Level The Playing Field


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Level The Playing Field

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"Level the Playing Field" is a highly recommended read for health enthusiasts. Book covers practices that bring physical and psychological health. There is a wide belief, rightly so, that the physical health to a large extent depends on the psychological health of a person and vice versa.

Book contains important health-related topics such as diet, yoga, strength training, cardio, etc. There are in all, six chapters in the book; each chapter discuss the essentials in a specific area. Chapter one is on 'Diet' and it discusses best practices on eating, nutrition and fasting among others. The chapter on 'Yoga' shows the impact of different physical postures on your internal organs and how they help you in developing emotional balance, physical health, and a higher sense of awareness.

The chapter on 'Cardio' will explain how you can keep your spirits up while helping proper circulation and heart health. The chapter on 'Strength Training' is not only about looking good but also about increasing your confidence, self-esteem, and metabolism. The chapter on 'Know Yourself' does a peek into the psychology of astrology. Astrology can give enormous insight into the psychological and physiological aspect of a person which is largely ignored as astrology became synonymous with predictions. Attempt here is to make you look inward and thereby, helps you learn a bit more about yourself and also the all-important personal to universal connection.

The chapter on 'Prevention' teaches you how to be pro-active against some common health issues that people face.

Book is a must-read for those people who lack physical and emotional drive. Also, the book is highly beneficial to people, who are recovering from physical or mental traumas. About 120 pages long, book is concise and easy to read.
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