheeler connects the dots of a myriad of experiences to piece together her true purpose here on Earth and her connection to her soul’s home. In doing so, she helps others open up to their authentic selves along the way through shamanism, energy work, and soul regression.
In, Oh, no! Not Another Learning Experience, Wheeler tackles the tough questions about our soul's purpose, other lifetimes, Spirit Guides, extraterrestrials, and so much more while sharing deeply personal experiences that helped her answer the question, what's it all about?

This book is drawn from the author’s personal experiences as a homeopath, medical intuitive, healer and as an InterPlanetary Soul. Using her own life as a background, she expounds on intuition, trust, and wisdom, helping the reader to answer two most important questions, who am I and what is my purpose?
Oh, no! Not Another Learning Experience is a true metamorphosis of the soul. Are you ready to explore the mystery of you?

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