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A Different Story

A Different Story

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A Different Story

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Nov 27, 2019



This cultural heritage 128 page novella by censored Social Activist and bestselling author of Mulatto: Daughter of America” Florencia LaChance is her first book written at age 23 between 1992 and 1993. Highly influenced by the writings of Jack Kerouac, the Beat poets and the literature of William Burroughs and Terry McMillan, influenced by the early movies of Spike Lee, the author after discovering the old manuscript at age 51, decided to preserve the integrity of her writing by doing minimal edits.

This Generation X coming-of-age short-story / semi-biographical novella explores the friendship, love, life decisions & philosophies of four best friends who embark on an unforgettable adventurous weekend on Martha’s Vineyard in the early 90’s following college graduation. Follow the main character biracial student and single mom, Karo, as she navigates the complexities of dating, prejudice, and intimacy, trying to manage the emotions and feelings in her life while working as a single mother and Artist.

Karo lives dangerously and to the fullest while she can. A beautiful island getaway! Sports, sun and Fun! Nude beaches and upscale hip-hop culture. What can go wrong? Biracial relationships, the hurdles of single parenthood, a mere child raising a child, and the idea of “extended family” is a major element. If you seek a fast exciting, sexy 21st century biography, get this book now! Perfect beach read (2-3 hour read). Teens and adults alike will enjoy this Contemporary Fiction.

Step into my world. The 90's, Ivy League schools, the civil and human rights fought so hard for by previous generations manifesting in accomplishment and achievement. An age where anything felt possible. When freedom of speech and diverse ideologies were embraced, not shunned. An age BEFORE social media and cell phones. A lost age where people actually connected and lived a life of FREEDOM. Something we all need to be prepared to fight for in this new climate of the New World Order.

Check out my new release Collection of Poetry, Prose, Spoken Word and Song Lyrics entitled “You Know How It Feels” a joint collaboration with my talented rapper and songwriter son, Joshua LaChance. It will blow you away. The creative writings of Generation X meets Millennial. A must have for music, songs and poetry lovers.

Thanks for leaving a review! Oh, and ignore the one-star review with no actual review. That was left by a hater. Give the book a chance and leave a real review. God Bless.

Nov 27, 2019

Über den Autor

Florencia LaChance is a biracial Multi-Genre YA Indie-Author and Artist from Maine who has been writing since childhood. She wrote her detailed and acclaimed 5-star African-American Historical Memoir /Biography detailing her difficult childhood with the goal of helping to inspire other teens and adults who have been sexually or physically abused; as well as providing education to schools, therapists and non-profits.Mulatto: Daughter of America is a coming-of-age history, told through the eyes of a biracial teenager living in a white family with terrible family secrets. In overcoming her past, Florencia is motivated to show other survivors the hope that comes from personal transformation and not allowing your past to define your future. This book should be read by everybody, teens and adults. Rated by one reviewer as "THE must buy book for 2019" its not too late to get it now.Florencia attended Boston College majoring in English which led to career as a Free-Lance Arts Reporter and Social Commentator for 12 years for Boston, MA for newspapers and magazines such as Sojourner, Bay State Banner, South End News and the JP Gazette. She studied Community Economic Development in Graduate School at New Hampshire College and then opened her own Staffing & Consulting Business and wrote books in the evening. She wrote her first book and screenplay at 23.Florencia loves oil painting (indie-artist) and is an avid reader of all genres with a passion for Memoirs, Paranormal & Fantasy. She is an long-time Vegan and an avid Mental Health Advocate who successfully manages her mental health (depression and anxiety) while being impassioned about ending Mental Health Stigma. Florencia is also a social justice warrior who talks about topics people avoid, such as Suicide, Domestic Violence, Being a Victim of CyberStalking since 2012 and the corrupt criminal justice system. Florencia is a single parent with one son, the Songwriter/Rapper Joshua LaChance aka @Whoislogic lachance on SoundCloud and @iamyounglogic on YouTube. She is also the proud grandmother of an adorable 3 year old named Journey. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA to be close to her family.Florencia LaChance is a Book Reviewer @FrancescaL on Amazon and GoodReads and she has a new YouTube Channel @Author Florencia where you can watch, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE AND LIKE her videos to support her efforts as a new YouTuber. She supports her fellow Indie-artists and is an avid MH Advocate and awakens people to dangers of Mass Surveillance and Censorship. Follow her Tumblr blog to get updates, essays, videos and information on her posted book reviews.Her new blog is in process: Https://authorflorencialachance@wordpress.orgHer New Shopify store is in progress: Boss Babe on a Budget #Entrepreneur must haves


A Different Story - Florencia LaChance


Weekend With Karo

A Novella



A Different Story

© 2019 Florencia B. LaChance.

Edited by Andre King

Cover Design by Jessica Richardson

IBSN: 9781071120675

All rights reserved. This is a work of Fiction. Any resemblance to those living, past or present is either unintentional or completely coincidental. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted by any means—whether auditory, graphic, mechanical, or electronic—without written permission of both publisher and author, except in the case of brief excerpts used in critical articles and reviews. Unauthorized reproduction of any part of this work is illegal and is punishable by law.

Because of the dynamic nature of the Internet, any web addresses or links contained in this book may have changed since publication and may no longer be valid. The views expressed in this work are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher, and the publisher hereby disclaims any responsibility for them.



I started reading this book weeks ago and stopped reading due to my job. Today I treated myself, I picked this book up early this evening and I couldn’t put it down. The real-ness and rawness of this book made me cringe at times, but that is what makes this piece so beautifully written.

Alicia Sophia – October 6, 2018 (Amazon) Author of 143: Love, loss and Other Catastrophes


I have just bought ‘Mulatto: Daughter of America’. Thank you, Florencia LaChance, for having the strength and courage to write it. I have no doubt it will be a hard read in parts, but also that it will help other abused children find the strength and courage to survive terrible abuse at the hands of the very people who should have been protecting them. I dedicated my series to all children who were or are abused by anyone and anywhere, and particularly to Linda, an abused child whom I was able to help in some small measure between the ages of 13-16, and with whom I am in daily communication even now, in her late 40’s.

Robin Chambers/Bestselling Author – August 10, 2018 (ROBIN CHAMBERS Facebook Blog)

Author Myrddin’s Heir trilogy


I never read a book that touched my deeper emotion as this book did. It is raw and intense, revealing the darkest side of our American family that no one dares talk about. Bravo to Author Florencia for her brevity in bringing the world into her life experience. This book is a must-read for everyone.

Ken Amokor – May 26, 2019 (Amazon) Boston, Massachusetts


This is what reality – really is and is most often a hard thing to swallow. It took lots of stressful nerves and plenty of guts to write this book, and then talk about it in her Instagram postings. Highly recommended, a must read. Life is tough enough the way it is, and in today’s world as back when Florencia grew up and went through all she went through. I give her lots of praise for being so bold and so brave. If this is the only book you buy, like I just did, then you made the best book choice of your life. Please also give her your reviews and help her out. It means a lot to her and me, a friend who cares. I highly recommend this book to everyone, young and old alike. God bless, Ed Author Edward Holman II - April 14, 2018 (Amazon)

Author of 51 and The Crimson Letter


Florencia, I have only read the first third of your book, but in knowing I will be reading through to the end, I am consumed with the urge to let you know that I’m glad you not only survived but are now a witness to the cruelty of some people towards young children. It’s an account that evokes memories in me of rage against people who abuse children, for I am and my sisters and brothers suffered. Your account is much more brutal than ours and I shiver to think that maybe we could have been destroyed if we had endured your misery. I applaud you for publishing your account. Your book should be required reading for all those entering a career rescuing abused children. And if a young girl or boy finds your book while trapped in the environment you were in, I know it can give hope for a better world; that other children have walked that path and survived.

John Fahey Author/Musician – October 1, 2018 (Amazon) Author of How Bluegrass Destroyed My Life


Part 1: Weekend with Karo

Part II: 1989 - Weekend With Karo

Part III: Sometimes Life Is One Big Scandalous Weekend



Ok, so this weekend was just another insane and crazy weekend. Big deal. It seems that all Pierre and I do anymore is fight. Insanely enough, the only time we really communicate it seems, is when we are making love. It seems like when we aren’t having sex, we are heatedly debating race and religion, two topics I for one, am sick to death of and yet Pierre just can’t let go of. Maybe living together wasn’t such a good idea after all. I had such incredible hopes that we could make it, but now that Pierre’s gone and the closet’s empty, I feel like shit. Like maybe we could’ve done more to avoid all the fights.

For history’s sake, I am a 23-year-old biracial female with a really cute, smart, bratty and very demanding three and half-year old named James. Pierre is also 23 and white; a college-educated middle-class bum (at this point anyway) who likes to think of himself as being highly liberal and progressive. A race-free society could be his slogan. Forget all that black power, white power shit and let’s just be real, which of course, I agree with, except it is not as easy or simple as all that or else America would not have had slavery, white oppression, lynching’s, the KKK, hate crimes, etc.

Pierre is an idealist. Hell, I am an idealist too. I and all of my multi-cultural, multi-ethnic friends whom I love and who replace the family I do not have; we are a new generation who hope to not only embody change but set an example for generational change…but I am also a realist in a way Andre cannot be and many of my white friends cannot be, by the mere fact that my skin is brown. He and they miss the everyday subtle racism that I experience and have experienced on a daily basis for all of my life. He misses the fact that racism is so deeply ingrained in our society that there are things that are simply never questioned. Sometimes I get a bit weary of always having to break it down.

So, where was I? Ok, so Pierre grew up in Jersey in a typical American family from suburbia. He describes his father as a bit nicer than Archie-Bunker redneck Merchant Marine and his mom a sweet woman from Scandinavia who can barely speak a word of English. How Pierre got his French surname is an enigma to everyone, but much about him is aloof and mysterious. My mother is French-Canadian born and raised in Madison, Vermont and my father is an unknown Black man somewhere out there.

Pierre is fond of saying that I like to deny my so-called Whiteness in favor of Black awareness, but that always starts a HUGE fight and I tell him about the old slave rule made by white slavers that states if you have even one drop of black blood in you, you are Black. Simple as that. After my experiences with racism and white entitlement, I simply identify usually as just Black and only rarely as biracial. But really, so much of my life has been spent on a quest for self-identity and trust me; growing up the only Black girl in an all-white community and all-White family in Vermont was tough. And I tell Pierre, those racist assholes could have given a shit that I was half-White! Racist people hate brown skin, yellow skin, just as much as they hate ebony black skin! There is no differentiation! So, I am not only seeking my father, I am devouring every single thing I can about black history and culture and all of the things I was denied as a child and my dream is to one day to find my biological father. I always tell Pierre that, if he is going out with me just to get a black girl experience he has the wrong girl because I know next to nothing about the ghetto, black vernacular, and I’m just learning how to dance—so take all those stereotypes and throw them all out the window! We are learning together.

Let me tell you about this weekend. It was planned a while ago. A group of us were going to spend the weekend at Zoya’s place on the Vineyard; all my old college gang. Pierre used to live here in Boston with Zoya’s brother Phil after graduating from Northeastern, but he’d moved back to Jersey because he’d become disillusioned with the corporate world and bummed because he got rejected at nearly every law school he applied to except one that was unaccredited! Of course, he didn’t tell us until after that his GPA was a 1.9 and he’d practically failed the LSAT’s, but that’s beside the

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