Atlantes Not the "Gods"


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Atlantes Not the "Gods"

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Greek Backs Plato Theory on Where to Find Atlantis
A Greek researcher says he has determined the exact where abouts of the legendary island continent of Atlantis and has brought together many recent conflicting theories as to its location. His theory has some similarities to the story by Plato, who some 24 centuries ago first wrote about a "lost continent" with an advanced civilization.
Vasilios Paschos says Atlantis was a continent larger than Asia in the area now occupied by the Atlantic Ocean. He says it had a population of about 60 million and had colonies in Latin America and the Middle East.
He says that after the continent sank, around 6 500 B. C., its colonies on the islands of Crete, Delos and Thira, formerly called Santorini, became what he calls the new Atlantis. This area was also largely destroyed by volcanic eruption around 1450 B.C.
Speaking at the recent news conference and later in an interview, Mr Paschos said that American, Soviet, and other scientists had placed Atlantis off the Spanish-Portuguese coast or in the Vermuda triangle or between Crete and Thira.
But: "They all right in a way, yet they have all made the same mistake," he says ....."...In fact they had come accross only a small part of a larger whole. I feel, I have traced the golden thread linking the diverse locations of evidence..."

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