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Bad Boss: Older Man Younger Woman Romance


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Bad Boss: Older Man Younger Woman Romance

Bewertung: 3 von 5 Sternen3/5 (1 Bewertung)
Länge: 65 Seiten50 Minuten


Simon Mueller is a bad boss. Routine dominates his life. Order and punctuality are eternally maintained. Time is precious and he won’t allow anyone to waste it.
Nova Rigby doesn’t have a routine. Order doesn’t know her name. She’s beautiful and brilliant but disorganized. She’s talented but perpetually late. She thinks her boss hates her. She thinks he watches her and she’s right. 

But she has no clue horrible Simon Mueller has fallen in love.

This bad boss has fallen hard for stunning, flaky Nova. He’s about to give in to the demands of his heart, but can he make the one girl he’s been tormenting forget the past and give him a chance to prove his love?

This is a quick, steamy read with one fussy boss, one cute and sweet social media manager and a very happy ending. Enjoy

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