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Expert To Influencer: How To Position Yourself For Meaningful Impact


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Expert To Influencer: How To Position Yourself For Meaningful Impact

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Live Your Fullest Potential To Create A Lasting Impact As You Move From Expert To Authority To Influencer
It’s not as hard as you might think!
Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Corporate Leaders, and Leaders of the House all have expertise in their craft, and there are people out there that are struggling daily by not having access to it.
Influencers know precisely how to reach their audience and form heart-to-heart connections, that’s the reason they have such a widespread and enthusiastic following.
This book is the perfect playbook to illustrate how you can obtain influencer status and create and transform your audience into super champions.
“Divya’s process will help you hone your ability to evaluate thoroughly any problem.”
--Kevin Harrington, Original Shark from Shark Tank and Creator of the Infomercial
The book consists of three sections that show you exactly how to get there. Each section includes proven techniques, real-life experiences, and practical exercises. When you implement these strategies systematically, and with focused commitment, you will thrive in your rise to the leading influencer.

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