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Empath: An Extensive Guide for Developing Your Gift of Intuition to Thrive in Life: Empath Series Book 1


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Empath: An Extensive Guide for Developing Your Gift of Intuition to Thrive in Life: Empath Series Book 1

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Debunk the myths surrounding empaths…


Do you or someone you know seem to be constantly struggling to fit in with the societal norm?


Does confusion, personal struggle, chronic exhaustion, anxiety, and depression run rampant throughout your daily life?


Have you tried everything to make sense of this, but nothing seems to be falling into place?


If so, chances are high that you, or your loved one, are simply unaware of being an empath. In fact, many people struggle with heightened sensitivities and empathy overload.


As an empath, it's important to know that you are not alone and that there are certain things you can do to protect yourself and maintain your emotional strength. There are certain exercises, journaling prompts, and meditations that can initiate spiritual healing and empower this inner energy.


In EMPATH, you will discover:

Why being an empath doesn't necessarily mean oversensitivity and fragility The key characteristic needed to categorize someone as a true empath The differences between empaths, highly sensitive people, and empathy, including why these differences matter How the workings behind empaths can be explained using science The lurking siren that can attract any empath and throw them into a downward spiral What type of empath you are, along with what precautions you need to take Just how destructive society and its status quo can be on the empath The best way to protect yourself from narcissists and energy vampires The influence Oprah Winfrey has on the empath community, as well as why you should implement her teachings into your own life The 3 effective action steps every empath must do to avoid addiction The best 14 careers for empaths to make appropriate use of their unique gift And much, much more

Enough with all the confusion, enough with the lack of awareness, and enough with the societal neglect. With EMPATH as your survival guide, you will find a heightened awareness around all of it and be able to fully embrace your gift.


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