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A Pandemic Proposal: Viral Vitality: Hope for the Human Soul


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A Pandemic Proposal: Viral Vitality: Hope for the Human Soul

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Even amid the horrors and heavy sorrows of the global COVID-19 pandemic, there can be a distinct vitality in our souls, in our circumstances, in our relationships, in the world within our sphere of influence, and in how we each move into the future. It may not be a euphoric vitality when a prolific number of us suffer illness, and many die, in a society gripped by fear, economic tumult, and looming infections facing healthcare and law enforcement personnel and store clerks.

But still, just as our physical bodies, when well, function as they were intended to do, so too can the spirit within us. Journalist and spiritual disciplines advocate Art Toalston ventures into a vitality that can enhance our daily lives, even in a time of social upheaval and widespread grief. As long as we have a heartbeat and can breathe, why not venture forward with an optimized view of life? A coronavirus pandemic cannot alter God's creation of the human soul.
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