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Go Discover- the World Might Be Different Than You Think


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Go Discover- the World Might Be Different Than You Think

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I sat on the beach in the Seychelles, after ten years of travel and discovery, I had done it – 195 countries and a lifetime of experience. I had the wounds. I had the prison time. I had the life-threatening fevers. I had the glorious tastes of authentic cuisine. I had the intense flavours of culture at peace and at war. I had the heart-stopping moments from interrogations and breathtaking moments from all the beauty. I had a whole new perspective; the world was so different from what I could have possibly imagined when I started out with a backpack and a train ticket, and not even a clue about what Ramadan was. Here I was and did not celebrate. I was empty for countries to visit, but with still endless scents to take in, friends to embrace and meals paid for by only kindness. So that beach wasn’t the end of my journey, instead just the very start.

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