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2020 Ebay Sourcing Guide

2020 Ebay Sourcing Guide

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2020 Ebay Sourcing Guide

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Dec 30, 2019


"What sells on Ebay?" is the most asked question when it comes to selling on the site. And while there are a lot of lists and videos about the hottest, most profitable items to look for, what most full-time Ebay sellers really want to know is what is in demand right now. In Ann Eckhart's "2020 Ebay Sourcing Guide", she provides all of the best-selling brands in all of the major categories. These are the items that Ebay buyers are searching for and buying more than anything else TODAY. While the top selling items might not always be the ones that sell for the most money, they are the things that sell fast.In addition to the most in-demand items to source at garage sales, thrift stores, estate sales, and in the clearance section of retail stores, this book also contains a list of liquidation sources. Liquidation, which typically consists over overstocks, shelf-pulls, and customer returns, is a great way to add new inventory to your Ebay store.Whether your sell new or used items, or a combination of both, the "2020 Ebay Sourcing Guide" will help you find the products that will move quickly, bringing you in the fastest profits possible!

Dec 30, 2019

Über den Autor

Ann Eckhart is a writer, blogger and bargain hunter who lives in Iowa. She has written a number of books on topics ranging from Ebay and saving money to self-publishing and Walt Disney World. She maintains a popular blog ( as well as an active YouTube channel. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram under the name "See Ann Save".

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2020 Ebay Sourcing Guide - Ann Eckhart




Chapter 1: Babies & Kids

Chapter 2: Books & Media

Chapter 3: Camera & Photo

Chapter 4: Cell Phones & Accessories

Chapter 5: Clothing & Accessories

Chapter 6: Collectibles

Chapter 7: Electronics

Chapter 8: Crafts

Chapter 9: Health & Beauty

Chapter 10: Home & Garden

Chapter 11: Jewelry

Chapter 12: Sporting Goods

Chapter 13: Toys

Bonus: Liquidation Sources


About the Author


I have been selling on Ebay since 2005 and writing books about how to make money on the site since 2013. The number one question I am asked on a nearly daily basis is What sells on Ebay?. If you’ve been wondering that yourself, then this is the book for you!

There are a lot of BOLO (Be On the Look Out for) lists and videos available online that tell you the supposedly hottest items to source to resell on Ebay. A true BOLO is a rare piece, something that you might stumble across one day that will bring in a good profit. However, BOLO’s typically do not pay the bills. They tend to be hard to find and can take awhile to sell. What seasoned resellers are on the lookout for are the items and brands that are in demand TODAY. They want to find things that will sell quickly for a decent return on investment. These items are often referred to as bread and butter as they might not be exciting or flashy, but they sell fast and make sellers money.

This book contains the items that Ebay customers are currently searching for and buying in the major categories. Note that major category distinction as there are categories I’ve left out, such as vehicles, heavy machinery, and specialty equipment. I’ve focused on the items that are frequently found at garage sales and thrift stores and that are also relatively easy to ship. I know that I’m not sourcing and shipping treadmills and refrigerators on Ebay; I’m picking up books, clothing, and smaller items that sell fast and ship easily.

How To Read This Book: Each chapter features one main Ebay category with several subcategories. Most subcategories break down between brand new and used (secondhand). However, not all do. For instance, selling used cosmetics (unless they are vintage) is prohibited on Ebay; therefore, the makeup brand lists are all for new items. If I only provide one subcategory condition, it means that data wasn’t available to support the opposite condition or that the item is prohibited to sell used. Most lists contain the top 10 items, although a handful have one or two more or less. The lists are in order of buyer demand.

Prices: I decided to omit pricing from this book as what an item ends up selling for varies dramatically based on condition, version, size, style, color, etc. I initially thought about including averages; but even those numbers were significantly off when considering all of the variables. While the brands listed are currently the best sellers, the fact that they are on the lists doesn’t mean they are bringing in the most money.

New vs. Used: I decided to break most of the subcategories into new and used. One would assume that brand new items are always the most in demand and sell more than secondhand ones, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes a used item is one that is no longer being produced, making it more valuable that its new counterpart.

Condition: One of the biggest factors in how much an item sells

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