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The Dance of the Titans Book Three of the Thousand Year Reich


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The Dance of the Titans Book Three of the Thousand Year Reich

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The Dance of the Titans is the third book in The Thousand Year Reich alternative history series. It covers the period from October 1940, after Great Britain agrees to an armistice and the war in the west, known as The Lightning War, ends, to June 1941. Germany is now master of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Germany's is the leader of a Fascist Europe, but despite Germany's victory, Hitler does not end Germany's total war economy or demobilizes his armed forces. Hitler has to balance the interests of Germany with the interests of his allies and former enemies. If he is to integrate all of Europe into his New Order under German leadership, he has to give the other nations of Europe reason to accept German leadership. Thus, he must prevent the collapse of both the French and British empires while rewarding his allies, Spain and Italy with additional territories. While he struggles to create a new order Hitler must keep the Soviet Union in the east from panicking and invading Europe.
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