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Grimoire for the Green Witch

Grimoire for the Green Witch

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Grimoire for the Green Witch

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Feb 12, 2020


Green magic for the conscientious witch. A wondrous and nourishing journey into green magic and grimoire making
Is there anything more spellbinding than watching your inner artist unfold its gifts before your eyes?
This creative unfolding process is just one of the treasures that await the reader.
Inside you will discover:
    •    The magic and beauty of the earth's natural forces    •    How to create your own work-of-art green grimoire    •    A solid template of info, facts, recipes, rituals and crafts you can draw upon for your own grimoire    •    25 profiles of the most popular herbs, their benefits and associated remedies you can make at home    •    The power of the lunar phases    •    Crystal influences    •    The power of the 4 elements and how they relate to your craft    •    An abundance of note-taking pages -- log your own remedies and potions    •    Scattered witchy inspiration pages to add fire to your passion    •    
Enjoy your adventure!

Feb 12, 2020

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Grimoire for the Green Witch - Rees Fitzgerald



The Purpose of this Book

How to Grimoire?

While this book is a fairly complete grimoire, in and of itself, it is by no means exhaustive in terms of magical content.

The main purpose of this grimoire is to give you, the reader, a solid template to craft your own witchy Book of Shadows.

If you’re anything like me, you’re churning out a fair amount of magic. So why not immortalize your practice in words and pictures from your own hand? To see the unfolding of your creativity before your very eyes is truly the best kind of magic there is.

Naturally, the bulk of the focus with this grimoire, is on green witchcraft, but your own bible can be filled with whatever branch of witchcraft you are drawn to. When you look at the pages of your grimoire, ideally it should be like looking at a reflection of your inner world. Everything that brings you joy should be lovingly recorded on the pages of your book.

Here are some of the subjects that practicing witches include in their grimoires. Use the following list as inspiration for your own grimoire.


(How to create) Talismans and Totems

(How to create) Sigils

(How to perform) Spells and charms

Divination practices

(How to Invoke) Deities

Your Spirit Animal

A list of herbs, their profiles and their corresponding remedies

(How to set up) Altars

(How to use) Crystals

Information on the moon’s phases and full moon names

(How to read) Tarot cards and spreads

(How to understand) The Elemental Forces of Earth, Air, Water and Fire

(How to) Cast a Circle

Rituals and ceremonies

Thoughts, ideas, philosophies and observations

All results from spells, ceremonies, crafts and recipes

Information on the eight Sabbats

These are just a few to get you started, but just know there are no restrictions to what you can put inside your book. Choose what moves you and stick with that.

Feel free to use the information inside this grimoire as a ‘base’ for your own book. As long as you keep my work for your own personal use, I am happy. Please, no redistribution or copying and selling my content. It’s my pride and joy and I have worked hard to get it all into words for you to see.

That’s about it from me. I hope you love this book as much as I did making it.

I am excited on your behalf for what you will create!



Who is the Green Witch?

First and foremost, any and all magic you have experienced or witnessed in your life comes from you, and you alone.

True, powerful witchcraft is always an individual practice, and whatever magic you conjure cannot be reproduced by another witch. Of course, spells and rituals can be copied and transferred, but the process and results will vary from individual to individual. The reason behind these endlessly different outcomes of witchcraft, is because magic is an entirely personal phenomenon. Even if you and a witchy friend try and replicate one the other’s spells, you will both observe the ritual through your own personal perspectives.

It’s important, therefore, to try not to fall down the rabbit hole of labels for the varying types of witches. In my mind, you are a witch if you are:

a) In love with nature


b) Can see magic where others do not (or can not.)

From my humble perspective, these are singularly the most precious qualities a witch can possess. Therefore, secondary and tertiary labels are insignificant in the grand scheme of your magic.

Green, Kitchen, Hearth, Tech, Solitary, Hedge, Eclectic et al — these labels just mean that you are specializing in a branch of witchcraft that interests you. This branch of practice is neither superior nor inferior to the other crafts. It just means it’s your ‘thing.’ And if you do decide to call yourself a green witch, then this simply points to the fact hat plants, life-cycles, and natural forces are your thing.

The green witch is the witch who finely tunes her magic and witchcraft to the rhythms, cycles, and offerings of the Earth.

To say the green witch is in step with nature, is putting it mildly — these practitioners (often eclectic, often solitary) can most often be found surrounded by plants, nature or some variety of splendid greenery. They believe in both plant magic and plant wisdom, and revere the mystical knowledge that our botanical friends provide.

The green witch communes with the Genius Loci — the spirits of the land, rivers and wildlife that inhabit the witch’s immediate environment. For the Genius Loci provide her with the boosting energies needed to create and harness the deepest magic. For she is a healer, and she uses all she can to enhance the powers of her healing remedies.

A grimoire is one of the green witch’s most potent tools of her craft. From this bible of herbs, spells, lore and divination, the green witch can experiment, catalog, and record all her successful rituals and potions and also all of her failed attempts. Whatever her success rate, the green witch’s grimoire will feature profiles and remedies of her favourite herbs and spices.

It is an accepted wisdom that the green witch is always growing something, and she intuitively knows that to tend to a plant while it’s growing, also contributes to her own growth.

She will undoubtedly have an herb garden, and if not a garden, at least some windowsill herbs, and a healthy selection of dried spices and herbs. She witch is an adept potions maker, and she is in her literal element when pulverizing or straining herbs.

The Oak King (the Green Man) is one of the green witch’s most powerful allies. For He provides the summer sun needed to grow the best witch herbs and botanicals. Pan, and other forest gods will come to the green witch’s side if she ever needed them. Forest and river sprites, and side — all are friends of the green witch.

Forest walks, nature trails and the wildness of the outdoors are what the green witch thrives upon. She will be scooping up forest debris for her altar and spells, gaining vibrant forest energy as she walks.

The green witch is also a keen observer of the elements.

Fire, earth, water, air, and the fifth element, spirit, all play a part in strengthening the green witch’s craft, and she learns from them from closely watching the natural world.

For example, she will use the power of water when it comes to conducting moon rituals. Or she will use flame for Imbolc celebrations to further enhance Brigid’s fire energies.

Maybe you have identified with some of the green witch’s stronger characteristics, or perhaps you just feel drawn to living a life of balance, harmony and good will to all living things.

Whatever your preference, you’ll see that the path of the Green Witch is a worthwhile path, and it’s my hope that this book will give you some solid pointers to what you can expect to see along the way.

With a healthy helping of recipe, ritual and craft ideas, and an herbal apothecary of remedies to interact with, you will finish reading this book with a sturdy foundation of what it means to be a fully confident green witch.

I wish you love, blessings and light as you travel.



Green Witch Expansion

Here are some things you can do to boost your conscious attention and connect with the green witch inside of you. She may just need a little help coming out — so be sure to spend time enjoying at least some of the following ideas.

To be a Green Witch is to live a life as close to ourselves and to nature as is humanly possible. Keeping in touch with what drives us, and all other aspects of the universe, ensures we stay honest and true to the green path. It’s essential we can sum up the courage to look within ourselves and observe our character in a deeply ‘hands-off’ manner. As freaky as this might sound, the objective awareness of our own behaviors is the reward for our courage facing ourselves.

Because, make no mistake about it, self enquiry is a fully courageous act.

I believe the green witch to be a brave soul. I hope you believe that too.

Try some of the following to deepen your understanding of green witchcraft.


A walk in the great outdoors; beach, forest, mountain, lakes Environmental deeds and awareness

Planting or sowing seeds, tending to plants and shrubs

Lake or ocean swimming

Hedgerow harvesting/wild crafting Digging in the earth/planters/flower pots


Herbal work

Making all-natural cleaners, hygiene products etc

Nature photography, painting, drawing using naturally occurring substances (such as pomegranate juice) for dying purposes

Observing animals

Spending quality time interacting with your pet

Walking in a rainstorm

Flying a kite

Building a fire (in a safe place)

Earth magick

Earth/moon and sun rituals

Cloud watching

Star/meteor watching

Outdoor yoga/tai chi or falun gong

Celebrating any of the sabbats

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