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The Magic of Empathy Theory and Practice


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The Magic of Empathy Theory and Practice

Länge: 100 Seiten52 Minuten


So many of our relationships—including those most important to us— are complicated by not listening: we are eager to speak, we talk over each other, or we unintentionally disregard the inner experiences of others. This is most notable in the working world, where a gap exists between professional efficiency and true human connection. In this heart-warming and radically honest book, Dr. Nicole identifies the remedy for resolving the pain and distance caused by miscommunication:
empathy. Empathy—the ability to recognize and make space for another’s emotions without judgment—is both an action and a choice. Discovering
the power of empathy to heal and create connections dramatically improved Dr. Nicole’s life, both as a mother and a doctor. The initial chapters demystify the theory of communication, focusing on empathy in theory and practice. Dr. Nicole also shares numerous powerful stories from her own life and career that reveal how empathy has led to authentic connections and long-term healing. Lastly, she provides the reader with proven exercises that will allow you to practice listening without judgment, honoring silence, responding with wisdom, and speaking from the heart. Such communication skills will open the doors to moments of pure magic in your life.
Foreword by Ruth Vachon, President and CEO of the Quebec Business
Women’s Network.
Review: Readers' Favorite 5 stars by 4 reviewers
Reviewed By Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite

The Magic of Empathy by Dr. Nicole Audet is nifty, necessary reading for anyone who needs to communicate with others. Wait! Isn’t that everyone? You bet it is, and regardless of whether you need to better communicate in your business or professional life or with your family and especially your children, you owe it to yourself and them to read this useful little book.
The Magic of Empathy is short, written in a concise and clear style. The first part of the book gets into the nuts and bolts of how to improve communication. As the author asserts: “Speaking to be understood and listening to understand are two skills that have the power to change the life of anyone who possesses them”. So true! Remember the adage, “Silence is Golden”? If you take away nothing else from this book, it will be that golden proverb. You will realize how and why being silent, listening, and waiting before speaking drastically improves communication. And if you’re not familiar with the difference between open and closed questions, through the explanations and exercises offered by the author, you will see how easily you can re-open previously closed conversations.
The second part of The Magic of Empathy is full of interesting anecdotes taken from the author’s own life that show how being an empathic listener can resolve issues one might have thought irresolvable. This allows readers to better understand why Dr. Audet suggests there is magic in empathy. At the end of the book, Dr. Audet, a successful public speaker, provides a comprehensive list of books for readers to consult further. As I said above, this is a very useful and necessary book. If you need to improve your communication skills, pick this book up today.

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