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Ambiguous Love in Mysteries: Volume 4

Ambiguous Love in Mysteries: Volume 4

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Ambiguous Love in Mysteries: Volume 4

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Jan 19, 2020


Su mu, who was framed because her father didn't want to mix with others, escaped by chance, but she had no skills. She could only survive from the cases she witnessed and heard from childhood. She wanted to stay away from this place of right and wrong. She didn't expect that the deeper she was trapped in a series of unsolved cases, the people she should have kept away from unconsciously had a fatal attraction. If the cost of overturning the case is the rest A child, then I will.
Jan 19, 2020

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Ambiguous Love in Mysteries - Yan Yun



Su Mu thought in his heart. The empress dowager's efficiency was rather low. He had gone to beg her when he woke up early in the morning, but now that he had received the decree of a eunuch, it was obvious that he had done so many things.

She knew that the empress dowager must have harbored the intention of not saving Xue'er, so she had no choice but to do so …

The young eunuch had just conveyed the Imperial Emissary's decree, and the content of the imperial decree was naturally all sorts of guarantee for Xue'er.

No matter how unhappy Su Mu was, he understood that since the empress dowager was willing to help, the paper slip in his hands would be of great use in the future. Su Mu was extremely dissatisfied, but he understood that since the empress dowager was willing to help, the paper slip in his hands would be of great use in the future. If such an important piece of evidence was given just like that, it was unknown whether or not Xiaofang's grievances would end up being resolved.

Su Mu walked into the North Three Building. When the others saw Su Mu coming over, they hurriedly greeted him. Su Mu gently waved his hand to signal for them to stand up. Sir Song, where is Xue Er?

Song Ming could not be considered to be an ordinary old master of the Azure Sky Sect. Even though his ancestor was Song Ci, he had finally become a fourth-grade justice temple official in this lifetime. The most important thing was to raise his position and make a fortune …

In Song Ming's heart, since the empress dowager was going to personally guarantee Xue'er's safety, he naturally wouldn't stop her. Fortunately, he didn't care about the truth of this matter as much as he did. The most important thing was to report!

Song Ming hastily bowed before saying to Su Mu, Esteemed wangfei, why have you come here personally? No matter what, since Esteemed Empress Dowager has already passed down the imperial decree, this humble subject will definitely obey, don't worry!"

Master Song, I'm almost tired of hearing such polite words. Let Xue'er go quickly. At this moment, Su Mu was also unwilling to argue with him.

No matter what, the most important thing was to save Xue Er. When the two of them entered the West Three Departments, Su Mu couldn't help but frown. The smell was extremely unpleasant, causing one to feel disgusted.

The place was damp and low-lying all year round. Plus, it was the residence of those who committed crimes at the palace. Naturally, no one would clean it. There were piles of rubbish on the ground and even some rice grains from time to time.

Seeing this, Song Ming rummaged in his pocket for a long time before passing a pill to Su Mu and said, Empress, this pill was specifically requested by this humble subject at the Imperial Physician's hospital. The Imperial Physician said that you can remove the smell and treat the body well. It can also relieve this unpleasant smell..."

Su Mu stared at the pill for a long time and refused to put it in his mouth. At this moment, she was no longer that silly little girl who just entered the palace. She was wary of a lot of things, so she naturally didn't believe it.

Seeing this, Song Ming smiled helplessly and placed the other pill in his hand into his own mouth. He then looked at Su Mu as if to tell Su Mu with his eyes, Are you alright?

There was a trace of awkwardness on Su Mu's face. Then, as if he was purposefully changing the topic, he asked, Master Song Ming, where is Xue Er locked up? Why can't we find Xue Er even after walking so many laps and so many paths?"

Su Mu was helpless and could only follow him around. The two of them had already circled around North Three twice. Su Mu was getting more and more dissatisfied, and his anger was about to burst out …

Song Ming stopped at the door of a small house and smiled obsequiously. Esteemed wangfei, Miss Xue'er is inside. Does this humble subject call her out, or do you want to find her yourself?

Su Mu was burning with anxiety. The person he wanted was already inside, so how could he wait any longer? No need. I'll do it myself. Master Song, you can just wait outside!

The guards outside the house hurriedly opened the door and lowered their heads. They were all extremely respectful …

Su Mu entered the room. Xue'er was sitting in the corner, looking clean!

Su Mu looked around. Although the room was simple, it had everything. There were all sorts of things. It was obvious that they had not mistreated Xue Er.

Su Mu walked in front of Xue'er. She raised her head slightly in surprise, perhaps not expecting Su Mu to appear here. She then put the chicken drumstick in her hand into the bowl in embarrassment, wiped her mouth, and asked, Empress, why have you come?

After pausing for a moment, Xue'er hurriedly stood up. I was just a little hungry just now, that's why I ate some …

Seeing that she purposely pursed her lips and tried to lick off the oil stains on her mouth, Su Mu felt that it was really funny. After thinking for a while, she couldn't help but feel lucky. She was worried that Xue Er would be punished.

From the looks of it, it seemed that she was overthinking it. It was likely that even these people did not dare to do so. Su Mu could not help but heave a sigh of relief in her heart …

When they returned to North Three again, Su Mu was wondering if she should hand over the slip of paper to Song Ming. She had thought that if Xue Er's life was not saved, she would take it out to save it.

But now, since Xue Er's life had been saved, this note seemed to have lost its original function. Su Mu wasn't very interested in the matters of the palace …

Esteemed wangfei, why don't this humble subject send someone to send you back? Just as Song Ming finished speaking, a few bodyguards came over and showed a gesture of please. Su Mu knew he was chasing the guests away.

Since North Three was a special place, it was understandable that no one else was allowed to stay here.

Su Mu nodded his head, as if he didn't care at all as he said to them, Since that's the case, I will also take my leave. Master Song, please forgive me ….

Su Mu walked out of North Three and stood at the entrance. When he saw the sign hanging on it, he couldn't help but sigh in his heart. He didn't know how many people's flesh were buried under the sign.

The North Three were even more terrifying than the Cold Palace …

Empress, let's hurry up and go. This servant really doesn't want to stay here any longer. Xue'er was still in the family of her little girl, so she didn't care about these matters at all. After finally obtaining her freedom, how could she be willing to stay here …

Right now, Xue'er's greatest concern was that she could return immediately …

Su Mu shook his head helplessly. When the two of them returned to the Soaring Cloud Palace, Lu Qi had indeed prepared a lot of things in order to get rid of her bad luck.


Although Xue'er did not believe these things, in the end, it was someone else who had good intentions. She could not let down their good intentions!

He had no choice but to change his clothes, sprinkle salt water, and cross the brazier. It took quite a bit of time for him to make this trip.

By the time they finished with much difficulty, it was already late in the evening. The eunuch at Lin Yi's side who was in charge of giving orders stood outside the palace with a face full of happiness. Esteemed Empress Hui, the emperor said that he would like to come to the palace for dinner tonight. I hope the Empress can prepare as soon as possible.

Su Mu graciously looked at Lu Qi and handed her a silver before saying, Eunuch Lin, thank you very much. I'm really troubling you. Please go back to your work!

In these past few days, Su Mu had always been hiding from Lin Yi, with a hint of unease in his heart. He always felt that something was wrong with Lin Yi, she was not concerned about her past, as if she had completely forgotten about what happened in the Zhuo Mansion.

However, Su Mu knew that if he really forgot, he wouldn't be so taboo. He wouldn't allow the people in the palace to mention the name Zhuo Mansion, and he wouldn't allow Zhuo Qingfeng to not enter the palace for so long …

Around dusk, Lin Yi, who was wearing a dragon robe, came over. Usually, Lin Yi would wear a dragon robe in the morning, and normally, this robe would only be worn during the morning, but today, he was actually wearing a dragon robe. Su Mu knew in his heart that this must be a dispute at the imperial court.

By the time Lin Yi entered the palace, everyone had already knelt on the ground. Since Su Mu's child was already born, his privileges were no different from any other concubine.

Lin Yi revealed a very satisfied smile. He then helped Su Mu and said to her, Huifei, didn't I say before? You are different from the others, there is no need to bow, especially when you are facing me!

He mustn't be pampered by others. This was something that Su Mu had obtained in the past few days. If he was pampered by others, then he would be courting his own death!

Your majesty, chenqie is really alright. This time, Lin Yi purposely glanced at Xue'er a few times before asking her, Are you Xue'er?

Xue'er nodded. Her face was tense and her hands and feet were trembling.

Rumor has it in the palace that it was you who killed that Xiaofang. It's just that I can see that you're weak and delicate, only a woman. You don't seem like a murderer!

Your Majesty, Esteemed Empress Dowager has already guaranteed it. She also believes that Xiaofang didn't kill him …

When she heard Su Mu mention the empress dowager, she could clearly feel Lin Yi's expression change. There was an indescribable fear in his eyes. Su Mu was suspicious and looked at him a few more times, but found that his expression was normal.

After a while, Lin Yi said, Since that's the case, as long as you have Huifei and the empress dowager's guarantee, Zhen will believe you this time!

Xue'er came out of North Three today, and before she could even get used to it, she was first scolded by Hui Fei and Lin Yi. No matter how careless she was, she still felt bitter inside.

In this world, no one wanted to be reprimanded by others.

Xue'er had no choice but to kneel on the ground and kowtow her head repeatedly, thanking him profusely. Su Mu's heart ached for her because she had always been soft-hearted. She had long been guilty about Xue'er's misfortune.

Before Su Mu could say anything, Lin Yi said to her, Since that's the case, just kneel outside for an hour. It's not really a punishment, you can only be considered to be praying for Little Fang!

When she said these words, she didn't place the empress dowager and Su Mu in her eyes. How could she place their face?

Su Mu's heart trembled slightly. He was thinking about what Lin Yi was thinking and he probably wouldn't be able to figure it out for the rest of his life. He was always so unfathomable that it made people feel afraid …

At the dinner table, Lin Yi was still very intimate. He knew that Su Mu did not like spicy food, but he loved it the most. For Su Mu, who was not touched by the spicy food at all, this meal must have been a kind of torture …

For the matter of Lin Yi coming over to eat, Su Mu had specially ordered the small kitchen to prepare a table full of Sichuan fragrance, such as stir-fried shrimp and fried garlic.

It could be seen that Lin Yi remembered Lin Yi's taste very well. Lin Yi was happy in his heart, and eating his meal was rather appetizing. However, Su Mu was drinking the soup by himself.

Lin Yi brought the dish, which contained the only plate of shredded potatoes without chilies, to Su Mu and said, I know that you've never been able to eat spicy dishes, so when we're cooking today, you should make them put less chilies. You don't have to worry about us, you can only eat here for a short period of time.

Although there were daily quarrels in their lives, they all knew that their man and woman were people they had to accompany their whole life. Therefore, they did not look forward to eating every day, and just as Lin Yi had said, Su Mu also thought the same way just now. It was fine for him to not eat a single meal, but it was fine for Lin Yi to not stay here to eat for the rest of his life.

Your majesty, chenqie only cares about you. chenqie knows that if you don't eat well, I'm afraid that it will affect your business!

Su Mu had originally been very hesitant as he replied to these words. However, Lin Yi didn't seem to be very satisfied. He only lowered his head and didn't say anything.

After a while, he put down his chopsticks and said, I'm full. Huifei, I want to go for a walk …

Su Mu originally thought that Lin Yi was leaving the Dusk Temple after he said those words. He didn't expect that Lin Yi would just stand by the window and look outside. Su Mu had always felt strange. Why was Lin Yi always standing by the window? What did he want to see?

Even though Su Mu was confused, she didn't know how to ask.

Recently, she always felt that the distance between her and Lin Yi was a little too far, as if there were many things between the two of them for no reason. Thinking of this, Su Mu shook her head, trying to reject this idea of hers.

At this moment, Lin Yi opened his mouth and said, Huifei, there is something that I have never told you before. If there is a chance in the future that you can leave this palace wall, will you leave me?

His question was extremely sudden. It wasn't that Su Mu didn't think about this matter. No, it should be said that Su Mu had been thinking about this the entire time. However, she had already come to an answer in her heart.


Your majesty, chenqie doesn't know what to say. chenqie's biggest wish is to leave this place with you. Honestly speaking, chenqie isn't willing to stay in this palace even for a moment longer without Tianlin and Fangfei. But now, since they're here, where are chenqie?

Mu Er, it's not for the child, it's for me. Are you willing to stay? For your husband. Lin Yi's words were filled with certainty, as if he clearly saw his child as a rival in love. In his heart, he had already taken Su Mu for his own, exclusive to himself.

Lin Yi was deeply worried in his heart. He was afraid that Su Mu would leave him in the middle of the night because of other matters. It was all a nightmare.

However, since Su Mu had already told him the answer, there was no need for him to worry …

Su Mu had not spoken since the start. The temptation to leave the palace was too great. Perhaps one day, she would choose to leave when Su Mu was right in front of her, right?

Seeing Su Mu frown, Lin Yi relaxed his tone, I'm not asking you. I've been really busy these past few days, and now that I'm free, I want to go to the Imperial Garden to take a look. Do you want to come with me?

Su Mu heard his words and looked at the dark weather outside. It was already dark outside and night had already arrived. What was there to look at in the Imperial Garden?

He was the Ninth Five Supremes, how could he be so busy in the daytime, so busy that he did not have time to appreciate the scenery? You want to pile everything up at night?

Su Mu's heart was filled with questions. However, he said, Alright, chenqie will accompany you.

Su Mu had learned to hide her thoughts later on, especially when facing Lin Yi. Sometimes, softness might be more effective than toughness. In the past, she was like a stubborn hedgehog.

But now, Su Mu discovered that there were many things in this world that could have been easily resolved. If it was a couple, it would be better not to quarrel and not to argue.

Su Mu let out a cry. When Lin Yi heard her shout, he hurriedly walked forward, crouched down, and asked with concern, Where did you think she got injured?

Lin Yi asked, How is it? Where did you injure me?"

The anxiety on her face didn't seem like she was pretending. A warm current flowed through her heart as she heard Su Mu say, Chenqie won't leave. Chenqie will always accompany you wherever you are!

Lin Yi was a person who had experienced a long time in love, and there were also many concubines in the harem. Since he was young, he had heard countless sweet words from her, but for some reason, when the same words came out of Su Mu's mouth, Lin Yi felt a soft feeling in his heart, as if he had eaten honey in his heart.

He exerted some strength in his hands and pulled Su Mu into his embrace as he said to her, Since that's the case, then my husband will carry you. I'm afraid a little idiot like you might accidentally bump into some rocks, piles of dirt, etc.

Su Mu's face almost turned red. There were many palace maids and eunuchs following beside him. If this were to spread out, others would probably laugh at him. Moreover, they would also have to say some things that would charm their mistress.

Su Mu struggled for a bit and tried to get down. However, to no avail, Lin Yi hugged Su Mu tighter and tighter, Lin Yi's chest resting on Su Mu's heart. Su Mu felt his heart pounding.

However, Su Mu suddenly felt that he had returned to the days when he had not left the pavilion. At that time in Wu City, there were some days when Su Mu was not sure of his feelings towards Lin Yi. Every time she saw him, she would peek at him.

Wasn't the mood back then exactly like it is now?

Su Mu no longer struggled due to his love for gentleness. She rested her head on Lin Yi's chest and said, Your majesty, if that's the case, then chenqie will act willfully this time!

Lin Yi was very satisfied. When he brought Su Mu to the Imperial Garden, Su Mu's eyes were almost popping out of their sockets. The Imperial Garden was truly beautiful, and logically speaking, it was night time for all the flowers to bloom, but it should be a dark mass of flowers.

However, at this moment, the surface of the flower was brimming with light, making it seem even more alluring …

He had originally wanted to see what was going on, but when he walked up to the flowers, he realized that he was wrong. These flowers were all filled with small candles, and it could be seen that Lin Yi must have put his heart into it.

However, why did he give me such a big surprise?

Su Mu shook his head and said to Lin Yi, Your majesty, what does that mean? Why?"

His face was filled with anticipation, looking forward to receiving Su Mu's praise. In the end, his heart was a little excited as he said to him, What? Mu Er, it seems that you're not satisfied with the present I've prepared for you?

Su Mu didn't think this way. She couldn't help but think in her heart. Today wasn't her birthday, and it wasn't a special day. Lin Yi was perfectly fine, what gift did he give her?

Besides, the gold, silver, and jewelry that he had bestowed upon Su Mu was still stored in the Soaring Cloud Palace. Su Mu couldn't understand how Lin Yi liked to give free rewards to others, so those things naturally couldn't be easily taken out or exchanged for money. That was a reward from His Majesty, if that was the case, he might as well just give them away.

However, this so-called surprise did not make Su Mu so happy. Su Mu did not know whether these flowers could still survive or not.

From the looks of it, she might not be able to survive this ordeal. Su Mu felt a little awkward as she had never really liked flowers. For a person who studied medicine, most of these flowers would be used for medicinal purposes.

But now, she naturally couldn't say these words out loud. She could only say, Chenqie really likes it. Many thanks to Your Majesty. Is it just that today is some special day?

Hearing this, Lin Yi's face was filled with unspeakable worry. These words seemed to poke at Lin Yi's pain.


After thinking for a while, he said, I once had a little sister, and her anniversary is today. All of this is a gift that I specially prepared for her. She is somewhat similar to you, so you should accept this gift for her!

Su Mubai had never heard of any princesses in the Great Xu Dynasty. To be disrespectful, it seemed that the late emperor would only give birth to his own son and not his own daughter.

However, now that Lin Yi said this, Su Mu couldn't help but feel suspicious. Could it be that there was another princess?

However, Lin Yi had just said that his little sister was gone. Presumably, his heart was also in pain, so he naturally didn't want to ask anymore questions.

Su Mu nodded and said to him, Since that's the case, chenqie will help you carry out your duties as the princess.

When Lin Yi heard her mention the four words' Princess', the smile on his face gradually disappeared. He waved his hand and said, Forget it, you don't know anything. I shouldn't have blamed you. Alright, get up!

Su Mu really felt that Lin Yi's mood wasn't accurate. Sometimes it was bright and sunny, and other other times it was raining non-stop. Perhaps right now, it was raining non-stop.

After bypassing the candles that were used to make flowers, Lin Yi walked in front of a bunch of peonies and said to Su Mu, "Mu Er, tell me, these peonies symbolize the wealth in this world. However, I already have the wealth in this world.

Lin Yi's words made Su Mu somewhat uncertain. However, those weren't the things she was concerned about. What kind of reasoning did Lin Yi want to tell her?

Su Mu shook his head, indicating that he was ignorant.

Lin Yi sighed, and then said to her, Mu'er, there are many things in this world that shouldn't be done in public. Lin Yi sighed, and then said to her, Mu'er, there are many things in this world that shouldn't be done in public, but

Your Majesty, speaking of this peony, it is truly difficult to survive. I remember that in the period of Martial King, she was taken out of the imperial city during the Martial Monarch Stage, and that it was because she did not attract the attention of the masses and bloomed with innumerable flowers. Only she was proud and aloof, and because of this, she left behind such a beautiful tale that has been passed down through the ages. Who can know about those flaming flowers from back then?

Su Mu's words were a double entendre. Lin Yi's words had clearly told her that Su Mu could not interfere in the following matter. However, Su Mu had used the peony metaphor to express her thoughts …

After thinking about it, Su Mu decided to take out the small slip of paper she got yesterday and handed it to the Emperor. Your Majesty, chenqie has evidence. This evidence will definitely be able to solve your doubts. At the same time, chenqie hopes that this note can help Miss Xiaofang find the real culprit! "

Lin Yi couldn't believe it. However, as he looked at Su Mu's fist and heart, he finally held the slip of paper in his hand. After carefully looking at it a few times, he discovered the contents written on it.

It only said, Things are done. Let's meet tonight!

Then, he was about to say something, but before he could say anything, Su Mu smiled and said to him, Your Majesty, chenqie knows that these words do not mean anything. However, if you believe chenqie, please let chenqie explain the reason behind this letter!

Su Mu's eyes were filled with sincerity. Lin Yi unexpectedly nodded his head, and Su Mu told him the whole story.

Your majesty, you must believe that Xue Er is definitely not this sort of person. She definitely wouldn't do such a thing, and Chenqie wouldn't take someone else's life as a joke just for her own!

Huifei, I remember that you've never argued for yourself like this before. You always seem to be so indifferent. I'm a bit surprised that you're acting like this now.

Su Mu sighed. There were many thoughts in his mind. If this matter only involved him, then she wouldn't be able to say anything. Left or right, it was just a life!

However, Su Mu was never the kind of person who was willing to trouble others. Now that the matter involved Xue Er, how could he feel at ease if he let Xue Er lose her life in vain because of him?

After thinking for a while and seeing that Lin Yi was still unmoved, Su Mu said to Lin Yi, Your majesty, I have a thousand things to say. Chenqie only has one sentence, I hope that you can send someone you can rely on to investigate this matter, otherwise, chenqie will be willing to investigate on her own to prove her innocence!

After Su Mu finished speaking, he knelt on the ground as if he didn't plan to get up. Lin Yi sighed, Why are you doing this? Don't you believe Song Ming? I still believe in Song Ming's ability to handle matters. A clear person should know his place. Huifei, get up first."

Your majesty, are you really entrusting this matter to Song Ming because you believe in your concubine? Song Ming is famous for his glib tongue. Do you dare to say that you don't suspect this concubine in your heart? " In that instant, Lin Yi was actually able to evade Su Mu's clear eyes.

He only coughed twice before saying, Since that's the case, if you're willing to do as you want, then do as you say. However, there are some things that I've said earlier, and now you've told me this, if I find out anything, I'll definitely not let that Song Ming show mercy, and I'm afraid that Xue Er's life will not be saved!

When Su Mu heard that Lin Yi still wanted Song Ming to handle this case, his heart went cold. Even now, Lin Yi was still unwilling to believe him.

Don't worry, that Song Ming might be a little muddle-headed, but in the end, he won't wrongly accuse a good person. I understand him, and I mean … Fine, since you're unwilling and worried, I'll send you to investigate, but with the empress dowager's birthday coming up, the affairs of the harem are what you should do. As a daughter of yours, you only need to share your blessings peacefully …

If she was the kind of person who was willing to enjoy a happy life, then she wouldn't have roamed the martial arts world that day. She wouldn't have solved a case with Lin Yi in Wu City. That way, she wouldn't have to get to know Lin Yi!

Su Mu could not help but feel that there was something different about Lin Yi. It was as if she was no longer the person filled with dreams. Right now, all he wanted to do was to fight over power and balance the power of the court.


As for the death of a small palace maid, or even a small concubine, it did not matter to him.

Su Mu could only nod his head. Lin Yi reached out his hand in an attempt to pull Su Mu up, but Su Mu quietly dodged and said, Your majesty, chenqie is already a bit tired. I really don't have the energy to accompany my dragon companion tonight. Why don't you go to Xiang Zhao Rong?

Lin Yi's hand stopped in midair, but he still put it down in the end. He did not say anything, sighed, and left with a flick of his sleeve.

It was obvious that Lin Yi was extremely angry, or else he wouldn't have left just like that …

Su Mu remained kneeling on the ground as tears dripped from his eyes. So the feeling of being wronged wasn't like this. What happened today clearly wasn't his fault. He was just trying to prove his innocence, so why was it so difficult?

Could it be that no one in this world could understand him? In the end, even Lin Yi wasn't his confidant?

Empress, the ground is cold. Please, quickly get up. The most important thing is to take care of your own body! Su Mu turned his head and saw Lu Qi looking at him worriedly. Su Mu forced out a smile before standing up and dusting off the dust on his body. He pretended to be relaxed as he said, I know what I'm doing, so you don't have to worry!

Empress, the emperor came here with great difficulty. Why did you allow him to go to Empress Zhao Rong's place? You don't know how presumptuous Xiang Zhao is to be alive right now. He's bullying us!

I have let you down. However, I have not been in a good mood these days and am not in the mood to care about these things. Lu Qi, you should suffer a little …

Su Mu, as the person in charge, was not in a hurry. He never thought that in the end, the one who would be worried would be Lu Qi. Lu Qi could only sigh and think to herself, What I'm worried about is not being rich, but your safety!

After entering the North Three School this time, those people had been very respectful towards Xue'er, praising her even more than before. Now that she had safely come out, she was extremely pleased with herself. It seemed like the legendary land of tigers and wolves was nothing special. As long as his mother protected him, he could live well in this palace in the future.

Xue'er couldn't compare to Lu Qi in one thing. She wasn't as stable as Lu Qi, nor as obedient as her father. She didn't know how terrible the situation was, so she continued to eat and drink leisurely for the next five days …

On this day, something happened in the Imperial Palace, causing the matter to uncontrollably develop!

Another corpse was found in the Imperial Garden. It was also dead, but this time, it was even younger …

Su Mu had originally thought that things would not be easy to handle, but who knew that a day later, Song Ming would say that he had found the culprit!

The culprit was the newly dead girl, and she was said to have committed suicide out of fear of her crimes!

In just a few days, she had a feud with Xiaofang, and Xiaofang had unintentionally robbed her of something. She was really narrow-minded, and she took the chance to push Xiaofang into the lake, causing her to die …

How could Su Mu believe him? It was full of holes...

However, when the matter was reported to Lin Yi, he waved his hand and ended the case just like that. Su Mu had many doubts in his heart, but he also understood that no matter what, it was rare for this matter to be resolved quietly.

Perhaps things in this palace were never black or white. Many people in this world were probably muddleheaded. How many of them knew about it and had a clear conscience?

When Xue'er heard the news, she stood in her room and cursed for a long time, saying that she had been wronged for no reason at all!

Su Mu simply smiled sweetly and said to her, It's a blessing to be at a disadvantage. Since it's like this, this might be your life. You don't need to think too much. I will give you some compensation!

He mumbled a few sentences and retreated. Su Mu's heart seemed to have suddenly thought of something and she panicked. She quickly ran into the inner hall and ate some pills before slowly recovering …

The empress dowager's 60th birthday celebration could be considered to have proceeded smoothly. All the preparations were done by Su Mu. Although she was extremely dissatisfied with the empress dowager and extremely resentful towards her, she was still constantly busy at the moment …

In the past few days, Su Mu did not see her two children. Su Mu originally thought that the matter of the six palaces taking charge should be very simple, however, she did not expect that it would be so troublesome when it really fell upon her. She could not help but feel a little envious of the Queen's prophetic ability.

Esteemed wangfei, take a look at this list. This is the list of guests to be invited to the banquet tomorrow night. I wonder if you've invited all of them?" This girl was young, but her ambition wasn't small. When she found out that Su Mu wanted to become the sixth palace, she shamelessly followed behind Su Mu, causing Su Mu to look up to her and assign her a heavy responsibility. However, what Su Mu didn't expect was that her hands and feet weren't as clean as before …

Because of Xiang'er's previous example, Su Mu didn't have a good impression of these people who came out of nowhere. Now, this girl had hit the nail on the head!

Su Mu only said coldly, I got it. You should put that thing down for now. But, I remember that you were working for the Si Bao Si in the first place?

Niangniang, this servant is indeed working in the Si Bao Si. However, right now, this servant will truly and sincerely help you!

"It's not that I don't believe you, but I'm afraid that it's not very suitable for you to always come to the Soaring Cloud Palace. A few days ago, due to your matter, Han Shang Palace specially came to me for help.

As Su Mu spoke, he flipped through the account book in his hand as if he had accidentally said it out loud.

When the little girl heard Su Mu's words, her expression didn't change at all, but she still bowed and said, "Esteemed wangfei, this servant just wants to help you with a little favor. In the past,

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