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Flying High

Flying High

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Flying High

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Jan 4, 2020


A regular plane wants to be a jet. He runs away from home to an underground base but can he save the day in time.

Jan 4, 2020

Über den Autor

Anthony Daniel Tavares resides in a quiet seaside town near the ocean in New Jersey. Anthony enjoys working on vintage cars, drawing, animation, playing keyboards, and gardening. Anthony has released several young reader books including The Legend of the Christmas Pickle, The Right Moves, The Alien’s Guide to Crop Circles, Flying High, and Lake Warlock: A Halloween Tale.


Flying High - A. Daniel Tavares



By A. Daniel Tavares

Chapter One

Gyro, a commercial plane and his wife Dolly, a tourist plane, were flying through the clouds. Dolly was pregnant and was expecting soon. As they descended from the clouds, the sky cleared and Airborne Airport came into view. There was a lake near the airport.

Planes were seen taking off and landing. A plane was at one of the terminals. The enclosed walkway pulled away from the plane and the plane headed toward the runway.

A luggage truck rode by full of luggage. In the distance, a taxi truck was towing a plane to one of the hangars.

Look, there it is!! Gyro said.

Let's hurry up and get down there!! Dolly said. Dolly began to speed up.

Dolly, slow down! You're in no condition to be flying fast! Gyro yelled.

Gyro, I'm pregnant not crippled. Dolly said

I know but the doctor said... Gyro said.

Dolly interrupted Gyro. I know what the doctor said. I just want to have some fun.

Don't worry, we will. Gyro said.

As Gyro and Dolly got closer to the airport, they saw a sign in front of the airport that read:

Airborne Airport Tenth Annual Air Show

Flags and banners were flying all around the airport. There were big TV screens near the stands. There was a building with a propeller on it. There were signs that read Aim High and Reach for the sky.

Gyro and Dolly circled the airport to look for a place to watch the show. Various planes were lined up along the runways. Gyro finally saw two spots along Runway 15.

There's a spot. Gyro said.

Where? Dolly asked.

Over there on Runway 15. Follow me. Gyro said.

Gyro and Dolly landed and pulled up to the spots.

How's this? Gyro asked.


Fritz, a twin engine plane was

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