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Calendar 2021.Medical & Edible Plants


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Calendar 2021.Medical & Edible Plants

Länge: 72 Seiten12 Minuten


Calendar 2021. Medical&Edible Plants. Month by month calendar 2021 with the beautiful photos of some good, medical plants to collect, plant, eat, have tea with. It has short information, interesting facts about useful plants, grass, berries and edible plants. It is fun for everybody. Edible grasses include: bent, wheat, slough,crab, switch, canary, and timothy, blue and bristle grasses. The Earth has vast variety of natural foods. And with the a little knowledge, you should have little problem in getting nourishment. Some of the wild plants, berries and seeds, are safe for your dinner as long as you are certain of their identity when you collect them. Learn about variety of wild berries, edible plants and seeds. You might plant them in your garden. Then, you will have them any time at your home, and not only in some restaurants or grocery stores

Once Alena planted a blackberry bush. The irrepressible passion and energy of the blackberry knew no barriers. There were no prohibitions for her. And after a year, the blackberry already filled the whole fence, stretching 100 meters in all directions. She began to violently break through it further, not asking anyone for any permission, and in spite of any obstacles. The blackberry threw its branches far ahead, and then, reaching the ground, immediately clung to it and sprouted.
And in the spring, very quickly beautiful little white flowers appeared on the bushes, and then berries popped up. The berries also ripened quickly. Alena collected them every day, but the new ones immediately reddened on the bushes, and the old ones blackened. She collected daily a whole bucket of berries, competing with the birds, but the blackberry did not end. They only hid under huge leaves, trying to stay longer in their native home. When once Alena saw it, the pictures of her childhood immediately came back to her, and the kaleidoscope of events has spun.

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